Pizza Meeting
Pizza Meeting
Summary: Two girls, one guy, some pizza and rivalry
Date: 2014-10-31
Location: SB03: Fire House Pizza

It's a wonderfully spooky afternoon. Some people have rushed home from school to begin their epic costumes of epic proportions. Or their very tiny costumes to attract others like a peacock would. In this wonderful pizza place sits a blonde all by her lonesome, though it doesn't seem to be bothering her. She has a slice of cheese pizza in front of her that's going a bit cold as she's reading through some textbook and taking notes. Her outfit immediately states her school, as she's in that schoolgirl prep uniform for Mayfield. Those in the know of famous people will immediately recognize her as Melody Crist. A soft humming comes from her lips as she works diligently, only broken up as her lips move silently over the words that she's trying to comprehend.

One that did get his costume and get out was Gildart. Wearing an NFL jersey, Adrian Peterson's, along with shoulder pads and helmet. His face and hands being made up to look like a zomibe. For him to fit for the Zombie NFL team that the football team has been mentioned to appear in. Already standing to get a slice of pizza before he will try and head for a table, having a glass of coke as well.

Melody hears the murmurs around her as the zombie guy walks in. It's not a large and loud rush of interest, just a few remarking on his costume choices. This leads Melody to pause in her reading. The crystalline blue eyes shift from the pages of a foreign language to study the man who enters. Her eyes haven't yet made it to his face as she takes in all the elements of the outfit. Let's admit it, she's probably judging it. Stupid prep school snobs. Then her eyes round up to the boy's face and the blonde groans. It's an audible noise if anyone is near her. It's the football jock from the rival team. Melody tosses her golden hair and then tries to focus her eyes back on the book. Perhaps if eye contact isn't created he won't come over. Or perhaps it is too late for that already.

A few minutes pass after Gildart's entrance, easily enough time for him to at least place his order, before a second blonde enters the premise. Ellis however is not dressed in the Mayfield uniform nor is she dressed up for the holiday, rather the same simple jeans and sweater combo she wore to school today.

Gildart doesn't seem to mind too much. Though he could as well be one of those prep school kids from the way he moves. The helmet being take off to show him off some. Raising a brow at Melody. "Bored?" He asks with a british accent, for now. Though he isn't moving to her, finding a seat of his own. Spotting Ellis instead and offering a small salute to her. "Hey, Ellis." He says then glances to Melody, just to see what she's up to.

Melody fixes the smile properly upon her lips. It's charming to those looking at her, but her eyes have just something slightly off to them. It's like the warmth doesn't fully radiate there, try as it might. "I'm working on my Spanish homework. I don't suppose you know the language." There is a glance towards this 'Ellis' name being called. Melody lowers her brows as if trying to recall the girl from some forgotten memory and then she just offers her the same smile. Then back towards the football player. She's probably cheered for his rival a few times. "Melody." She offers her hand out with an ease of elegance as if every move is quickly thought out before it is completed. She leaves off her last name for reasons.

Ellis blinks, lifting her gaze towards the pair at the sound of her name. "Oh, hey," the greeting returned to Gildart though a quiet smile is shared with both the boy and Melody. Its not long however before the person working the counter is vying for her attention as well and the girl turns back briefly to place her order before moving closer to the table the other girl has found herself at.

Gildart nods, and she probably has cheered for his rivals. "Gildart." Leaving out last name as well, as most probably know of his family. As for the language, she shakes his head. "Unfortunately not." He tells her and shrugs. As for the hand she offered, he did wait a second before taking it and dipping his head. "Pleasure, Melody." He offers in a polite fashion. Glancing to Ellis, nodding to her but letting Ellis deal with getting her pizza, or whatever she is getting.

Melody has a tension there but one can tell she's trying to move past it. Her lips curve up a bit but as her hand is let go, it falls back towards her lap. "Pity. You would think this would come to me by now." Her eyes follow Ellis and then it's like she remembers she has a pizza in front of her. She reaches out and starts to dab the top with a napkin as if to get all the grease off of it. Her lips curve up a bit more for Ellis again. "I'm sorry. I swear I know you from somewhere and I can't place it. It's not fangirling, it's that we met somewhere and I can't recall kind of thing. Then her eyes direct back towards Gildart. "You are a football zombie?" The books are already being shuffled away.

"Elementary school…?" Ellis offers the place Melody might be talking about as she comes into the small, slowly forming group of teens. She, it would seem, has recognized the other girl at least in part though the first name certainly helped. "And yeah… That," she adds, a hand waving idly in Gildart's direction. What Melody said.

Gildart grins and shrugs to Melody. "Give it time. These things can be elusive." Shrugging at that. Looking between them both. Nodding about himself. "Yes. I had to try and arrange and lift our team spirit, as the captain." Shrugging some at that. As for them knowing one another from Elementary school, he raises a brow. Trying to see if he can remember. Though he did disappear to the UK for some time, so instead he just let the two girls talk about it instead.

Melody lowers her brows a bit more and then brightens. "Ah yes.. friends with Isabelle?" She offers a seat at her table and then inches the food closer. She's still not eating it though. It could be that she's worried about grease on her white blouse. Her blue eyes regard both of them and she offers, "So are you friends? You go to the same school?" The golden brows arch up slightly to the question.

Ellis ahs, nodding slightly for the football captain's explanation of the need for costume. The blonde nods once more in response to Melody's first question. "Then, yeah." Which only goes to say perhaps not so much anymore. A glance turns to Gildart at the second however, "Friends?" the question stated as she looks back to the other girl, "More go to the same school, yes. More acquaintances."

Gildart nods to the last question from Melody, "Same school." He echoes Ellis. "Almost didn't." He adds in admittance. A small smirk offered to Melody. He won't explain more than that. Just adding. "I almost played as a Phoenix." He admits. Not chiming into the conversation about Ellis and Isabelle's friendship.

Melody nods her head. "Well friends change." There's a look over Ellis for a few moments. Her eyes sweep over the girl as if trying to figure out why the friendship ended. Then she looks at Gildart. There is a smile across her features. "You were almost amazingly cool. I mean phoenix birds are rather amazing. They become ashes and then rise from them with rebirth. A grand gesture and tale." She lets her eyes run over the boy slowly. "But I suppose we still get to see your… moves on the field." Then she focuses back on Ellis. "So are you dating anyone?"

"Really?" the question is to Gildart, though there's less surprise in the word than some might have. It only makes sense if you know the guy at all that that may have been the case. Melody's question however is met with a look of surprise, not the question she was expecting at least. "No," the reply given slowly with a shake of her head - why are we asking…

"They are. But your team can't beat us anyhow." Gildart offers, having his usual cockiness. As for the question to Ellis, he stiffles a chuckle. Remembering something perhaps. Though Gildart seems off his game, as he is not at all flirting as much as usual. Perhaps the work for the day has him distracted. Nodding to Ellis as well. "Yeah, until they ruined my car." He offers and grins to Ellis. His appearance seems neutral though, not giving away too about how he feel about that. Looking to Melody after Ellis answers the question. Curious as to the reason for the question as well.

Melody gives a low laugh to that as she looks towards Gildart and leans forwards. "Big words for a boy that was rejected by the superior team." Ahhh and the rivalry starts. "Don't your cheerleaders try to rhyme suck because it's what your team does?" There is an overly sweet and condescending tone. For a moment, her blue eyes sparkle with the idea of a battle of wit. Then she looks back towards Ellis. "We should probably fix that. Is there someone you want to sweep you off your feet and call you Bae?"

Ellis shakes her head, "No," the reply to the other girl, though her gaze turns to the boy as its given. "Not really," she adds turning back to Melody. "I think I'm alright being single for now. But thanks?"

Gildart grins, and for some reason seem to feel at home with the back and forth with Melody. "Big words from the superior player." He points out. Smirking about the cheerleaders, "I think you will have to ask them yourself. However, I think it's 'Suck it' because of every touchdown we score on you." He offers, a small smile to Ellis. "Single can be fun." He offers before rising to his feet. "However, I need to go gather the troops. Got to practice while the competition sits on their asses." He teases Melody before offering a small bow to both of them. Studying Ellis for a moment, to see if she'll be fine with Melody. Since she didn't seem to like the topic, and also she is still from his school.

Melody grins a bit to Gildart. "When I see one of the Phoenix walk in, I'll listen to the words of a superior player. I mean really, don't you spend most your time face down in the mud, Gotdirt?" Awww look has a new nickname from the popular prep school girl. Then she turns to look towards Ellis. "Eh.. single is good too. If you ever change your mind though. I think I need to head out too. I was going to go find some halloween party thing if I can come up with a costume."

Ellis just shakes her head, though there is a bit of a smirk that makes it to her lips for the back and forth between the other two. "Good luck Gildart," she offers the boy at his mention of heading out. She seems okay with things the way they are. Then a shrug to Melody, "Good luck?"

Gildart smirks, "Only after scoring." He offers, a bit of amusement at the nickname. As for her heading out, if she finds a costume. "Oh, thought you were wearing one already." A wave to Ellis, "Thanks. See you around." Then he's disappearing out the door before Melody get to say anything.

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