Another Book Report
Another Book Report
Summary: A group of students converge at Unbound Books - near middle of semester, more book reports are due; Piper, Jordan, Mouse, Reese and Ivan
Date: 2014-10-22
Location: Unbound Books
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Local Time: Wednesday, October 22 01:14 AM

A great Autumn day in No. Cal. Those leaves that will turn are starting too do so, even the palm's are pushing towards that yellow green sort they get when its cooler. And cloudy, alas, its Lantern Hill. Ivan isn't bothered by the weather, is like a cool summer day, so he's dressed for Summer. Having had a return home recently, he's come back with more favorite shirts it seems. Today is Unics Kazan shirt, must be a baskatball team by the logo of the basketball that looks like a setting sun, presumably over the Kazan skyline. He has his bookbag with him, but looks odd shapped, not filled with books. Maybe that's why he's in the book store today. He's looking over american literature section maybe for a book report. He's holding 1984 presently and has plopped down in the aisle, back on one shelf, feet on the other, and seems to be reading, as if deciding if it might be interesting enough for that dreaded homework assignment.

And today Piper finds herself in another small store, whose aisles were not designed for a person who is dependant on a wheelchair to get around. At least there are no steps though, and she comes with her own seating. As she pushes herself through the store, a small stack of flyers on her lap, she glances at the books on the shelves to left and right. Until she gets to the barrier which is Ivan lounged across the aisle "Excuse me. Could I get by?" she asks in a polite tone to the unfamiliar teen.

Almost flipping a page, Ivan pauses to look up. It takes a few seconds for him to come to his senses of course, then he is standing up. "Yes, I am not …" Pausing from that still thick Russian accent, he purses his lips in consideration. "A good speed trap … no, bump." Not easy to get over. He might see the stack of flyers, having no clue what they are for, "You have a show, it is coming up?" Plenty of room given for the girl to pass him, even while he raises that curiousity.

Her brows move upward when he speaks. It's the accent "Oh, from mother Russia?" Piper asks. Just straight California accent for her, "Speedbump." she confirms "But I wasn't going to be rude and call you that." she grins at him and begins to push her way past but pauses when he mentions a show "What?" she asks all confused now.

"Da," returns Ivan, completely from Russia. "More, it is like the stepchild. Kazan, we are close to the heart, but everyone thinks Moscow." He shrugs, a slight chuckle at that idea even. A shake of his head though, "You can call me this, but do not make me one, I am more bumpy than I look." For being a speedbump that is. When she pauses in confusion, he points to the flyers in her lap, "You are passing these out, for some show you are in? Or maybe open mic or poetry?" Something, a cause, a lost dog even. He can throw out a hundred ideas, he's only being nosey is all.

School has been out for long enough for students from various school in the area to descend on various shops, including the one with all the books. Though considering it is a bookstore at the moment it is only two students. One male one female blocking a whole narrow aisle there the classic fiction books are shelved. Ivan stands book in hand talking to the not standing Piper. She is wheelchair bound. "Moscow? Really? I think of St. Petersburg." she hmmms at thoughtfully at that then shrugs "You an exchange student at North Shore?" if he went to her school, this would be a totally different conversation, 'cause then they would know each others. Picking up the flyer in her lap she shakes her head "Nothing so exciting." she hands a copy over. It's to advertise tutoring in the languages of French and Italian…and math as well.

"Ah, yes, St. Petersburg, I have been there once," says Ivan, and for some reason he just elaborates, "My mother she shows me Malevich there." That's the extent of elaborating. He shakes his head, tucking in his book, 1984, under an arm as they talk. "No, not exchange student. I am here to play hockey with Fresno, my parents here, they send me to North Shore." Nodding agreement at least, he's totally North Shore. Taking a flyer, he reads it, "This is you, tutoring all this …. hmm, math?" As if the languages, not so much his interest.

It's after school, but Jordan is still sort of wearing her uniform. Along the way she traded her skirt for a pair of jeans, but she's still got her blouse on, although untucked, and blazer, both with the Mayfield logo embroidered on the front. Over one shoulder is her bookbag, which she seems to be digging around in to find a notebook to pull out. There might be an actual reason other than fun and pleasure that Jordan has arrived at the bookstore.

"I spent a year in France, travelled around the western half of Europe but never went farther east than Frieberg, Germany." near the France/Germany border. Her brow srunches up a bit "There is a hockey team in Fresno?" that seems a shocker to her, but she probably isn't all that into sports, for obvious reasons "How do you like it?" when he questions the flyer she nods "Yes and math. I tutor other subjects too, but math is usually the most asked for one besides language." her back is to the door so the arrival of the Mayfield girl remains unnoticed for now.

"Ah, this is pretty close, nearly to my home. It is in Europe." Like the farthest east one might get in Europe. But still, pretty close and he nods his head. "There is, junior hockey, it is a good team. We are off to good season, but I've missed a couple weeks of the games. I like it very much here." A consideration, "Perhaps some math, this subject is not best for me, I will ask Reese first."

As if that sounds like a good plan, the kid even nods to the idea. A nearby face, "Ah, it is Jordan. Now I will think she is stalking me." Two times in two days, what's the odds of that.

If she's stalking people, it's pretty badly done. Jordan doesn't even see the other two students standing further in the store, so wrapped up is she in flipping through her notebook for something. She stands just inside the door, not fully blocking it but definitely being in the way, still wearing part of her uniform with her jeans.

"On a global scale, yeah you would be neighbors." Piper says to Ivan then nods at his answer "Would you really tell me if you didn't like it here?" her being a native an all. Not that she doesn't believe him. She gestures to the flyer with its tear off phone numbers hanging from it "Well talk to this Reese person." she has no idea who that is of course "And if they can't handle the tutoring, or need it themselves there is my number." his greeting of the person behind her has her turning in her wheelchair to see who it is.

"Yes, exactly," he nods, neighbors, just down the block nearly, on a global scale at least. "I would tell you. There are things I am missing, but there is a great thing for me here. I like it." Taking the flyer, he tucks it into the book, maybe he'll buy 1984 after all. "Maybe it will be both for you," to tutor of course. But he calls over again to the person near the door. "Jordan?" Maybe its not her, this one has elements of that uniform on, no jacket today. He side comments to Piper, "Maybe she is impaired of hearing, I should tap her shoulder?" He thinks he heard that somewhere.

Mouse would never, ever survive wearing a uniform to school. Her hair is several different colors but it starts at blonde then goes to pink and violet and well, there's a bunch of the colors. Unaware there was someone standing near the door, she plows right in, laughing, calling back, "You don't even know -how- to read, Turbo!" Trying to get in and hold the door so her friend can't follow her inside. Not that Turbo does try. He takes that moment to snatch up Mouse's skateboard that was left outside the door and take off. Mouse wears a comical look of surprise and a pair of black sunshades over her eyes, but she doesn't go running and she turns to look sheepishly at Jordan, who was inside the door. "So, that just happened." There's a pause, then a reluctant, "You alright?"

Hearing imparied in the form of frantic distraction, maybe. Her name said a second time does catch her attention and Jordan glances up, searching the store before she spots the somewhat familiar face of Ivan, her chin starting to lift in a hello before Mouse plows inside. One half step forward is taken, then she glances behind her towards Mouse, brows inching upwards, "Yeah, I'm fine. You alright?"

Piper gives a smirk to his agreeing comment. "Well as long as what you have here is worth the missing." she tells him in a supportive tone of voice. She may only just met him but she doesn't want to bring him down "I can tutor the pair of you." she seems not to have a problem with it. She brings her wheelchair around partially when the other teen girl is greeted again a wince going to her face when Mouse opens the door into her "Or maybe that will do it." a wave is given to both teens, and the wild colored hair one is recognized from school even. It's a small school and they both stand out in it, though in different ways.

"If not math, then I am learning French," just to have her tutor, and Ivan nods, its worth the missing, no arguments from the kid. He moves too, around Piper, so they can both look at who he's waving at all then, bam. He jaw drops a little, don't see that every day, even if it happens, not looking directly at it like that. If only he was filming on his cell phone, youtube gold. "Remind me not to stand near the door, when she is coming." He points at Mouse, the deadly one. "See, it is not all easy, school work." Cause that's the only reason people come to book stores. Then he offers to help the collision, "There is no rough housing in the library." Cause, its not a book store, its a library.

"Oh I'll be good soon as I get my board back. Turbo's a nuisance." Mouse is usually in the company of one of three, but she steps in enough to get a look around. "Hey chica cmo ests esta fina das?" Translation: Hey chica, how are you this fine day? She does recognize her from school. "Book report too?" Bright, bright idea. "We should team up." Her eyes fall on the Russian one with an appraising look. "Yo, Boris," her lips quirk at the popular name. "Wait this has been a library all this time?" She lifts her glasses and looks at him, then Jordan and Piper. "I'm Mouse," hitching a thumb in her own direction. Course, Piper probably already knows her name.

"I suggest guerilla tactics." Jordan offers to Mouse as she tucks her notebook beneath her arm, hitching her bookbag up further onto her shoulder before she moves in further. Away from the door and anyone that might potentially follow Mouse for a repeat of what just happened. When Mouse introduces herself, she offers up her name to those not known, "Jordan."

"French with a Russian accent. Interesting." and yes, Piper does find that interesting. What a weirdo." the greeting from Mouse is met with a grin. She doesn't know much Spanish, but it's a common enough greeting and close enough in some aspects to the Italian she is fluent in to know what is being said "Better now that school is out." typical teenage response "We totally should. Have a book in mind?" she sniggers at the Boris name and the advice from Jordan about how to handle Mouse's friends "Piper." she offers her own name since Ivan and her hadn't gotten that far, and for Jordan's sake as well.

Ivan starts with a grin, but ends on a chuckle at the name. Popular enough. But the Mouse is her name, "Yes, like squirrel?" Cause someone had gone with it over the summer, that Boris for Ivan. Introductions are given around. He has to join in, "Ivan." They all know each other, and there is some plotting afoot, something of a missing board now. "Yes, exactly like a library, and I am good at being the librarian. If you need excuse, I will talk with your parents." For any not being where one is supposed to be. He could get a reputation as being the fill in library, cause there's lots of young sounding Russian librarians in town.

"Gorilla.. like bang on my chest and make ape noises?" Mouse winks, deliberately misunderstanding. "I bet that would scare them, but they're guys they scare easily anyway." There's a look of deliberation and she finally snaps her fingers, looking over to Piper. "I think Twilight. I saw that movie. Or Harry Potter." She gives a wicked grin. "Think they'd buy it?" Mouse is a slacker. "Today was a school day?" Oops, guilty look. "Mouse, like the rodent, yeah squirrel works just as well." Lips quirk before giving a full fledged smile when the invite does come. "Ivan." She rolls her eyes. "That was my second guess." A look around the store and she shoots him the pistol finger. "You got it, I need a note for missing school today."

"Could work." Jordan agrees about which type of guerilla she meant, offering Mouse a smile at the topic and words, then she looks over towards Ivan, "I think I'm good, really." She offers to him with a nod, then another nod and smile for Piper, "Seems to be book report season, huh?"

Piper gives a shake of her head "Trust me, you don't want to talk to my mother. Even the teachers at school don't want to talk to my mother." she has the tiger/helicopter mother that teachers have nightmares about. When Mouse mentions the two books a wince is given "Let's keep looking." she suggests. Of course no matter what book is chosen if Piper is part of the project an A is gauranteed, she's a closet nerd, if that closet had the door partway open. A sigh is given to Mouse, though she probably isn't surprised. "It's the universal truth for students everywhere. The dreaded book report. Like we don't have enough to do…" she was going to say more but decides to stop there.

Ivan raises one curious brow, not certain acting like a gorilla would work in the recover the board plot. He can't answer on the book stuff either, not sure cause they're from some other school even. Mouse shoots a finger at him, he holds his chest somewhere to stop the bleeding she just caused there. Happens to be his heard it seems. "For you, use, one note, it is good as gold." He has a backpack somewhere, where he was sitting on the floor earlier, and goes to get a pin out of it. "One time offer only." Warned to Piper and Jordan, a slight laugh though. Kid knows full well no one will believe him. "I have … claimed 1984, but it is not about 1984." He knows the differences, he'll figure out its past perspective of the unkown future soon enough, maybe in Cliff Notes. He starts writing something, holding up a note for Mouse maybe, completely in Russian. He's there to help.

"It's always book report season." Mouse groans dramatically, lamenting the fact. "Okay we can keep looking. I also read um.." What's a good book? "Ramona the Pest and Blubber." She smirks. "I think I was five. But if you got any ideas, I'll read it." With an amused look to Ivan, she laughs, "See? I knew the way to your heart right there. Does that earn me a second offer? I'll even throw in lunch at Del Taco or Macho Nacho." She peers at the note, shaking her head. "I can claim you're my foreign language teacher then."

"I think it's all about the dystopian society thing, like Hunger Games." Jordan totally knows what she's talking about, because she, much like Mouse, totally saw that movie. "I'm not sure what I'll choose. Just something short, and not impossible to understand. Easy." Because easy, clearly the best option in these cases. "You think the teacher would go for Curious George? I read those already."

There is an amused chuckle at Ivan "I'll take my chances." big risktaker over here. "Ramona. A classic, but not enough to fill the three page minimum and five minute oral report that goes with it." she looks thoughtful a moment "1984 is a good one. But it I am going to write a novel on a dystopian society I would do it on Alas Babylon." which is more apocaplytic really, but close enough.

That get's a chuckle from Ivan, about getting to his heart. "You are trouble," he accuses to Mouse. "If it works, yes, a second offer. Del Taco, this is spice on the cake." A nod, he stands up, totally a foreign language teacher. A pause, "Ah, but I cannot cut in, this is Piper's … turf?" Is that a good word, do people say that, he's sure GTA has used the word turf though its more like 70s slang, but he doesn't know that. One could probably convince him to wear a gold medallion/chain if they really tried even. He also doesn't know any of the books they are talking about either, to be honest. "Curious George, this is about the president and why he is chopping down apple trees?"

Scene: Mouse and Jordan are closer to the door, where they ran into each other. Literally. Piper and Ivan are close to American Literature section (American Fiction, classic fiction, however it is labelled). Ivan actually is holding a book, 1984. That an an excuse to get out of class, written in Russian. Or folks hope its an excuse and not one of those 'I'm a silly American who believes anything' notes.

"Sort of like the 100?" Mouse nods, "I could see that. I agree, something short and easy. Then maybe I can get a good grade. Helps I got a smart partner." There's a snicker. "We could even dress up, I'll go as the Man in the Yellow Hat." She tips a make believe hat. SHe gapes at Piper, "Three.. pages?" No wonder she was failing. A playful grin is tossed at Ivan. "Yeah I'm trouble. Ask my ma, she'll tell ya."

"Alas Babylon? Never heard of it." Jordan admits with a shake of her head, then she pulls the notebook she'd tucked under her arm to look it over, "I think we're between three to five pages, single spaced…12 point font, blah blah." She then tucks her notebook back under her arm, "I'm open to anyones suggestions on books."

"I can only claim these two languages." Piper gestures to the flyers in her lap "She wants Russian that's all you." the teen girl has taken a crack at that one yet. Though knowing someone around her speaks it she may once she is done learning her current language project. "It's about a monkey named George…pretty much the same thing." she hand wobbles "Only without all the teen angst and cannibals." she's vaguly familiar with the 100 "It takes place right after nuclear war." and apparently Mouse has snagged a smart partner, even if by accident. "Do you want something less depressing Jordan?"

Reese totally had a book report and so she decided to go to the bookstore and then there she was, shadowing the doorway then stepping inside and around the others. School clothes, means fewer slashes in her torn jeans and a hoodie covering it. She steps around the two in the door and stops short when she notices Piper and Ivan. A nod is given them all, "Hey," she smirks, "I think we've done this before, Ivan, but Skye is missing." There's a smile given to the group at large. "Hey, how's folks?"

There are a lot of books being bantered, that and there is trouble in the midst, who may resort to acting like a gorilla to chase away boys, if all that was said was to be believed. Ivan is sure he's lost on this topic of American Literature, but is making some effort to stay up. "George is a monkey, and he is intelligent after nuclear war. I think I have seen this movie." Planet of the Apes at least, but no nuclear war in that, simian virus. BUt that sums up what he got in all the other banter on books. "Hey, it's Reese," his smile picks up of course, "Ah, yes, Skye is missing, but we do not need her." He holds uup 1984, as a potential choice, "I am having a hard time deciding, this was not as fun." Not randomly picking a book, but actually looking and choosing is difficult business. "But am good otherise, how is Reese." He would introduce everyone else, but feels a bit sheepish, he just got everyone's name and they might not want him speaking on their behalf.

"I can only do Spanish, but it's cause Turbo is Mexican and I know a few phrases from him." Mouse looks up at the new arrival, "Yo," she greets her, watching as the girl move further in. "I'm great." There's a snicker at the response from Ivan. "Planet of the Apes. I saw that movie, pretty fly." She glances towards the door and Turbo is there, pressing his face against the glass. "I'm going to go get my board, hit me up Pipes," a grin to Ivan and Jordan. "Same to you both, check ya later."

"Depressing, funny…just easy. With enough to write about." Jordan replies to pipers question, glancing over towards Reese when she arrives, giving her a nod of greeting. "Great. Book report season." She then lifts a hand to give Mouse a wave when she starts to head back out to get her board from Turbo.

Piper doesn't know the newcomer into the shop or this person they mention, but the name Ivan calls her is familiar "Oh, so this is the mysterious Reese you mentioned." she waves her fingers as she looks up at the teen. As Mouse speaks to her attention goes that way "Sure thing Mouse. See ya at school." maybe, unless the brightly coifed girl skips again. "I would suggest Letters from Earth by Mark Twain. It's a collection of letters written by Satan about how idiotic humans are. Very ironic. And I doubt anyone else in your class will be doing that one.

"Mysterious," Reese echoes, giving Ivan a quick once over, but there's a crooked smile on her lips. At the suggestion of the books, she grins. "I think we did something from Nicholas Sparks at the beginning of the year. Damn the fall for making the teachers remember we have to do another one. You chose a book for yours?" The question given to Ivan. "Course we need Skye, why wouldn't we? I like her." She looks over at the others. "Jordan, right?" Remembering her from the brief moment at the boardwalk. "I'm Reese," she introduces herself to Piper and Mouse, giving the girl a look as she starts to leave. "Nice meeting you."

Chuckling at both Piper calling her mysterious, and Reese's response, Ivan considers it then nods. "Yes, a complete mystery, but this is good, yes?" He might like that crooked smile even. "Piper, she is a tutor, maybe she can help us," a shrug, though, not to mix the prior study routine, but then, still need to have a talk. "I was thinking this 1984, but it is not about 1984. And it doesn't feel right, picking one alone." Not now at least. "I think I need blindfold and finger again." No better way to choose to a book, beats reading the blurb and the first chapter. A curious ponderance to Jordan though, "Is there a Depressing Funny book, the one with the talkings animals, on the that farm."

"Letters from Earth? Huh." Jordan takes the suggestion seriously, then she smiles at Reese, giving her a quick nod, "Yeah, Jordan." She agrees, shoving her notebook back into her backpack before she starts to head in the direction she's hoping the book is in, "Charlotte's Web?" She questions Ivan as she heads over to start searching the shelves.

"Mouse," she gives her name as she heads for the door because Turbo is there, she lifts a hand with two fingers lifted. "Peace," throwing the sign before leaving in a hurry so that she can catch Turbo who was taunting her with her board.

When Ivan outs her as a tutor, Piper takes one of the flyers and offers it to Reese and gives one to Jordan to since she is there an all "French, Italian and math." because math is a popular one to need help with. "Leaving your book choice to fate. Now that is risky. You could get Hemingway or Steinbeck." who wants to get stuck with those. A grin is given to Jordan "Yeah. It gives you nearly free reign to throw hell into your report anywhere you want." what other book would let you do that.

Reese checks out the book Ivan holds and tries to feign interest before giving up. "I don't think it sounds interesting. We can read The Buddy Holly Story? There's music and it's a true story." Reese looks at the girl leaving, "Later." She smiles at Piper, "So you're a tutor? My grades aren't all that, but I'm not sure what's worse. Wood Shop is about all that I am passing in."

"Ah, yes, you had me, at 'We'," grins Ivan. "I have food for later." He turns to look at his bookbag, which doesn't seem to have books, its more funny lumpy looking at least. Which could be food containers. "I'll look for Buddy Holly," he's agreeable, but a pause for Jordan, "No, it is the one, with pigs, and they are the government. The other animals on the farm are upset, maybe they revolt?" Completely, something with Animals and a Farm, if he could only recall the title. "Oh yes, wood shop, fair trade on tutoring." Then he goes down a nearby isle, in search of this Buddy Holly Story.

Piper nods at Reese "Well languages and math would be easiest for me since we go to different schools. I doubt that many of our other classes will be similiar enough for me to be much help with." she laughs at Ivan trying to describe a book "Animal Farm Ivan." she doesn't correct him about it though she gestures to the flyers "I have more of these to put up." on bulletin boards in various shops in the area "It was nice meeting you." she gives another wave and she pushes herself down the aisle and out of the store.

"Food?" Reese recognizes what he means. "Well let's get out of here then and go have a talk." There's a look of chagrin, "Habit.." the We thing. Still, she wears a crooked smile. As Piper mentions the flyers, she smiles, "That sounds good, but I'm good with languages too." If Ivan finds the book, they'll buy it, but then head off for the talk.

"That's enough for him, he'll get the book, one. He won't say if there was more on the shelf, maybe a habit there too. He takes his bookbag too, "This is good." Habits, getting out of their to talk. As they do go to pay, he comments, "You look good, Reese." Meaning that, wanting to say more probably, but wanting the talk just as much. He waves to Piper, "We will call," for tutoring or whatever, same habit, the we. Book gotten, food in hand. Off for the walk. Instead of arm around her, he reaches to at least walk hand in hand with her to some good location for talking.

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