Geek Flag Flown
Geek Flag Flown
Summary: Another run in, Piper vs Aaron, at the Record store, plans are made
Date: 2014-10-17
Location: The Music Lab - Paradise Cove Pier
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Another after school moment, seems Aaron doesn't rush home to focus on homework. In fact, for him to get to Paradise Cove, he probably didn't stay for any after school activities himself. Making the drive away from North Shore and ending up over near the pier here. Out and about, he's kicking about on his board at least. Book bag left in the care. He's come into the record store and like a good individual, he's board has been handed over the clerk. Put behind their counter, both to prevent it from knocking over merchandise as he moves around the store and for him to have it in a safe spot so no dork tries to run off with it.

Currently, he has jeans, a loose button up sort of short, and some loose jacket. Its missing a loose tie, and it has no school colors associated with it. Just casual light, ready for fall. He is meandering near the alternative section of records. He has an alternative import, so to speak, and is looking at the back. The 5, 6, 7, 8s it looks like, thank goodness for the comeback of records, even if not mainstream.

Like most shops on piers in tourist towns this one is bound to be on the smaller side, but this was a planned trip so Piper made some accomadations, namely in choice of ride, slimline wheels today, without the fancy motor. She's going oldschool. Wheeling herself through the door, she gives a wave to the bored looking person behind the counter and rolls down the aisle between racks of cd's. But then there is the newly familiar face in the way. "Hey Bob." she says rolling to a stop "You should look into speedbumps as a career choice." she gives him her friendly smirk with the unusual form of greeting. "That one any good." she nods her head to the album in his hand.

Turning at the voice, he head nods a greeting even. The grin grows on his face about the speedbump comment, "I should … you know, my sister used to say I made a better door than a window, so I kept at it." Like he'll be a good speed bump. He'll move to the side more, or at least turn and plant his butt on the display. There is a nod from him too, "Can't go wrong with these chicks, and look." He holds up the backside, finger pointing to a song, "Hanky Panky, it has to be instant classic." That and its a cover of the Shondells song too, but it works. "They're not all Woo Hoo …" From the Kill Bill movie that got them some notoriety in America. Then again, that film is old now, who knows if teens even have seen it.

"That sounds like something a sister would say. The description fits my brother too. He is always blocking my view of the tv when I am kicking his butt in Halo." Piper makes little shooting motion with her fingers. She gets a better look at the album now that she is closer and he is actually showing it to her "They are the group out of Japan right?" and that's about all she knows about them "They sing in English or Japanese?"

"Oh, that works for games," ponders Aaron about the Halo reference, the finger helps. But Halo is at least popular enough for him to get the reference too, a scrunch of his lips in thought. "Might not work for Monopoly, I don't think my dad would appreciate me flopping on the board though." A sticky situation, next monopoly night may be the deciding factor and if he's losing, whenever that may be even. Nodding, he hands it down to Piper to look even more. "Yeah, that's them, and mostly in English. You should listen!" A thought, the tablet with earphones for listening, and Spotify, he'll search them. "Its decided … you've love them … they might have a clarinet I think." No, guitar/bass/drum, standard basic rock. Alas, no real clarinet. He pushes off with his butt to stand and moves to load it up even. "Who you looking for today?" Music-wise he means.

She could totally picture him doing that. Leaping up from his chair to collapse onto the game board strewn table, the little car and dog flying through the air. She laughs "Be sure to fake a heart attack. If you are going to stop a game by board flipping you should at least give them a good death scene." she waves a hand about lazily "Throw in some Shakespeare just to give it that extra oomph." she takes the album as it is handed to her "Oh, that's to bad. I could use more practice." she gives a shrug, not specifying what she needs practice in "I'll give them a listen though." she wheels along after him, album in her lap "Nothing specific. Mostly to see what is new out this month."

He looks over at her, still intent on the preview from Spotify, as she laughs, it catches him. Then she gives more and he chuckles. "You're devious …" Accusing, then smirking over grinning, "I like it. Ava won't know what hit her." Or he's enough of a goof at home, it will earn an entire eye roll from her at least. "I almost took that class, thought it could be an easy A, but then, someone might see me in the tights." No, he never really considered the class at all. "New stuff, I should look too. I'm so lazily, I wait for someone to suggest something, then check it out. That's proactive." In finding new cool stuff at least. He'll start flipping the tablet to open app (if its not locked to it), and to load the band up. He'll split the phones, to offer one to her, one for himself (or split ear pieces if only one phone, including bending down if its like beats by dre style or something). "Wait, what sort of practice do you need?" Thinking she's up to more devious with his eye look, the fun sort, he can't pull serious devious truth be told.

"Devious?" Piper hand wobbles "A flare for the dramatic maybe." she parks herself next to where Aaron has sat himself. Digging her phone from her bag she unlocks it and hands it over to Aaron. It's home screen is a pic of a black lab and puggle "Give me your number and I can text you with some lines from Shakespeare that would be perfect." she gives a nod at him "If you what for suggestions you might miss out on some cool new band." she takes the offered section of headphone and puts it up to her ear. "Japanese." she answers "You know, speaking it." such a nerd

The smirk still lingers, he'll leave it on devious - cause that's just one step further than flare for the dramatic obviously. Aaron takes her phone, "Aww, cute guys here, they're not brothers are they?" He doesn't really know if they're both boys, but he holds a hand over his mouth like they're gossiping, "Cause someone was totally cheating here." Not the same father he means. He flips through the phone and adds it, not taking a selfie at all. He might flip around to look at apps or games though. But he doesn't get nosey, looking at other contacts and the like. "It'll be like that movie, about the guy with the big nose, and him feeding lines so he can hit on that girl."

The smirk still lingers, he'll leave it on devious - cause that's just one step further than flare for the dramatic obviously. Aaron takes her phone, "Aww, cute guys here, they're not brothers are they?" He doesn't really know if they're both boys, but he holds a hand over his mouth like they're gossiping, "Cause someone was totally cheating here." Not the same father he means. He flips through the phone and adds it, not taking a selfie at all. He might flip around to look at apps or games though. But he doesn't get nosey, looking at other contacts and the like. "It'll be like that movie, about the guy with the big nose, and him feeding lines so he can hit on that girl." Cause he wouldn't know there was a play about it first, the movie is all he knows and its so old, no telling who has even seen that one. "I'll have to try that, set some trends. We should pick out a new one together, everyone can follow us." He hands the phone back finally, his number in there. "Really, you speak Japanese, I'm sure there is some songs in Japanese." By other bands at least.

"Uh no." Piper says, the dogs aren't even the same breed "The lab is Biscuit and the little puggle is Gravy." lots of games on her phone…lots and lots of games "You mean Roxanne? With Steve Martin?" that one she knows "Or the original one, Cyrano de Bergerac?" because both are movies and one is /way/ older than the other. "As long as it isn't that One Direction sounds like a good plan." she grins then and nods "Hai." beat "That's yes. I'm not fluent in it, but I'm trying. It's not easy CUH don't offer Japanese as a language, so I have to rely on media to keep in practice."

A chuckle, "Biscuits and Gravy." Aaron even knows some of those games, others not so much. Most probably not so much come to think of it. "Yeah, yeah, that's the one … the guy works at the fire department, and its … the one eyed lady from Kill Bill." Since he knows that reference. A pause himself, "Cyrano de Bergerac?" He says it more like one word then distinct names for the astute listener. "Don't think I saw that movie. And it was going to be One Direction. That one .. do-do-do-dum," he has no clue about their songs, and starts like he'll launch into the opening lyrics of a song at least, but shakes his head. "No, no One Direction, it'll be someone we don't know, give it a listen." It was her idea, he's tagging right along with this idea even. "Yes, Hello," he agrees to her Hai, and yes for interpretation. "We don't have that either, I wonder if someone in town speaks it even?" He needs to get out more.

"Biscuit is my service dog. I don't take him to school that often anymore. Lucky dog." she takes her phone back and drops it back into the bag "He gets to laze about at home all day while I get to listen to teacher after teacher drone on about things that I already know about." #smartpeopleproblems "I can do something new." she gives another smirk as he responds to her use of Japanese "I should have picked Mandarin. At least I could have gotten practice at the local Chinese restaurants. But there isn't any good anime from China."

"Yeah, completely lucky," says Aaron in agreement, for not having to go to school. He's in on that wavelength it seems. Not that he knows what the teachers drone on about already, more the not interested people problems on his end. "Good, see, we can play nice in the sandbox, can't we?" About agreeing on trying something new that is. The song plays for them, he nods his head to the beat a little even. "Maybe drive up the coast to Santa Cruz, maybe they have a good Japanese restaurant." He looks more at her, "Anime? That's cool - like that Big Hero 6 Stuff?" For the record, it comes out in a few weeks ICly, he's seen previews. How that gets to Anime is anyone's guess actually, his mind makes that leap.

"I don't throw sand no, but I'm awful at sharing my toys." Piper warns, with a bit of that mock threat in her tone. As the music pipes through the headphone she has she wrinkles her nose "It's very old school." she comments. It sounds like she isn't sure if she likes it or not "Not a bad idea. Maybe do some hibachi. Those guys don't speak much English." that's a good idea actually "Not like BH6 no. More like…" she pauses for thought, trying to think up some mainstream "Naruto, and Bleach."

A hint of feigned surprise with her mock threat, "I'm keeping my eye on you Piper." Weary now, or he always ways in his own way. Aaron is grinning at least, and nodding about the noise coming through. "Yeah, old rock'ish. I like it." She can ponder it some more herself, he is outing that he likes it of course. Hence why he was looking at it though. "Hibachi, isn't that like camping grills, I didn't know that was Japanese." There is a lot of stuff he doesn't know, they can fill books with the stuff he doesn't know, and they did (Ratatouille). He is nodding his head to the music at least, like he could get up and dance. However he would dance to their music. Considering her anime a moment, he deduces BH6 is the shorthand at least. Then shakes his head. "Don't know those two. No, wait, maybe Naruto, that's like on Cartoon Network, sort of like DragonBall?" Figures, he'd know that one.

"Like a beholder eye?" she queries with curiously "Because eww, creepy." Piper lowers the headphone from her ear "It is interesting. That's for sure." she laughs "Not originally no. It's where the chef cooks everything on a grill in front of you and he juggles the knives and throws chunks of food at you so it can be caught in your mouth. It's fun. Haven't been to one in a while. In over a year actually." when he mentions Dragon Ball she touches her nose and points to him "Like Dragon Ball. They had quite a few on the Toonami segment of Cartoon Network. Sailor Moon was a popular one too."

A chuckle but his own scrunch, "Exactly, just as creepy." Aaron has no clue what a beholder is, but that she references him being like one, it is amusing at least. "I'll still get this one today, you'll have to eye the new list, so we can figure out the trend." That they will set. He leaves the ear phones for her to listen too, but stands up again. Definitely getting the album. "Oh yeah, totally, I know that. Like House of Genji or something?" Or whatever the local variety is, he didn't know there was a broad term for that style of place, but his reply shows he's been there before at least. "Entirely too long to be away from it, the trip is in order, for your research." On the language. Nodding more slowly, but as if the beat still goes in his head, getting it about anime. "OH yeah, Sailor Moon … um … my sister watched that or something." Something, "Short skirts, long legs … there was lots of fighting in those short skirts, I remember lots of undies." At least he didn't use the p word to make that creepier than it already was.

Since he didn't ask about it Piper assumes he does know what that is and continues on about it "All those eyestalks," she holds her hands near her head and wiggles her fingers around, "and that one big one in the middle. A TPW for sure if you don't have some tanks in your group." she pulls out her phone again and unlocks it "Texting the mom about it now. I haven't been back in town very long really haven't had a chance. And they didn't have any of those where I was." she watches as he stands up "Everyone's sister watched Sailor Moon. And yes short skirts, long legs and lots of fighting both with bad guys and each other." apparently she watched it too.

That gets him grinning more, the display. In the way that he has no clue but its adorable to see the actions being performed. "Yes, but only the middle eye. Not sure about the tanks though, or the TPW?" He'll go with the creepy monster bit, but the rest was Greek to him, or Japanese even. "Just finish some cool vacation or something?" For not being in town, then again, could of beena whole year for all he knows now. He doesn't try to disturb much during texting, just so he knows she's listening or not dividing attention. "Lots of the villains are girls too right? Not many boys at all." He really thinks more about it, "Who was the blue hair one, she was cute." Figures, the shy'ish one.

Now Piper realizes that he doesn't really get it and she waves the question about the acronym away "Never mind. Just my geek showing." she will freely admit it. She flies her geek flag loudly and proudly. The nerd one, not so much. "Not so much vacation as extended hospital stay." the reasons should be obvious. But she isn't asking, even subtly for pity or any of that BS. "Yes. Depending on the season. That one is Sailor Mercury…or Ami when she was not kicking butt."

"Its good, someday I might show mine," his geek, whatever that is for him, no telling. Aaron is still in good spirits from it all. It didn't make him thing less for sure. As she talks about the hospital stay, his lips purse a little, reasons obvious enough indeed. She doesn't pull pity or the BS, he doesn't cater to it either. Playing by ear and following suit that is. "We'll, you're back, that's the good thing, and mastering Japanese too. Just, when you go, catching the shrimp is all in having a good neck bob." He moves his head a little back and forth, as if sassy, like he could snap his fingers. "Ami," he catches on and it is familiar, "Yeah, Ami, I'll claim her as my favorite now. In non-butt kicking form, cause I don't need any more butt kickings in my life."

"Trying to at least. It isn't the easiest of languages to learn. I haven't even attempted learning the reading and writing of it yet. Just the talking it." she makes the talking motion with her hand. She is quite the animated one. She gives a slight eye roll at his impersonation "That's more a pigeon then a technique for catching food." she replies still amused. "You have a sister, I can very well imagine how many butt-kickings you get in a week."

"Closer to mastering than I am, isn't the writing harder to read?" He might know a little, he just doesn't let on all the time it seems. Aaron watches her hands, animated as they are, they do catch his attention when she uses them for emphasis. Chuckling about his technique, "I'll just have to touch up on my acting skills. Maybe I was going for the pigeon role, our school might be putting on Bolt this year, I have to be prepared for that you know." Serious business, making stuff up like that after all. More a chuckle and a nod, "All the time, she's relentless. I'm older too! Just last night she beat me up because I hadn't started my chemistry assignment yet." Which was due this very day, he doesn't comment on that part.

Piper nods "Yes. All those characters that look like trees and things. Baby steps. Once I get fluent in Japanese. I think I'll give German a try, or maybe another one of those eastern European languages. But that will be awhile." she's ambitious. She cants her head a bit, not sure if he means Bolt the Disney movie, Bolt the athlete…or some other Bolt. But since he is making it up it doesn't matter "Ewww, chemistry. We have bio for our science."

"You have this all planned out, these languages. Baby steps with a grand vision. I barely know what I'm doing tomorrow." Aaron says it jokingly, but there is probably some truth in that statement about what he will be doing tomorrow. Other than school, but that's not planned, its required, by law even. It was Disney Bolt, and the good fellas pigeons even. He should of done the accent, but that might of hurt her ears too. A rapid nod utter agreement on chemistry. "Bio sounds more interesting, like you get to do fun stuff in that class at least. We should trade days once, we're so like twins." Prince and Pauper, Princess and Me or whatever. "I could nail biology class for you."

"I'd learn them all if I could, even some of the dead ones." could be that is her passion, after gaming "Three down, almost four down, countless others to go." she gives a shrug "I think I would prefer chemistry myself. More math." and she likes math too. Weirdo. "It's a deal. We'll switch those classes, no one will be the wiser." she glances around the record shop "How about we go check out the new releases. She if there is anything good there?" he was all for that idea so starts to wheel herself to the new release rack, looking over her shoulder at him, almost as if she was challenging him to a race.

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