Adult Template

Simply copy/paste this template onto your application and fill it out. It can be saved as many times as you like, and will not be removed until it is completed or the application has not been updated for more than 2 weeks.


  • Anything included in [ ] can be deleted as you fill out the application.
  • Save often. You never know when things will go bad!
+ Basic
* Full-Name: [First Middle Last]
* Age: [14+
* DoB: [Month, Day] (Year will be filled in by the code)
* PoB: [Town, State]
* Occupation: [Occupation]
* Place of Employment: [Place of Employment]
* Played-By: [Remember, it should match the age!]

+ Personal Information
* Family: [Provide a small blurb on your characters family and their life together.]

* Known For: [What's your rep? 50 words minimum]

* About: [Write a small character summary. This section must be 200 words minimum.]

* Description: [100 words minimum]

+ Background 
Background: [250 words minimum]

+ Strengths & Weaknesses

* Skills (Strengths): 
 * Skill 1: [Name] : [Skill description. 50 word minimum]

* Weaknesses & Fears: 
 * Weakness: [Name] : [Skill description. 50 word minimum]
 * Fear: [Name] : [Fear description. Give 1 thing that your character is afraid of.  50 word minimum]Optional

+ Optional Information
* Secret:  [Name] : [Fear description. 100 word minimum] Optional

* Other: [Are there any other details you wish to disclose? Medical problems or hook information not covered elsewhere? Use this section for it. Each item should be well explained]
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