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Notes for Game

  • Instead of having it list all the cards that get drawn, perhaps have it give a message like 'You take a <type> risk and receive a score of #. You need <#> to succeed.'
  • If they need to spend points they do, taking from their Renown Pool which can never be over 20.
  • On successful challenges any extra successes transfer into renown points and refill their pool. Any successes over their allowed 20 are sent to the Experience Pool.
    • The types of Risks are Physical (PHY), Social (SOC), Mental (MNT) and Story (STO).

Risk Types

Physical (PHY) These are risks that relate to the body or physical performance. This can be athletics, shows of strength or endurance, or fighting.
Social (SOC) These are risks that relate to social interactions such as spreading rumors, defending against rumors, or convincing others to agree with you.
Mental (MNT) These are risks that relate to the mental aspect of RP. This can be things like studying for a test, figuring out a riddle, or outsmarting someone else.
Story (STO) These are risks that do not necessarily apply to the above types. These risks generally happen when involved in a TP but can come into play whenever a character needs the aid of pure and simple luck. Players have only one card in this deck and can never raise this decks number. One time every 24 hours a player can forgo a risk challenge by 'Going For Broke'. This means they take the change that they can pull a face card from the desk. If they do, they succeed the challenge with a perfect (yet accidental) success. If they do not pull a face card, the situation not only fails, but does so epically. This is normally used as a last ditch effort if a character is out of renown or is very very bad at a specific pool.


Renown points are gained when a character gets more successes in a risk challenge than they need. Rather than lose those successes, they become points that can be used to manipulate RP situations, NPCs, and to excel in characteristics. Also, occasionally an event may happen where a character can only take part with the expenditure of renown points. In these cases the possible prize for succeeding often outweighs the risk of being 'caught with your pants down' so to speak. Renown never refills automatically and requires RP and risk challenges to refill instead. This means that the more active someone is, the more powerful they are in risk challenges. The only exception to this rule is when a character is directly involved in a storyteller driven event. In some cases (not all) a Storyteller will refill renown pools at the conclusion of a storyline.

Renown Uses

  • Challenges
  • Tipping Poles (swaying public opinion to your side)
  • Class or Club Elections
  • Manipulating NPCs (5 Renown will give you one Manipulation Action)
  • Gaining Access to normally inaccessible items, locations, and activities.

Experience Pool

The Experience Pool is the place where renown goes to die…or at least to hibernate until the opportunity to excel comes around. Experience Points are used when you want to buy off a negative characteristic or purchase a new positive one. This pool also sets your 'stardom' level which can be found by typing +Votes/Levels. This List will show you where you stand in activity and involvement comparison to others on the game. The main total of your Experience Pool will never decrease, but the spendable number will.

Main Total ->100/05 <- Spendable Total

Manipulating NPCs

Often a character runs into a situation where an NPC stands between them and what they want. In this case they have two options. Accept the situation and find a different way, or overcome the situation by spending renown points. By doing this the character is able to tip the situation into her favor in one way. For example, if Sue wants to sneak off school campus without being seen but is blocked by Sam the Security guard, she can spend 5 renown to have Sam suddenly become distracted, giving her the opportunity to escape. In some situations however things are more complex and will require more renown to succeeded, this is normally the case when dealing with NPCs over a period of time. 5 Renown can ONLY effect an NPC for one round.

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