• Asthma, the character has the medical condition known as asthma that makes it difficult for them to physically exert themselves without the support of an inhaler. Any time the character takes part in physically stimulating or intense activities/situations that last longer than three rounds, they must make a simple Physical test at -1 to avid suffering an asthma attack. These rolls must continue every turn until the character rests for at least 3 turns or end the activity. This Flaw will always b of the severity that the character requires an inhaler. This cannot be bought off with XP.
  • Bad Reputation, the character has done things (or is related to someone who has) and as a result they have a reputation that causes people to shake their heads. Any time the character attempts to sway people through the use of Influence, they are at a -# modifier because of their rep. This can be bought off with XP through the course of RP /if/ the character has changed their ways and mended relationships.
  • Bad Sight, the character has base eyes. This can be nearsightedness or farsightedness, but whatever the problem the character requires the use of glasses or contacts. Even with this help, their vision isn't perfect. At a d2 the character is always at a -1 modifier on any rolls to spot or notice clues/details a well as to dodge or catch flying objects, etc. At a d6, the character is legally blind and requires the use of a seeing eye-dog or cane. Blind characters automatically fail any notice rolls not related to sound or touch. Furthermore, blind characters will suffer a -3 to any rolls where their blindness would be realistic hindrance.
  • Criminal Record, the character has broken the law and gotten caught, resulting in a criminal record. Of course these records will be swept under the rug when they turn 18, but for now a criminal record (and thus familiarity with the local law enforcement) can make life a little difficult. At a d2, the character has been in trouble for minor things like fighting and underage drinking at local parties. They will have received community service at a local hospital or old folks home and been released to their parents after a stern warning. These characters are at a -1 when dealing with figures of authority or strict/protective parents. At d4 the character has been arrested for slightly more significant crimes such as assault, petty thief or possession. The character was booked and their parents or guardians were required to bail them out. The character received additional monitored community service where they cleaned parks and roadways and placed on probation. This can make getting a part-time job difficult and these characters are at a -2 when dealing with authority figures or parents. Furthermore the -2 also applies to Influence rolls where the characters reputation may impact the feelings of their peers. At d6 the character has committed some of the above crimes, but to a greater extent (or they were made an example of) and landed themselves a stint in a juvenile detention center for a period of time. These characters are assigned a probation officer and are at a -3 modifier when dealing with authority figures or adults. Furthermore the -3 also applies to Influence rolls where the characters reputation may impact the feelings of their peers. Perhaps as a small (very small) benefit of being a bad kid, the negative modifiers become bonuses in cases where the teens legal standing may benefit them, such as when dealing with criminal elements or other problem kids. Admin will need to give the nod prior to these types of rolls.
  • Dark Secret, the character has a secret and keeping it is imperative to someones life. Maybe they know about a parents affair or saw someone commit a serious crime. Whatever it is, keeping the secret is only stressful for the character, but spilling the beans could lead to ruin, heartbreak or even physical danger for someone, if not character herself. These secrets are BIG and eclipse simple teen problems and hurdles.
  • Dead Parents, the character has lost one or both of their parents and are under the care of a legal guardian. The nature of the deaths must be outlined in the background info of the application, and the legal guardian will need to be defined in the 'Family' section of the application as well.
  • Hard of Hearing, the character has problems with their hearing. Maybe they were injured or perhaps they were born that way, but the character is legally deaf. At a d2, the character can hear some, but requires the use of a hearing-aid. Characters with a hearing aid suffer a -1 on all rolls where hearing is a factor. At a d4, the character is completely deaf. Most will require ASL to communicate with others. These players will receive ASL automatically. In the case of those who lost their hearing later in life (no longer than 5 years before), they can attempt to read lips under a -2 modifier. This may not be bought off with XP.
  • Honest To A Fault, the character simply cannot stand dishonesty. Liars and thieves are a pet peeve they cannot abide by and they themselves seem genetically programed to be incapable of such acts. These characters are at a negative modifier (-1 for a d2/-2 for d4) to any roles where they attempt to lie, steal or commit an act that is dishonest. As a bonus to this flaw, characters will receive a bonus to their maturity equal to their flaw rating.
  • Learning Disability, the character suffers from a learning disability that makes schoolwork more difficult. A learning disability has no effect on the characters Mental pool, as it has no bearings on intelligence, but all academic rolls are at a -2 modifier. This can be lessened by the character obtaining a tutor, which must be cleared with staff and receive 1 scene per week. Characters who obtain and scene with their tutor can change their -2 modifier to -1.
  • Low Self-Esteem, the character suffers from low self-esteem, which impacts their ability to stand up to bullies or otherwise strong personalities. Characters with this flaw suffer a -1 rolls to all Guts rolls or rolls where they must stand up for themselves against their peers.
  • Addiction, the character has a addition that impacts their life. This is not a fluff flaw. Characters with addictions will find that even with their fix, they cannot fully shake the effects of addictions. Every 24 hours the system will roll to see if the character suffers any ill effects from their addiction. At d2, the addiction is minor and common such as caffeine or nicotine. At a d4 the addiction is a bit more problematic and as escalated to small time street drugs or prescription pills. At d6 the addiction is much more life threatening and as bloomed into a hard drug addiction. This level is heavily monitored by staff. Furthermore, all addictions will apply a drain on the characters Pocket Cash ($10 a week for d2/$20 for d4/$40+ for d6)
  • Allergy, the character is allergic to something, and the allergy is such that it actually impedes their life and causes constant observation to protect themselves, least they have an even that requires medical intervention. At d2 the allergy is such that the character experiences mild swelling, raspy breathing, an unsightly rash and medication (such as Benadryl). At d4 the characters allergy is such that the character is required to carry an epi-pen at all times and will suffer life threatening anaphylaxis by coming into contact with their allergy trigger.
  • Mild Phobia, the character has some fear, rational or not, that commands a reaction any time their trigger is introduced. Should the object of their fear occur in their presence, the character will cry, shake, suffer a panic attack or suffer some physical/social reaction until their are able to get away from said object. At d2, a simple Guts test is needed for the character to suck it up and put on a brave (if not shaky) face. At d4, the character must fact a hard Guts roll or flee in terror.
  • Nightmares, the character has faced something so terrible (or seen something so traumatic) that it haunts them when they sleep. This is not a fluff flaw. Every 24-hours the system will automatically roll to see if the character slept soundly or suffered nightmares. If they experience nightmares, they will find themselves impacted for the remainder of that 24 hours.
  • Receives Tutoring, your character is struggling academically and requires the help of a peer. Characters who seek tutoring and log the session will receive a +1 to all academic rolls for 1 week per session. Characters who participate in tutoring sessions once a week for a month (posted) will receive a free bonus to the subject they are tutored in.
  • Serious Handicap, the character is physically handicapped in such a way that it seriously impedes their life (though blind/deaf characters should see Bad Sight/Hard of Hearing). The character may be missing an arm or leg or be in a wheel chair, but their physical limitations are such that they rely on a devise or synthetic devise to live their daily life. Admin need to be spoken with about this to better define the impact it will have on stats, as this may be tailored to fit.
  • Short Fuse, the character as a hair-trigger temper and a hard time controlling it. These characters suffer a -1 modifier to all rolls where something is testing their patience and a -2 when they are already angry. Characters require 3 rounds to fully calm down and get control over themselves and the modifiers end only after those 3 rounds. On the flip-side, characters with this flaw at at a +1 on all athletic or combat rolls, but suffers a -1 to all intelligence or perception-based rolls during that time.
  • Soft-Hearted, the character couldn't hurt a fly and wouldn't even if they could. Characters with this flaw are at a -1 modifier any time their attempt to do something that could hurt another person, be it physically, socially or mentally. Even if they do manage to pull it off, they will be driven by an overwhelming needs to apologize and will be racked with guilt until they do (even if they were in the right). Characters who committee a violation of their natural soft-hardheartedness will roll at a 01 to /all rolls/ until their make things right or receive some level of closure.
  • Speech Impediment, your character has a speech impediment that makes social situations harder than they should be. Any time your character gets stressed, they will discover that words just do not come as easily as they should. Characters suffer a -1 to all social rolls involving speech any time the character is stressed out or nervous. This should also be played out in social scenes not requiring rolls. The impediment will result in a -2 modifier to all influence rolls where speech is involved.
  • Struggling Student, the character doesn't have learning disabilities, but they aren't 'getting it' either. The character's grades are a constant source of stress and struggle and they just can't seem to pull themselves out of the slum. Characters with this flaw receive a <#> less points to distribute between grades in CG. This can be bought off using XP and story-work.
  • Trust Issues, the character has been burned by others in the past, and because of that they have a hard time trusting others. This is not effected by rolls, but should be a fixed point in RP until story-work has established trust. This can be bought off through XP and story-work.
  • Ward Of The State, you either lost your parents, were surrendered to the state or was born into the system. Either way your legal guardians are foster parents. This is not a fluff flaw, and comes with significant limitations. As a foster child the character will not be permitted to obtain a drivers license or own a vehicle. Foster children will also have a 'Case Worker' which will be defined by staff, who is responsible for keeping up with the home life and academic life of the character. The caseworker is controlled by admin.
  • Fallen From Grace, the character was once one of the cool kids, a member of the A-list, but something happened and as a result they are no longer a member of the court. Maybe the character walked away from popularity, or maybe the characters made a choice that turned out to be a social wrecking-ball. Either way, the character is no longer accepted by their ex-friends, and in fact may find themselves with a target on their forehead. Characters with this will suffer negative modifiers (-2 for d2/-3 for d4) on all Influence or social rolls where popularity plays a factor.
  • Faceless, the character has a face, but there's not many people who really know it. The character just doesn't exist on the social radar of high school. This is not the same as being unpopular. to be unpopular people have to know you exist. This character is simply one face in a school of faces with no real reputation attached to it. These characters cannot be members of varsity teams. Characters receive a -1 to all influence or social rolls where popularity plays a factor. As a benefit to the flaw, others attempting to dig up dirt on the character will suffer a -2 modifier on all rolls to find anything at all about them beyond the basics.

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