Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole
Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole
Summary: Hanging out at Boo on the Boardwalk
Date: October 31, 2014
Location: Boardwalk

Ali laughs and blushes as Blue fills her in. "Ummm…yeah. I don't really do comics." She shrugs. "Not that there's anything wrong with them or people that read them, just that I've never been into them. Current costume notwithstanding. I love the movies and Stephen Amell is a total hottie on that Arrow TV show, but I've never read any comics. Probably just don't have the time to get into them like some fams. I mean, I didn't even realize there were two Supergirls!" She laughs and shrugs. Alison takes another bite of the corndog and chews thoughtfully. And something Blue said comes back to mind. "You kind of said 'guys' like that's not what you meant about being anxious," she says cautiously, trying not to upset Blue's feelings. "So…you're not looking for a guy becasue…you're never going to be looking for one?"

Blue laughs and nods. "Yeah, He does look good in that green leather, and the next season's supposed to look really good." She shrugs. "Don't worry. I don't think any less of you because you're not a comic nerd. You make up for it by being a hot redhead cheerleader." She jokes. And then the question comes up. "oh! nono… it's not like that. I mean, I'm open to anything. It's just me being flighty… and a Scorpio. I'm not strictly into girls, but when I check someone out, I don't limit myself to gender." She blinks, realizing how that might come out. "I mean, not that I was checking you out…. much." She clears her throat and takes a sip of her water.

The redhead and blonde are off to the side as crowds make their way up anddown the boardwalk, listening to the band playing by the end, while also participating in games and raffles. There are food vendors set up at booths and tables along the boardwalk, and everyone seems to be in costume. The redhead looks like she needs a phonebooth to finish changing into Superman… er… girl.. and the blonde looks as if she may have dropped some spare parts from her steampunk self as she walks around the place.

Alison smiles and shrugs before nudging Blue a bit. "Hey, it doesn't matter to me who you're into or like. And cheerleaders are kinda used to being checked out on the sly; and that includes by a certain 10% of the population. We're freinds and you can just be yourself, okay?" Another careful hug is given, making sure none of Blue's body makeup gets onto Ali's white blouse.

Lacie arrives with Ben, the two are dressed unmistakably in costumes that couples might wear. Ben is the Mad Hatter, Johnny Depp style while Lacie is Alice, her blue dress fanned out and her blonde hair in ringlets over her shoulders and down her back. She has the arm of the guy walking next to her and she wears a smile, "I think you look great as the Mad Hatter, Ben." She grins, gently flicking the brim of his hat. "It suits you."

Ben glances up at the garish red wig, and he'd be eyeing his own white powder makeup if his eyes could bend that way. "It does? I swear I feel like Pennywise or something." He turns and raises his 'claws' up in the air, lowering his tone of voice to an affected growl. "We /all/ float down here!"

Blue smiles and nods, hugging back. "It's alright. I won't make it weird." She then looks over as Ben and Lacie walk by, remembering Ben from the other day but not really recognizing him in costume. "Oh wow, that's a great couple's costume." She says to the pair as they walk nearby.

"I trust you," Alison replies with a smile. As Lacie and Ben walk over, Ali stands up and smiles bright at them. "You two look awesome!" She's open for a hug from her fellow cheerleader if Lacie is. "You both really went all out here! You should totally enter in the costume contest!" Looking back over her shoulder and gesturing to Blue, Ali continues. "You guys missed Blue up on stage, though. She did a couple songs while the band was taking a break."

Lacie laughs, the sound more like a giggle as the two walk. "Clowns are so scary, but I think what makes it worse is the floating balloon, cause it looks all innocence and light." Hearing Blue, Lacie blushes and lifts a hand in a wave, "Thanks, we debated forever on what to be." It's then she catches sight of Alison, "Oh hi!" A fellow cheerleader from the same school, "Alison, this is Ben, my boyfriend." She returns the hug, then looks back at Ben with a grin, "Well kinda, he hasn't exactly asked me yet, but we hang out all the time. He goes to Coast Union." Looking over their costumes, she brightens. "You both look amazing, so amazing. I'm sorry I missed the singing."

Ben considers the balloon topic. Hmm, Lacie might be on to something there— but he files the thought away for later. There's people to hang out with! "You do," he agrees with Lacie. "And hey, if she went up there once, we might be able to convince her to do an encore, right?" Then… he turns, facing Lacie fully, and blinks. "I thought it was obvious just from the look that's been plastered on my face, like, /all the time/? But. Lacie Black, consider yourself asked."

Blue waves off the fact of people missing her performance. "It's the same thing I do here and in the parks throughout the week. If you've seen one of my shows, well, they're all pretty similar. I haven't come up with new material yet." When Ben 'asks' Lacie, she squeals, grabbing Ali's hand. "Is this like being around when someone gets engaged?" She asks.

Alison giggles at the proposal/ "Wow, that was really romantic," she says with just hint of teasing. "Seriously, though, it was sweet. Just something you should have done a while ago, I'm thinking. A girl shouldn't have to promp a guy to be asked out." Ali smiles at Blue, shrugging. "I don't know. I've never been around when someone's been proposed to." Turning back to Lacie, Ali asks, "Hey, did Kelly bing you guys? And are you going to Doug's party tonight? Blue and I are thinking of going and we need a ride, if you've got room?"

From the look on Lacie's face, she doesn't seem to mind what brought it on, she is too excited about being asked. Her cheeks flood with a blush and with wide eyes, she bites her lip and bobs her head up and down, "Yes," she finally says at length, "Yes!!!" Alice throws her arms around the Mad Hatter and despite the white makeup, she presses her lips to his cheek before stepping back, the smile not dimming any. She laces her fingers with his and with a sheepish look, answers Alison. "I think we're going to try, but I have to convince Grams to let me get out for it."

Ben has been benefiting from some dumb luck, the way he sees it. He'll accept this. "Well, okay, then!" he declares, returning the kiss on the other side just as Lacie is drawing back. "And yeah, as long as that works out, we should be able to swing it. Just need to move a couple things into the trunk, is all. Tell Grams I promise to get you back home by whenever, okay?"

Blue smiles, remembering to let go of Ali's hand. "Coolness all around!" She says, watching as another group of kids from Mayfield walk by in obviously store-bought costumes, some might even be custom designed. She waves to the group with a smile, and they just roll their eyes and keep going on their merry way. "Ah well. Not everyone can be as happy as we are tonight!" She says.

Lacie kissing ben draws out a smiling "Awwwwww!" from Alison, who's geniunely happy for the girl. "And that's cool! After you talk to your Grandma, Lacie, let me know so I can call my parents. They'll be less concerned about me gong to a party if they know I'll be going with you." Alison finishes off her Diet Coke and goes to toss the can and the corn dog stick in the waste and recycling cans. "So, what does everyone want to do here tonight?" Ali looks over at Ben and Lacie, smiling. "Or maybe we should just let you two have your date?"

"I will tell her, I think it would be fun to go to the party together." Lacie tells Ben, then looks back at the others, her smile not lessening any. "I will let you know, she will let me go if either Jamie or Kelly go too." Tilting her head, she laughs, "We can get some food and sit down by the water if you want. There's usually a bonfire or something down there?"

Blue nods to Lacie. "That's probably where those Mayfield kids are heading too." She smiles, grabbing another water and diet coke from a nearby booth, paying for them. "We can leave the boardwalk to the responsible kids and their paretns." She winks playfully, such a rebel. "It'll probably be easier to get to the cars from there too."

Alison nods in agreement and gets set to head down to the beach. Then her phone starts to ring, and there's a sheepish smile as she fishes it out of her jacket pocket. "It's the parents, probably wanting to check in on me. You guys go on ahead and I'll catch up." As Ali answers the phone and puts it up to her ear, she waves at the other teens with her free hand and starts waling towards a quieter area. "Hi, daddy. No, everything's going okay; the night's just kinda getting started here…"

"Is that a good or a bad thing?" Ben asks, shooting Blue a quick grin. "Seriously, some of the Mayfield kids aren't so bad, but that bunch…" Eh. They're just NPCs, after all. "Are they doing the funnel cakes again?"

Blue raies a brow and sticks by Alison. "I'm sure it'll be ok. We can't risk a major incident on Halloween. They'll never let us out on the streets ever again." She smiles. "Head on down. I'm gonna make sure Ali gets there safe."

As the other two disappear, Lacie laughs, motioning towards the food. "Are you hungry Ben? I think there's a funnel cake stand and fried Snickers." She looks over towards the Mayfield bunch. "Rich kids." Like she isn't resources five herself.

Well, there's rich, and then there's acting rich. "Fried Snickers," Ben echoes. "You know, I've heard of that before, but it just sounds frightening. I guess we can share one?"

"Yes, let's share on. I've not tried them either but I know it's like a candy bar dipped into funnel cake batter and fried until the candy bar is all melty then powdered sugar is sprinkled on it. It looks so good." Lacie walks along with Ben to the food areas but as they pass a frozen lemonade stand, she gives a bright smile. "Want me to get one of those to share too? Or do you like the other flavored ones better?"

Lacie's description is not exactly endearing Ben to the idea. Still, it's /her/ suggesting it, so he'll give it a try at least. "Lemonade's good, do they have pink?" What flavor is pink, anyway? Who cares, it's good.

"Pink lemonade?" Lacie grins and walks over to the stand, still holding Ben's hand though, so he's pretty stuck with her. She orders a frozen pink lemonade drink, one straw, it comes out in a clear cup with a lid and a pink and white striped straw. Once it's paid for, she smiles at him and offers him a drink, "I like pink."

Ben leans over to get a quick sip. "You should! You look good in pink. Or blue, or…" Oh, sure, get him started on that topic. "Bonfire would be nice, it's starting to get cooler at night again."

Lacie had good intentions, she really did, they were even on the way to the fried candy bar stand when she comes upon a stand with an assortment of real food. Like.. "Fried green tomatoes. Fried pickles. These sound much better, are you interested?" She has a blush on her cheeks for the compliments and kisses his cheek again, lifting her eyes to meet his, "I'm really glad you asked me out."

Well, at least fried green tomatoes is famous enough to have had a movie named after it. Fried pickles still pings Ben's Weird-o-Meter. "Yeah, sure," he replies, reaching a hand out to rest on her shoulder. "Seriously. I thought I had. All those times I texted you and was all 'hey, let's hang out'… you didn't think I was doing that with anyone /else/, did you? I wouldn't even have time!"

Once at the window, Lacie orders the tomatoes and ranch and turns when his hand finds her shoulder. She meets his eyes and at the seriousness of his tone, she nods solemnly. "I didn't think you were dating someone else, I just wasn't sure if we were dating, or what to call it. I'm happy to call you my boyfriend. Very happy."

Ben reaches down, taking Lacie's hand again and giving it a squeeze. She just has that knack for assuming the best of him. "I'm happy to have you for a girlfriend," he replies, simply. "Ooh, and the ranch should be good, kill the grease just a little."

Gareth shows up in costume, fitting along with the theme. In his case, that's long-johns and a bowler hat, along with a cane and an artfully applied bit of make-up around the eyes. A Clockwork Orange might not be the most timely of referencs, but Gareth doesn't really much care what's cool to anyone but him. His dark hair is swept back from his forehead as he goes strolling along, whistling to himeslf and spinning his cane around his hand, seeing just what's going on. At the very least, he's out of the house and so he doesn't have eto deal with his parents just looking in on him constantly. If he has them "check up on him" one more time, he's going to scream.

There were fried green tomatoes and Lacie and Ben were there at the stand, ordering some. Lacie holds a frozen pink lemonade with a striped pink and white straw. The two are dressed in matching costumes, Ben as the Mad Hatter and Lacie as Alice. The two of them go to Coast Union at Paradise Cove, which is a suburb of Lantern, and North Shore. Once the food is paid for, she looks further down the boardwalk towards the beach. "So, sand and bonfire or get a table here to eat it?"

Finished with the phone call from her parents, Alison starts walking back along the Boardwalk to where she left Lacie, Blue, and Ben. She's still wearing her Supergirl changing costume, white blouse opened up to reveal the blue Supergirl top underneath. Now, though, she's puling her denim & wool-lined jacket closer to her to ward off the cold. Right now, the bonfire that Lacie was talking about sounds *really* good. Passing by the boy dressed up in white (where has she seen that costume before?), she smiles to Gareth in passing and makes a beeline to Lacie and ben when she sees them. "Hey, guys. No beach bonfire yet?"

Gareth raises an eyebrow as Supergirl goes on past, giving a whistle that goes beyond the little bit of Mozart that he was whistling out before, a little zippy wolf-whistle mingled in amidst the symphony. He doesn't necessarily chase or approach, wary enough as any new boy's likely to be. He hasn't gone to North Shore for long, certainly not enough to have a categorical knowledge of his classmates by sight. He's glad, at least, that the costume is long-sleeved, even if it isn't particularly flattering in the best ways. The sound of a bonfire does make him perk up, though.

"Bonfire sounds good to me," Ben replies to Lacie, taking a fresh look around. "Have they got it going yet?" Then he looks over at the others, waving to Alison again and whistling as he sees Gareth. "Oh, nice one. I would've expected Doug and his friends to be rocking that group. Or are they doing the Avengers? I heard, like, half a dozen different stories."

"Bonfire it is then." Lacie looks over as Alison arrives and gives her another hug, fellow cheerleader and all, friend. "Want to grab some food and go down to the beach? It is getting cooler." Noticing the denim jacket on the other girl. "I forgot my hoodie at home, but I will be okay." She notices the other guy and tilts her head, "North Shore?" she asks Gareth.

The wolf whistle as she passes by makes Alison turn her head and give Gareth a little smile. Alison returns the hug from Lacie, as much for friendship as well as warmth and nods at the idea of food. "Something warm. So I'll probably grab some hot chocolate and something sweet like a funnel cake." Ali smirks at the idea of all that she's been partaking of today. "Gonna have to really hit the track next week to work off all the junk food. But hey, It's Halloween." As Lacie looks over at Gareth, Alison gets a thoughtful look on her face as well. "Yeah, I think he does go to North Shore. I'm pretty sure i've seen him in the halls."

Gareth approaches fully at the remark, nodding, his voice accented British and not just in affectation for the costume, "New boy and all, but yeah, North Shore's where my parents ended up dropping me off, in the end," he says, laying his cane across his shoulder. "Did I hear something about a bonfire? It just so happens I'm rather fond of bonfires, especially along the beach. One thing I'll say about this place, you get a nice view of the ocean and it's at least not bloody cold all the time," he says.

"Sure," Ben answers Lacie, giving her hand a fresh squeeze. "And yeah, you'll be fine— bonfire /and/ lots of people hanging out together?" He nods to Gareth as well. "Yeah, it gets a little chilly in the winter, but just jacket weather, really."

"Did you get snow where you were from before?" Lacie questions, her hand still in Ben's. She smiles at Alison, "Sounds good funnel cakes at the bon fire." There's a look to Gareth. "Are you planning on going to Doug's party later?" Since they are all in agreement, she starts walking down the boardwalk towards the beach and the bonfire. "It's not cold enough yet," she tells Ben, "Not for a jacket. But if it gets colder, I am finding Kelly."

"Nice to meet you," Alison says with a smile to Gareth after he confirms he goes to North Shore. "I'm Alison, and that's Lacie and Ben." The mention of Doug's party sets Alison nodding in agreement. "Yeah, Doug goes to our school and he's best known for throwing epic parties at his house. And pretty much open invitations, from what I've just been told. So don't be afraid to come along with us. And I'll be right back." While not exactly faster than a speeding bullet, Ali does head off at a good pace towards the stands selling hot chocolate and funnel cakes.

Gareth raises a hand in greeting, "Gareth, cheers," he says, providing his own name since the others have been introduced. "I mean, like, I haven't been invited or nothin', but if it's open and all that, I'm always happy to have a bash, yeah? Not gonna turn down a chance to get out of the house. So open invitation sounds good t'me, if you don't mind the tagalong. I'm still a bit newish, so I don't know anyone much yet. Still got that new transfer smell, wot?" he laughs.

"Hey, they charge fifty bucks extra for that new transfer smell," Ben points out, laughing a little as he follows along. A quick look to see what Ali's getting, then he returns his attention to Lacie. "Yeah, speaking of, how's your own ride been holding up? Didn't get dented or anything, did it?"

Presently, Alison returns with her warm snacks, sipping on the hot chocolate first. "So, Gareth," she says to the new student. "What part of England are you from? And when did you move here to Lantern Hill?" She looks over his costume again, still trying to puzzle it out. "And who exactly are you supposed to be dressed as?" Ali laughs a bit after she asks the question, but doesn't feel embarassed that she doesn't know about Alex or A Clockwork Orange.

Gareth smiles to Alison, tipping his hat, "London proper, love, the heart of the great city and all that. Me and about ten million other sods, but I think I'm the only one in this particular neighborhood," he grins. "Ah, you've been missing out. I'm Alex, the King of the Droogs, troublemaker and Mozart lover extraordinary, from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Banned in England, that was, up until not so long ago. Made the locals look bad, I guess, what with all the head bashin' and giant phallic symbols and whatnot." he says.

"Ahhh…" Alison says with a smile of recognition. She hasn't seen the movie, but at least she's heard about it. "So, how are you likeing Lantern Hill so far? Probably a big change from everything that London has to offer." She takes a bite out of the funnel cake that's dusted with powdered sugar, leaving a light trace on her lips. "Anything from back home that you're starting to miss already?"

Gareth shrugs, "Eh, it's smaller, but everyplace is, innit? Lot less fog, lot nicer weather, although I'm not really much for the sun myself. We Brits tend to get allergic to too much sun, I'll probably look like a radish if I spend too much time outdoors in the summer," he says. "Mmmmmmmmm, it's hard t'find a good curry 'round here - by good, I mean, ,like, cheap, greasy but good, not, like, fancy good. There's good Indian places here, ya but it's all posh an' all that, I just miss, like, a good bowl o' the spicy red from the corner shop, know what I mean?"

"Kind of," Alison replies. "Sort of like how there's fancier burgers, but the greasy ones in a kind of hole in the wall always taste better?" Not that she eats too many burgers, jusdging by her build. "But I love Indian food. A nice dal curry or saag or chiken tikka masalla. Or some rogan josh! But you're right, there' some really nice restaurants around here. And you might want to give some American food a try." Alison points down the Boardwalk. "There's a restaurant here called Ricky's Ribs & Wings. And if you like spicy, you've got to try their hot wings; oh my gosh! I tried the hottest version on a dare and I had blisters on my tongue! Really!"

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