Holly's Housing

Location: 1) House in Glenmaura


Inside: The entry floor is pristine white, with only the faintest lines throughout the marble floor, adding classic elegance. Directly to the right is a small sitting room. Antique chairs and tables line either side of the staircase and speaks of old money. Dark, mahogany railings and matching banisters frame the white stairs. Plants abound, giving life to the room. The walls are the palest grey color, the ceiling white with an impressive crystal and gold chandelier. Artwork, from a well known artist, graces the room. It's a showcase room for tea, meetings, visitors. Further in through the entry room and to the left is the modern kitchen and breakfast nook to the right a living area and a game room.

Kitchen: The entire back wall is glass, looking out over the patio area and the city beyond. Copper and mahogany are the dominant colors. An island boasts a sink and small wine refrigerator as well as a dishwasher. Along one of the walls along the left is a stove with a copper vent hood, a grill built into the stove as well as an oven. Cabinets surround each side. On the other wall is a breakfast bar, a refrigerator and small appliances all placed in a neat, orderly fashion. A bakers rack near the wall of windows has fresh baked goodies almost daily.

Bedroom: The suite is very plush, a full size bed is covered with a thick, white, down comforter. Plush white pillows lean against the four poster headboard. Other decorative pillows of white and pink are thrown haphazardly over the bed and couch in the room, creating a warm and welcoming effect. A television is along one wall with remote controls on either side of the bed. A desk is along one of the walls with a laptop, currently closed. A huge walk in closet has shelves lined with many shoes sporting name brands, drawers filled with clothing, a small refrigerator tucked into the closet. It's obviously a room for a teenage girl. A panda bear stuffed animal is in the floor near her own personal fireplace and a balcony at the back of the room overlooks the swimming pool and gardens.

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