Character Applications

Basic Info

  • Full-Name: [First Middle Last]
  • Age: [14+]
  • DoB: [Month, Day] (Year will be filled in by the code)
  • PoB: [Town, State]
  • Grade: [Sophomore (10), Junior (11)]
  • Played-By: [Remember, it should match the age!]
  • Alts: [You WILL be required to register your alts. It's required but always completely confidential]
  • Priorities: [Determine the order o importance to your character. Options are: Physical, Social & Mental]


There are three primary attributes. These are determined in the room before hand. Rather than issuing points, attributes are automatically set with a per-determined amount, based on the priority. The point allotment are 3/2/1.

  • Physical is the measure of ones physical capabilities.
  • Social is the measure of ones social capabilities.
  • Mental is the measure of ones natural mental capabilities.

There are six derived attributes that

  • Guts, this is the measure of ones cool, resolve and personal fortitude. (Starts at 1, Cannot be set in CG)
  • Influence, this is the measure of ones social sway over NPCs. (Starts at 1, Cannot be set in CG)
  • Academics, this is the measure of ones academic capabilities, also known as their "book smarts". (Starts at 1, Cannot be set in CG)
  • Maturity, this is the measure of ones mental and emotional maturity and their ability to make good choices. (Starts at 1, Cannot be set in CG)
  • Creativity, this is the measure of ones artistic capabilities. (Starts at 0, Cannot be set in CG)
  • Chance, this is the measure of ones universal luck. (Starts at 0, Cannot be set in CG)


Skills outline the things your character is able to do, such as learned skills, talents and hobbies. Remember that these are teenagers and no teenage is good at everything. Players should expect staff to check and make sure their skills work in alignment with their concept and background info.

Skills are scaled from 1 to 5, 1 showing weak ability in a stat, and 5 being exceptionally talented. We do not permit anything higher than a 4 out of CG. Staff will be very critical of to many level 4 skills. Characters receive [22] points.

Hobbies: Acting, Art, Dancing, Gaming, Music, Pop Culture, Sewing & Singing

Skills: Athletics, Empathy, Fighting, Flirting, Gymnastics, Intimidation, Negotiation, Sneaking, Sweet Talk, Wilderness Survival

Academics: Computer, First-Aid, Hobnobbing, Mechanic, Repair, Research, Tutoring

Specialty: Forgery, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Ride, Sleight of Hand & Streetwise

Merits & Flaws

Players can have [6] points of merits to spend. Any additional merits must be purchased with points earned by taking flaws. The value of a flaw represents the number of points it will award.

Example: A flaw worth -1 is worth 1 point.

Players need to remember that /all/ flaws will be enforced in story and RP. Also remember that not all flaws can be bought off later. be sure to read.


  • Agile (1/3)
  • Athlete (1/3)
  • Flexible (1/3)
  • Trained Fighter (1/3)
  • Artist Specialty (1/3)
  • Born Performer (1/3)
  • Music Specialty (1/3)
  • Fame: Association (1/3)
  • Fame: Self (1/3)
  • Social Media Following (1/3)
  • Stubborn (1/3)
  • Amazing Voice (1/3)
  • Attractive (1/3)
  • Good Fashion Sense (1/3)
  • Ear to the Street (1/3)
  • Grownup Face (1/3)
  • Rebel Without a Cause (2)
  • Genius (3)
  • Good Test Taker (1/3)
  • Honor Student (2)
  • License to Drive (1)
  • Part-Time Job (1)
  • Registered Car Owner (2/3)
  • Fake ID (2)
  • Lucky Dog (1/3)
  • Bilingual (1/3)

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  • Asthma (-2)
  • Bad Reputation(-1)
  • Bad Sight (-2/-3)
  • Criminal Record (-1/-2/-3)
  • Dark Secret (-3)
  • Dead Parents (-2)
  • Hard of Hearing (-2/-3)
  • Honest To A Fault (-1)
  • Learning Disability (-1)
  • Low Self-Esteem (-1)
  • Addiction (-1/-2/-3)
  • Allergy (-1/-2)
  • Phobia (-1/-2)
  • Nightmares (-1)
  • Receives Tutoring (-1)
  • Serious Handicap (-3)
  • Short Fuse (-1)
  • Soft-Hearted (-1)
  • Speech Impediment (-1)
  • Struggling Student (-1)
  • Trust Issues (-1)
  • Ward Of The State (-2)
  • Fallen From Grace (-1)
  • Faceless (-1)

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