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10/4-5/15 - Boo on the Boardwalk

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Blue - October 31

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Koji Miho Adrian Thomas Bonnie Sybil

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Based in the fictional city of Lantern Hill, a small tourist city in southern California, city locals go through the motions but just like every good TV drama or world of literature, no one is quite what they seem. Some are rich, some poor. Some are real and some fake. Local politicians and their families struggle to keep their skeleton in the closets while the local sheriff struggles against the cities building drug problem. The single parent works hard to put a roof over their ungrateful teen's head while somewhere behind the local diner an affair is in full swing.

Really, in a place like this anything can happen.

OOC Announcements

We're Back ... Again (11 Jul 2016 20:53)
As many know we did make a big move to Paradise Cove, but as things began to play out many of the payers simply missed Lantern Hills too much. Maybe it was the larger city setting, or maybe the many,...

What School Do I Go To? (18 Sep 2015 20:38)
Really if you want to be really really picky, it's very easy to tell who /should/ go where. Residents of Kings Point Midtown technically are expected to go to Mayfield Academy. Residents of South...

Open Ic Positions (18 Sep 2015 04:11)
There are several various slots that are open to be filled. I will try and keep this list updated but please check with me just to make sure the position you want is still open. This list covers all...

News & Gossip

Hit And Run (25 Oct 2015 07:35)
Last night there was a pedestrian hit and run in East Bay. East Bay local, Samuel Jacobs, was hit by a dark vehicle that quickly fled the scene. Near Fulton and Glenwood, Mr Jacobs and friend, Anthony...

Boo On The Boardwalk (03 Oct 2015 15:41)
It's that time again. Time for mummies and vampires, for ghosts and goblins. Time for Lantern Hill youth to done their best costumes and take to the streets for some well-deserved trick or treating...

Recent Logs

  • College Prep (26 Oct 2015 21:37) - Jamie, Piper and Aaron converge over coffee, much is discussed, including preparing for college and the topic of dating sisters comes up once mroe
  • Life on Mars (25 Oct 2015 00:18) - Tommy runs into Mars. Instead of getting her number, he gets a run for his money.
  • Bowled Over (18 Oct 2015 21:55) - Dating becomes official, shared interests are explored
  • Making Plans (18 Oct 2015 04:01) - Wren meets Blue and there is instant friendship
  • School Daze (18 Oct 2015 03:51) - Wren's first day and she meets the wrong crowd
  • Ring Shopping (15 Oct 2015 22:03) - Aaron and Melody buy matching rings to solidify their 'relationship'.
  • Free Meal (14 Oct 2015 05:07) - Zoe meets Melody. Gildart gets suckered into buying dinner.
  • Weird Rich Girl (14 Oct 2015 01:12) - Ben and Melody meet. Ben might have gotten weirded out.
  • Are You? (12 Oct 2015 05:49) - Melody and Gildart run into each other and they don't kill each other.
  • Pool Party Without Water (10 Oct 2015 06:59) - Ivan and Owen throw a party. People come. People meet.

Cast Additions

Mars Phoenix Ash Dash Wren Jamie Brooke Lacie Lily Amelia Blue Alison Melody Alvin
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