ENG202: Literary Analysis and Composition II
Materials: Explorations: An Anthology of Literature, Volume B; The Miracle Worker, by William Gibson
Prerequisites: ENG102: Literary Analysis and Composition I
Course Overview: In this course, students build on their language skills while reading classic and modern works of literature and improving their writing skills.

LITERATURE:Students read short stories, poetry, drama, and novels, sharpening their reading comprehension skills and analyzing important human issues.

LANGUAGE SKILLS:Students continue to work on their oral and written expression skills, writing a variety of essays, including persuasive and research essays. Students plan, organize, and revise their essays in response to feedback. They build on their skills in grammar, usage, and mechanics by studying phrases and clauses, sentence analysis and structure, agreement, punctuation, and other conventions. Thematic units focus on word roots, suffixes and prefixes, context clues, and other strategies to help students strengthen their vocabularies.

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