East Beach

On the eastern side of Lantern Hills is the bohemian, Old World charm of East Beach (also known as Little BoHo, properly inspired by NYC's SoHo). The area features several small parks, tree-lined streets, and brickwork buildings. The neighborhood is popular with young people, particularly students and artists, for its relatively low rents and loft apartments. East Beach is becoming pricier, but not as quickly as parts of Midtown or the northern suburbs.

The rest of the neighborhood features small shops and restaurants, often catering to the avant-garde. There are vegetarian restaurants and bistros, craft boutiques, pagan and New Age, bookshops, comic book stores, game stores, and so forth.

A very popular location in East Beach is Fresco Alley, which is closed to all but foot traffic (and the ever-present skateboarders), making it a popular place for afternoon strolls and shopping. In the evening, Little BoHo offers a number of bars, coffeehouses, and nightclubs, many with open-mike nights showcasing local talent.

Carousel Park is yet another popular location and home one of Lantern Hill’s most popular attractions, an old carousel that has been completely restored to its original glory. This park is the number one spot for playgrounds and birthday parties, and enjoys a heavy patrol by local police officers who are determined to keep it safe.

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