What A Drag
What A Drag
Summary: Amelia is chanced upon by Aaron, fall festivities are dicussed
Date: 2014-10-30
Location: School Lawn - North Shore
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A wonderful day after school. Cool enough for jackets, maybe still some shorts, its not quite 50, teens have a hard time picking a cut off for that sort of thing. Aaron, not so hard, he has on jeans, some polo sort of shirt, and a blazer of some sort on. There is some roll in his sleeves, whatever is closest to trendy at the moment. He's out on the school lawn, but is not toting around books or school work, ick. No, he has a skateboard tucked up under his arm. There was a group of younger girls, a grade lower if one had to guess. And he decided to see about a number, or numbers. Whatever the goal was, he turns from the group, with a grin, but promptly ignores the number, tucking away his phone. Then he looks around, a bored eye, one might guess its the look of trouble waiting to happen, somehow. But really, its non-committal bored, wondering what to do just next with his entire evening being open and all.

When you boyfriend doesn't have his own ride and you are his, you can spend a lot of time waiting for detention to end. Amelia is seated on the lawn, an open book on the grass and a notebook on her lap. However, she is not working but daydreaming and staring off into the distance. Lost in thought she smiles to herself and reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind one ear just as a group of boys walk past. They're younger but one of them either has recognised her as North Shore's current resident bee or maybe it's just that she is a looker (as far as he's concerned), either way he gets confused and thinks Amelia is smiling at him. As her hand lifts his does too, in a wave, only for him to turn beet red when he realises she is in fact not waving.

Well, there is something right there. Resident bee, and daydreaming. Thinking to surprise, or tease a little while lost in that thought of hers, Aaron is priveldge to the near waving. When the other boy turns red, a chuckle eminates from the Valentine boy. The sort that is off putting, 'what a derp' might be read between the lines of that laugh even. Amused certainly though. He continues his route, moving up towards her, "Hey, its Amelia, still flirting as usual." A better tease than what he might of thought of, he'll move to sit on the grass with her even, if she comes too from her thoughts, he'll indicate the beet red boy who may be moving away.

The movement next to her does capture Amelia's attention and she grins, "It's the Boy Valentine." Following Aaron's gesture she spies the red-faced boy and laughs, though she does wave too but it is a little somewhat patronising finger wiggle type of wave. Her attention turns back to Aaron. "Breaking hearts or breaking…wind?" With a laugh she moves her textbook over so Aaron has more space. "I have no idea where I was going with that."

Folding elbows onto his knees, sitting criss-crossed, Aaron watches her and the finger wiggle. A chuckle again, kept in with closed mouth, but she'd certainly hear it, that close. "I was going for both," he laughs when she has to consider her point in going there. "But you caught me, I'll stick to breaking hearts." He looks around, some people are probably happyily celebrating tomorrow already, wearing halloween oriented stuff. The darker people enjoying letting out more of their darker clothes. All that good stuff. "You partaking this year, fall revelry, dress as your neighbor day? They've been going bonkers all month long about it." The rest of the school, in his opinion at least.

She leans back on her hands and tilts her head back, letting the autumnal sun fall on her face. "The idea was to do something, but I don't know. My dads are having a costume party. I might just see if I can bunk elsewhere for the night." Her head turns and she opens her eyes to look at the boy sat beside her, "What about you? Going to dress up as Ava in drag?"

Aaron leans more forward, inverse to her sitting back to lean on her hands more. "You should bunk up somewhere. What about your boy? Doing anything like, staying at friends who's out of town and can't answer the phone schtick?" He has no idea if they do that thing, all up to them, just throwing it out there for the gravy. Then he chuckles, "Yeah, you nailed it, I'm almost done. Sort of why I stopped, second opinion. Do I make a good Ava in drag, the only thing I'm missing is toe nail polish I think … or am I?" He does crazy stare eyes with raising his brows, as if he could just be, who knows.

"He's got concerned parents and a curfew. Makes life more challenging," says Amelia with a broad grin. She shifts her legs, moving her notebook to rest on her textbook so that she can stretch her legs out and show him her own…boot covered feet? "I think you'll need some padding to pull it off. But would you be Party-Girl Ava? Serious Activist Ava? Or would you be Dance Class Ava in a leotard?" As if she were trying to picture him dressed in one of the many guises of his sibling, Amelia holds her hands up index fingers and thumbs forming a frame through which she looks at Aaron.

"Oh, burn, those meddling parents. Maybe he'll try to have less detention, spend less of your together time separated and all." A grin though, an issue he doesn't have to worry about. He's sure Amelia has it all figured out, so he can rub it in just a little. The frame is up, less crazy face from Aaron, the jar lowers and elongates his face. Rubbing his chin, in thought. "Oh, I can't pull off dance class Ava, no way I'm wearing leotard or yoga pants. It's make my butt look big … and draw attention there, makes it hard for breaking wind." Since that was on the docket. "Serious activist sounds like a winner. I'll bring a dog for spaying and neutering." Which isn't so serious activist, or he didn't mean it to be. Then his brows furrow, "I see what you're doing, you're going to get me thinking it'd be funny to poke fun of Ava a little, that I actually do put on a custom."

She laughs and lowers her hands to her lap. "I think you are on to a definite winner there with Serious Activist Ava and her superpooch. Make sure you are holding a placaard with your other hand, just to complete the outfit." Amelia moves her foot so it gently nudges one of Aaron's, "The whole idea was for you to wear a costume, boy-o. You take a while to catch on, don't you?" Her quick grin is easy and friendly despite the mocking banter.

"Yes, the placaard," whatever he could put on there, could simply complete it. Aaron may be buying in after all, chuckling, then his foot is nudged and she teases at him. That dubious eye lingers now, "It may take a while, Ms. Amelia, but I always catch on." Another rumbling chuckle from the boy. He reaches over to grab said nudging foot, "See, now you're taunting me, I might almost be tempted to dig out a pen to add some doddles to your boots, you know. Its entirely devoid of anything Aaron'esque."

Amelia glances down at her Doc Marten's covered foot and then back up at Aaron, she shrugs. "Go for it. I'm nothing if not a fan of the unique. What can be more unique than bespoke doodling from the great Aaron Valentine?" It doesn't occur to her that this might be seen as odd, letting other people draw on you or your clothing is a typical right of passage in high school the world over. "How much would your mum freak if I drew on you? I bet loads. She's rather intense your mum."

That's all the invitation he would need, he'll dig into his back pocket, there is a pen there even. Look at that, as if he was ready for class, but if one where an expert investigator, they might deduce this is the first time today the pen has been opened. "Exactly, right." THe great honor. And yes, a right of passage in itself, and here he goes putting on weird smiley faces and some checker patterns as he goes. "She would, I'd totally have to slip on my skate shoes for doodling, then put on the nice ones before I walked in the door." He looks up a second to her grinning, "Which reminds me, I should do that soon, about to leave school for who knows what." Then back to doodling, his tongue might stick out a little with his expert focus.

Amelia just watches as Aaron draws on her boot, offering up the second one when he is ready for it. "I love that you have to hide shoes from her like other kids hide weed. That's too funny, Aaron." As people walk past and glance there way Amelia graces some, a selective some, with a wave or a nod but the majority are ignored in favour of her current company. "So are you going to pull the usual stunt and flirt with many girls but bring none to any social engagements?"

"See, its practice," returns Aaron about hiding things, taking other foot. This one needs some bats and some martian face thing, or bug - it has antennae. "Good at hiding shoes, good at hiding the weed." Looking up from doodling, "You put your weed in it," an old skit, still makes rounds. The shoes that would be, arleady hidden. He ignores the waving, no one really waving his way, even if they are male and friends. Actually male and friends have probably already left campus. What's he doing hanging out so late, he won't tell anyone he sometimes goes to Math Club. "Yes, yes, flirt with as many girls as I can while I'm stuck in this place. Why bring them?" He feigns perplexed look then grins, "Means I can't flirt at the social engagements."

"I'd say go for the bra, but you don't wear one," muses Amelia with a lazy grin. She watches as Aaron's masterpiece is revealed with each squeaky mark of the permanent pen against her leather boots. "I have nothing against flirting. It can be great fun. Big fan of flirtation. And it does get boring all that mushy shite. All those people going on about how they're saving themselves or waiting for the right one. Bloody drips if you ask me. Get off your arse and make shite happen."

A snort of a chuckle, he looks up, "See, there you go. If I pull of Ava drag, I'll have a new place to hide my stash." Brilliant, he looks back down, and adds a pirate hook hand next to some skeleton or something. It may mean something to someone, but it was random to him. He lets her have her feet back finally. "Viola, a masterpiece." Then he caps the pen, ready to be opened again, in a few days when he decides to write once more. "Oh yes, there are a few of those. Its like if my grandma got me to listen, I'd sound just like them." Or his mom even. "The same one's that want jobs and responsibilties too." He shudders, likes it a virus, and he might catch it. "Oh wait, I took a part time job." He sits up straighter, "Do I look more responsible?"

Amelia chuckles, her gaze dropping to the center of Aaron's chest, "Yes, just think of how much you could stuff in the socks," she jokes, still chuckling. When he has finished with her boots she brings each one in turn closer to her face so she can see his masterpiece. "Not bad, Valentine, not bad." Her attention returns to his face and Amelia asks, "What kind of job? And yes, much more responsible."

Laughing along, there is some thoughtful consideration of how much stuffing can be done in the hiding of things. Brilliant. "All right, just no pictures if I show up at school tomorrow as Ava." Or pictures would be welcome just as much as he wouldn't want them, indifferent at best, except to tease not to take them of course. "Thanks, I think I'll retire after this, some freshman might think I do this as charity." That and ask him to do their shows, no need to have a young stalker on one's heels. Much like beet red boy, who knows, he might wave again not realizing. "Over at Skate Zone, manning the counter." A pause, "The one that sells glow sticks and crap for couples skates, not the skate counter." Heaven forbid, him sticking hands in sweater rental skates. "You should come by, bring your other half."

"Glow sticks and crap. How poetic." Amelia glances up and sees her other half slinking by, presumably heading to her car. "Speaking of Noah, looks like he's got free from the klink." She rises to her feet, gathering up her things. "Catch you later Aaron. Don't break too many hearts at work."

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