Hands Off Sisters
Hands Off Sisters
Summary: Jamie confides to Aaron that someone is seeing his sister, and he wants to know who; Aaron plays nice even though Jamie is that someone with his own sister
Date: 2014-11-02
Location: Club X
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Trying to do his best to look casual, as if he were just another guy out for a good time, Jamie nurses his can of pop and looks around, gaze searching the throng of dancing bodies. Were he his twin he might be better at hiding that sense of purpose that clings to him, but this is Jamie and he lacks any manipulative skills whatsoever. Dating a drama queen that's a queen of drama has not taught him any acting skills. People are giving him something of a wide berth because the young man looks nervous.

Coming from some throng of girls, underclassmen of one school or the other, Aaron was close to the dancing floor. Those others, whatever school, could well be from North Shore, he wouldn't know, he won't know come tomorrow. His phone was out, some number added to it. Getting that was just another task, but somewhere in the talking, it didn't lead to dancing. It ended with that number and Aaron is turning to walk back, look who else is here. Get a drink. Do something. Then there is Jamie over there, looking nervous, and others giving him a wide berth. And whatever fate has decided, Aaron heads for him, crossing the line of that berth. Like he might just say something, depending if Jamie sits there or launches into action somehow, no telling what's driving those nerves currently.

Jamie's gaze shifts, finds Aaron and sweeps away before coming back again when the younger boy comes to stand near him. "I'm trying to find some guy. Some guy that's been seen out with my sister." He makes it sound as if it is a crime for Lacie have been dating anyone at all but especially a /boy./ The irony that he himself is dating Aaron's sister doesn't even register.

Holding up his hands, Aaron returns, "Not me, honest." And his eyes say the same. Yes, Jamie and Ava are a thing, and he stays out of his sisters business involving her business. Then again, he's not one to talk, at least she's seeing the same guy, and its more than one or two weeks. Jamie's crossing into that, eh, it is what it is, don't share the details with me, or I'll share mine with you. The joy of what some siblings will talk about, or taunt each other about. "He throwing her some lines? Who's the chump?" Siding with Jamie on this oen. No telling what he might think of Lacie, but still Jamie looks like a ball of nerves. Then again, if it were Kelly, someone named Ben might have a black eye right now too.

"It's some guy from another school. Like that's going to stop me finding out who he is and putting the fear into him." Jamie takes another swig of soda from the can and then takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I feel like I need some of Kel's weed man. I just want to find this kid and…," Jamie turns his head and looks at Aaron, "Do you think it would be too much to find him, strap him to the body board at the Y and drop him into the pool face down? I mean he'd float and I'd turn him over eventually."

Disdain on Aaron's face, the kid probably goes to Coast Union no less. "I can ask around too if ya like," he offers, sympathetically. He knows some kids from the other school after all. Aaron moves to take a seat with Jamie then. Not too close, cause he's still partially enemy, dating Ava, can't be super friendly, but then again. "You want some, I have a bowl left from the other day." Thanks Mouse for the hookup. Its offered seriously, he doesn't know if the other kid smokes, but then, maybe fuel to give to Ava, they totally got stoned together, he can't be good for her. Then he gets him, and he chuckles, that's a good idea actually. "Nah, not at all. Just, you know, don't let that get out, like the tattoos. They'll have you doing formal apologies to the other school or something stupid." He thinks, leans in, "If the Y's closed, take him to the skate park, drop him in on the congrete half pipe, face first." Then more serious, "Know what he looks like?"

He shakes his head causing his hair to flop into his eyes. As he reaches up to push it back out again Jamie says, "No, but thanks. I just get dumb and want lots of grape soda when I'm flyin." He takes a deep breath and blows it out, puffing his cheeks as he exhales. Mentioning the tattoo makes him chuckle as does the idea of rearranging the mystery boy's face. "No. People who saw them just said he was dressed like some stupid movie character. But I'll find out who he is. It's a brother's duty to check the guy out, right? I mean you checked me out, right?" That Aaron might not like him dating Ava clearly hasn't occured to Jamie.

A grin, maybe some mirth at the idea of grape soda. Aaron has a complete checklist for needs when he's flying. From munchies to cures for cottenmouth. No need to share that. "Convenient, masks. Halloween is overrated." Hopefully Jamie and Ave didn't dress up, but its water under the bridge, his none enjoyment of masks and dressing up for candy. Or for parties, either way, no Halloween joy - bah humbug. "Yes, it is," says Aaron on brother duty, "Still checking you out. But not being Kelly, you got bonus points there, and she's not knocked up, more bonus points." His eyes do say he doesn't want details on if there is even some remote chance of knocking up happening though. "Look, Ava is great, I trust her, she wouldn't date some chump. But we're equals and all, Lacie, she's like your little sister, this jerk doesn't just need to walk in and win kisses or some shit either."

A muscle in Jamie's jaw twitches. "No he doesn't need to be winning kisses. He can keep his mouth off my sister. She's innocent and doesn't know how guys are. I was hoping to see some of her friends here so I could ask them who he is." But the girls aren't likely to rat Lacie out to her older brother, even if Jamie is the calmer of the two. He sets his drink down on the table. "I need to figure out how to be sneakier. How do spy on Ava?"

There is a nod, exactly what Aaron was thinking concerning Lacie. Of cousre, if he didn't know Jamie. Actually, that might not matter, but neither here nor now. "Pre-zactly, she's not ready for his meat hooks." His descriptions might not be helping the situation. But who knows, if Jamie goes nuts and mauls some underclassman, then less time with Ava. "Dude, we go to the same school. Same locker rooms, I just chat with others on the swim team sometimes." He looks around a little, but continues, "And, you need to get in with some of her friends. Toe the line though, can't let them think you're datable or there's some honest hope. But flirty friendly, its all good. They'll share sometimes."

"I'm not good at acting. I try to hide how I feel but it always comes out." He is good at flirting however. Jamie sighs, "I'll give it a try." He twists his mouth up in a grimace. "I liked it better when she only wanted to date guys in boy bands." His head turns towards Aaron, "Got any friends at Coast? I think he goes there. I can check Mayfield easily enough."

"Not acting, just extra friendly," grins Aaron for a tip. Then again, he doesn't hide how he feels, maybe Jamie isn't the sort of guy to be friendly to a girl for one purpose and then forget her five minutes later. Curses, jerkface scored some points for being with his sister. That backfired, but Aaron accepts it. "I do, a couple, some new ones even. I can ask around, listen for some boy talking about knowing Lacie, or matching the cheesy costume he had on. Probably wore it to school too." No costumes for Aaron, especially at school.

Jamie raps the knuckles of one hand against the surface of the table a couple of times then gets to his feet. "See what you can find out. She went out as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and he was like the hatter or something. I've got to get going. I promised to pick Ava up from the animal shelter." Because he's so wrapped around her little finger. "And thanks, Aaron. One brother to another."

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