What a Pickle
What a Pickle
Summary: After school, Ivan is waiting for Reese, there is some funny business with Gildart
Date: 2014-11-01
Location: School Parking Lot - North Shore
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The day after Halloween, some kids are tired to be certain. Whether it was a late night or not for Ivan, he's not showing the tired bits to say the least. All in all he seems pleasant. Near or after school, he goes to congregate where he usually does. Right near the car belonging to Reese of course. Russia comes out, with only a math book in tote, under his arm. No book bag with him. Wearing just a blue tee shirt and some jeans. Its cold enough to be jacket weather for some around here, its cozy for him. Its her car, and even then, he finds himself leaning against it. Carefully certainly, its not disrespectful so that like rivets in jeans might scratch, but he tucks his backside against it behind the passenger door, and folds arms over, book tucked into them. His eyes watching about the lot, more towards the school, perhaps waiting for Reese.

Someone does come out from the school. It is not Reese however, as Gildart is stepping out with a shoulder bag thrown over his chest. Spotting the russian standing at Reese's car, giving a nod. "Hello." His own car being about two cars away on the same row, which has him walking right past Ivan. Keeping his appearance quite neutral. Perhaps curious to see him around.

Reese walks out with a backpack over her shoulder. She's heading out for her car and, in the process, comes upon Gildart, but she notices Ivan further on. She hesitates by the Senior's car, near him, giving him a crooked smile. Sort of. "Hey Art," she greets him, giving Ivan a covert glance. Having not been around the senior since the last time in the parking lot when she had bought drugs from Cash, and Art had helped her through it, she shifts a little on her feet, perhaps some tension between the two.

Only seeing Gildart at first, Ivan nods up to him. "Hey," knowing him at least as captain of the football team, he offers, "How is football?" Showing he hasn't paid much attention. He may have celebrated early wins before his absence, but he doesn't know how the standings are working out and the details therein. He turns to follow, and notices Reese is there, and paused, at Gildarts car no less. This causes him to keep looking, pushing off a little from Reeses are to turn and look more directly, brow lifting towards Gildart in this moment.

Gildart does have his usual polite smile on his lips as he hear Ivan's question. "Going well. How about you? Going well?" Perhaps not knowing the details on what Ivan does either. Hearing Reese then as he turns to face her, and his car. "Ah, hi Reese." He says with a small smile for her. "Everything good?" He asks, since it indeed was awhile since they last talked. A bit of curiousity as he studies her before looking to Ivan again. Raising a brow in return to the other boy's reaction. Then back to Reese. Maybe a hint of a similar tension, but for now he just stands and looks between the other two.

Technically, it had only been… a little time, since technically, Ivan was only gone for two weeks. Catching sight of Cash, Reese looks towards him then back to Art. "So, we should talk or something, I think. At some point." A meaningful look is given to Ivan, "Ivan is back," stating the obvious.

"Yes, well, good to be back," returns Ivan to the passing Gildart. Then stands there, holding that solo math book. Watching the nearby exchange. Its to cars down as Gildart gets to his car, but its more than curious. Reese pausing to talk to him first, and them entering into some conversation. There might be a tightening of his jawline. He hasn't noticed Cash yet, that could bring it out more come to think of it. He instead moves towards the front of Reese's car, as if he'll come say hi to her since she's not yet making it to him.

Gildart looks to Ivan as the other boy talks. "Understandable. Hope you don't have to leave again." He offers as he studies Ivan for a moment, then offering a small smile. Then talking to Reese, down near his car. Nodding to what she says. Along with following her gaze as she watches Cash, before letting his gaze move back to the girl. "Yeah, I noticed. And we should." He agrees with her. Running a hand through his hair. Trying to read her a bit, if she is trying to head to Cash or not. "We can talk later, just… call or. Well, you know where I live." He says with his usual cocky grin. "Just stay safe, okay?" Not sure if she wants to head off, or talk. Seeming a bit stiffer than usual. Not noticing Ivan moving around to the front of Reese's car. Having his back towards Ivan at the moment.

Reese lifts a hand and tucks a few locks of hair behind her ear. There are no moves towards Cash or anything though, but she glances his way again before looking back at Art. "Yeah I can text or something. We're neighbors and all too. I just wanted to thank you for umm," her eyes shift towards Ivan then back to Gildart, "Yeah, for everything, but yeah we should talk. I'll text you," she says again.

Talk later, neighbors, know where they live. Ivan might not like that at all come to think of it. Then the look to Cash, and he turns in that direction now. That boy will get a longer look from the Russian kid. Brows furrow a little, joining that clenched jaw even. So he turns to head towards the duo of Gildart and Reese. Making it to middle of that one car between her car and Gildart's. "Everying is okay here?" He'll stop near the dividing line between stalls, crossing arms to his chest again, that math book of course dangling, not tucked in there, his arms ready to unfold in that stance.

Gildart nods, "Of course. You seemed like you needed it." He offers, watching as her gaze jumps from one person to the other. "And anytime, I'm happy to chat." He assures her. Looking to Ivan as he talks. Nodding. "Yeah, just catching up." He assures Ivan, raising a brow and studying him for a moment. "Oh, sorry. I'm I keeping you both?" He asks as he looks between the other two. His earlier smile just falling into a neutral curiosity.

Reese bites her lip and leans in a little to say something quietly to Gildart…

Reese mutters to Gildart, "… kissed… for… but… trying to work… with Ivan,… not… if… him… that with… just… want… either."

Just catching up, sounds good, he could buy it. Then the whispering to Gildart. Something about kissing even. "Yes, I think you are keeping us," he says to Gildart. "Or am I interrupting? I should just wait, at the car, Reese?" Nothing untoward is happening but talking, it sthe nature of the words his hearing. The look with Gildart is less than neutral, but no moves made by Ivan. He stands there, tensing a little, but doing nothing other than speaking.

Gildart listens and nods, biting his own lip before nodding again. "I hope it goes well." He offers, along with a small smile for her. He seems to mean it, even if the smile is slightly forced. "As I said, I'm still around, so just call or anything." He offers before glancing to Ivan and nodding. Not really giving him much more than that, his hands going into his pockets. Then looking back to Reese. "Can't make everyone happy." He teases with a wink. Trying to hide if he does show any disappointment or anything aching to it. "Talk to you later." Not wanting to keep her. Especially with Ivan seeming in a hurry to get out of here.

"Thanks, Art," Reese tells him softly. "For everything, being there and all." Another bite of her lip and she impulsively gives him a brief hug. "I will talk to you later then, take care of you." With that, she steps back and moves back over to Ivan. "Ready?"

That hug to Art gets a white knuckle from Ivan, hands still folded. Something to talk about. Then he takes a breath, "I am ready, yes," he says, and he'll give her a hug too. Despite his unease in the situation, its tender, and he'll be sure to leave an arm about Reese, giving Gildart one more look. Then back to her, "You two are … good friends?" Curious if this is what she meant by new friends she was hanging out with or not, turning towards her car.

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