• (Q): Can characters change cliques?
    • (A): Yes! Characters can change cliques, but it isn't easy (an exception would be for the Invisibles). For Invisibles, they need to have 3-5 (friendly) logs with more than one member of a particular clique. For everyone else, ten completed logs with different characters (2+) of the desired clique, all with positive outcomes. This will allow you to change cliques. In the case that there are not more than two members of the clique, then you must simply have repeated encounters with a majority of the members. Lastly, anything not done IC and /posted/ in the logs section doesn't count.
  • (Q): I want my character to be a new student/exchange student. What clique do I put them in?
    • (A): This character belongs in Invisible, see the above question for getting them elsewhere.
  • (Q): My character is in the Idle Room but I want to return IC, what do I do?
    • (A): Contact admin via @mail and they will place and link you back to the IC grid. Characters are sent to the Idle Room after an extended period of time in which the player shows no activity.
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