Pool Party Without Water
Pool Party Without Water
Summary: Ivan and Owen throw a party. People come. People meet.
Date: November 02, 2014
Location: SB05: Residential Pool * Surfside Apartments

Well it's been a good whole month, hockey started and then Ivan disappeared for a few weeks. But its back on, cooking around the patios and pool area. His grill set up not far from his foster folks. Pool is drained for weather. Food smells great. Burgers, sausages, eggplants, yellow squash, acorn squash, some mushrooms, zucchini, and find onions even. A cooler with drinks, sodas, teas, lots of water.

Ivan is manning it all, starting a sshort sleeve short, with an ak bar snow leopard on it as shorts. In Kazan, 59 is a warm summer day. He has a dr pepper in hand, a side dish of Makenas nanas cookies on hand."

Burgers that aren't cookie cutter fast food fare? Owen is down with it. He's got one with some mushrooms and onions and a can of Coke. "So where are we setting up the bonfire?" he asks, grinning as he looks around. Okay, no, it's not /that/ cold.

Blue makes her way to the apartment complex that the email had located. The bus lets her off nearby, the driver chuckling at the young girl's typical appearanace. Her makeup has been cleaned up thankfully, since the rain would've made it run anyways. She's covered, her bolero jacket covering over her full dress. She still wears her top hat, with brass goggles above the brim. She pokes her head around, looking for the gathering and hoping that the invite wasn't just some ruse.

What happens when a north girl goes south? She ends up at a pool party without a pool. Melody is wearing a pair of jeans and a golden colored sweater. One doesn't have to be a fashionista to know they are all designer. A bored look is upon her expressive facial features before she smiles in a more friendly manner. There is a toss of her hair as the Melody Crist arrives on the scene. Famous people and their children are a common place in this town. She must have came in her own car somewhere as her crystalline blue eyes sweep over the people. Then her eyes drop back down to her phone to see if this is the right place.

There is indeed a gathering of teens here, and great smelling food. Ivan laughs at Owen's thoughts of a bonfire, "Maybe we will go to beach after food, I am liking this idea." Those who haven't heard him before, his accent thick and Russian. Then seeing goggles on someone approaching, he turns, thinking it's a familiar face. He even raises a hand, waving at Blue before realizing it's not who he thinks it is, but waves her over the same. "Or Ivan well find patio chimneys, bring then here." From all the neighbors patios. The beach better for the fire idea.

Reese pulls up in her Maserati and puts it in park. Getting out, she doesn't lock the doors. She's wearing a pair of jeans, slashed down the front, a shirt beneath a hoodie and Converse on her feet. Her hair is left down, but it's a little wild in her 'rocker' style. Carrying something in her hands, she places it on a table, pulls back the top. "Gramma made cupcakes for me to bring. Said they were just for you, Ivan." Well and everyone else, but yeah. Noticing Melody, recognizing her, because her own father is a movie star and director, her mother a famous comedian, she has likely traveled in the same circles as Melody. Hollywood glamour type circles. Only.. Reese rebelled instead of wearing top notch designer wear. "Hey, Melody, fancy meeting you here." Because all juniors say fancy.

Maybe not.

And someone else is arriving at the scene with wheels, although there's only two of them, and no engine, as Michael arrives on a bike. "Smells great," he remarks in Ivan's direction, offering the Russian a grin now. Nods and smiles to all of the rest present, as he dismounts the bike and approaches.

The invite was a general invite, so Alison thought it would be someplace fun to go hang out. And definately a fun party if Owen were there too. Going to the movies with him had been really fun, and the pain of her experiences last year dimmed a bit. So, she texted Owen to try and get him to the party site, meeting him out front. Now, she entered with him, smiling and happily chatting away. "…so I think I can pull off a full somersault from the top of the pyramid and still open up my arms and legs to be caught safely." Yup, the cheerleader never totally stops thinking about her craft.

Blue looks to Ivan and waves, since he seems to be the first to notice her. "Hey there. A little bird told me that there was a shindig of some sort. I do hope my gears didn't get crossed?" She looks around, not recognizing anyone save for Alison. She smiles and waves to the girl in greeting.

Owen whistles softly at the thought of it. "That ought to be something," he replies to Alison. "But yeah, you'll pull it off! I mean, you know what you can handle, and what they can." He pauses to pull his jacket a little closer around his shoulders as the wind picks up a little bit.

Melody turns her head at her name. It isn't overly unexpected but there is a weary expression as she turns to look. Her golden hair tossed casually over her shoulder, yet falls just right. Stupid prep girls. "Reese?" Her lips curve up a few more inches in the corners as she moves to meet the rebel with all the causes. "I was trying to get Aaron to come, but he got distracted." Which means a girl distracted him. "How have you been?" Her eyes slide over the others thoughtfully and then back towards the girl. "It seems like the party to be at?"

Not long after Michael comes a nice green stingray, pullling into one of the parking spots. Stepping out is Gildart, moving toward where Michael went. "This better be good if you dragged me along." He offers to Michael, before spotting those present. Offering a small nod to those that are there. Recognizing most of them perhaps. However his gaze does stop on Ivan, and then Reese, before following his teammate. Then seeing Melody, a small smirk crossing his lips. For now he doesn't approach though. Leading Michael lead him along to wherever they are heading.

When cupcakes arrive, Ivan gives Reese a squeeze of a hug with one arm, "You are looking great, and these are amazing, I will have to thank her." With a chore or something around the house. "Good to see you, Micheal," but a pause and a look at Gildart, he gets a chin nod, slightly lowering said chin. Blue is here thank goodness too. "Ah, yes no gears are crossed, this is right place. I an Ivan." Given also to Melody, who seems to know Reese. "Please, have some food or drinks." Offered to all, like an Italian mother, if someone doesn't take food, he'll dish up for them, double serving.

"Of course it'll be good," Michael replies to Gildart, before he grins to Ivan, moving over to get hold of some of that food now. "So, you're the master chef too?" he offers, a bit lightly.

Alison shivers a bit as well when the wind picks up. She hugs herself to warm up. "Yup, a bonfire is definately called for tonight." She looks over at Owen with a smile. "So, I told you all about my routine ideas. When are you going to show me some of your sketches and drawings?" As they walk around, Alison smiles and waves to the other students she knows. pausing to greet a few with a hug.

"I'm actually just starting to get back to them," says Owen. "I kind of took a break to get settled in at school and all, get things started with a couple clubs. I can bring my sketchpad next week, though."

Melody is speaking to Reese but she's noticed Gildart. It's feeling that look upon her. One glance is given his direction before she dismisses him. Her lips curve up as Ivan comes over. "Is this your party?" There is something totally angelic about her. The only hitch in this angel behavior? If Gilbert comes over, she will put her foot out rather quickly and at the last minute to attempt to hook his foot.

Gildart does watch Ivan for a moment as well, as he talks with the others and offers that one-armed hug. Gildart does nod in rply to Michael. "Fine, fine." He says. Not really coming too close to the group though. Letting Michael talk with Ivan while Gildart looks around, offering small wave to the rest. Then he is coming close to Melody and notices the leg as he is about to trip, instead of just falling over he almost falls on top of her. Able to catch himself and rolling his eyes. "Not going to be able to take me down with just that." Shrugging his shoulders. Seeming about to say something more, but thinks better of it. Eyes going back to the hosts. "Great party." He says, seeming genuine.

"Well, not so good as skating, but other option," he replies to Michael. For something to do should skating not get him into college at least. Ivan seems in agreement with bonfire and moving after the cookout, a nod to Allison as she to agrees with Owen. Something to do later. "Yes, this is me." He puts out a hand, gesturing to food and empty pool. "In summer, it's better, but I well cook always." Or weekend at least, just new time is Sunday do to games most Saturdays. Whatever is between Ivan and Gildart, the compliment is taken by Ivan, "Thanks, good you are here." Or just good. He looks between Melody and Gil, then starts to dish up his own plate too.

The basic rounds made, Alison starts guiding Owen to the main group of party people. "You'd better bring it," she says with a smile. "I really want to see what you draw." As Alison and Owen arrive near Gildart, one of the faces she recognizes, Alison comes to a stop and greats them. "Hey! Great party! You're Gildart, right? I'm Alison and this is Owen."

"Yes, skating's better, of course," Michael replies with a grin to Ivan, before he looks between Gildart and Melody. "Ah, you two know each other, then…?"

"You will," Owen promises, following after Alison and offering Gildart a wave as they're introduced. "Yeah, it is." Did he actually organize it, or Ivan, or someone else? Well, it probably doesn't really matter in the end.

Melody smiles to Ivan, but it doesn't quite reach her blue eyes. There is always something wary to her, like someone who is use to be used. When Reese goes off to socialize it leaves her around people she's not sure she knows. "Melody." She offers towards Ivan. "It is great of you to have a party." Her eyes slide over the food with an almost wanton look, but she doesn't eat anything. Then there is Alison and Owen who approach Gilbert and Michael. Her eyes slide up and down Alison as if trying to place her. "Melody." She offers towards those that she doesn't know. Then those beautiful features turn towards Gilbert. There is a flutter of her lashes as they dance upon her cheeks. "Oh.. Gotdirt, fancy seeing you here. I'm sure you go down far, far easier." Her eyes slide to Michael in implication before she just smiles sweetly. She maintains eye contact with Gil before looking towards Michael. "We have met." HEr hand is then offered to him, "Melody."

Gildart nods to Michael's question. "Indeed. She's just sour because I don't play for them." He teases. Then turning to Alison. "Ah, yeah. Hi. Hope you're doing well." Nodding to Owen as well. "Hey, Owen." Offering a hand. Glancing to Ivan as well, nodding. Perhaps not fully believing him, but he either way he just smiles. Glancing to see where Reese disappeared to. Then looking to Melody. Rolling his eyes. "Depends." Is all he offers to her, with a tiny grin. Then glancing to Ivan again. Not quite sure what to do for now.

Michael is unable to hold back a grin as he hears Gildart's words. "Oh, she wants their team to lose, then?" Offering Melody that grin as well, he shakes the offered hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Melody. I'm Michael." A nod to Gildart again, as he adds, "One of those tat makes Gills here look good out on the field."

"It well be here, we will let others know, but Sundays, yes," offers Ivan to Melody. He might have more, but she turns her attention to Gildart. And others, but more to the Captain, the two seem to know each other. So with a grin to let then socialize, he turns more to Allison and Owen. "So, when we are full, I should put grill away, then we get to this bonfire?" He absently starts to dish up a plate for Melody, she eyed the food. His eyes look about for Reese as well, just to see where she's gone, but he sticks to manning the grill.

As the introductions are being made, Alison smiles and greets everyone in turn. She's still clutching her arms around her body to keep warm in the face of the chill breze that rises up now and again. "We both go to North Shore," she explains to the gathered teens trying to place them. "But we're sophomores. Still, it's a great party and thanks for letting us join you all."

Owen looks back over to Ivan and shrugs. "It was just an idea," he says. Which isn't the same as saying no, though, aren't you supposed to get a permit before you get a bonfire going? He glances over toward Alison, slipping off his jacket and offering it to her shoulders.

Melody looks at Michael and brightens instantly. "You. You I like." She lets her eyes slide up and down Michael as if appraising his worth in her friend zone. She looks positively radiant now that others are going to pick on Gil with her. Then she tips her head to look at Gilbert. "I like that our team wins, Lover. I wouldn't want you on it. I'd be bored cheering and then my ass might expand. Ugh. CAn you imagine that?" She lifts her brows to him and then winks. "We'll explore how you go down later." It's over the top and thus not really going anywhere. Alison engages her attention now. "You cheer right?" It is like she finally places where she saw the girl. Sure it was for the rival team. "Are you two dating?" Her eyes slide back towards Owen thoughtfully with a smile. This brings her around to Ivan. "So I will have church and then a new way to sin on Sundays?" She nods her head a bit to that. "Bonfire?" This gets a look to Owen and then back to Ivan. "I enjoy playing with fire, are we going to be starting it in the pool?"

Gildart grins and nods. "And you do a good job. And you do often burn the defense." He offers to Michael. Though as he is heading off he look to the others. Chuckling at Melody's words. "Whatever. I know you secretly cheer for us to win." He tells her andd shrugs. "Bonfire sounds fun, but I should probably head off after food." He offers. Perhaps having another reason for leaving, though he won't mention it.

Ivan is nodding to Owen, "Yes, good idea, this girl, she may need a fire." The one Owen seems to be with. Melody instigates about the bonfire a little. Chuckling to her, "More ways to sin, we will help with this. But not in pool …. the bear, he dies not trash his own den. The beach is close, we have cars, well drive everyone there."

When she feels Owen putting his jacket around her, Alison smiles at him and says. "Thanks." When Melody asks her about cheering, Ali nods. "Yup. JV squad, top of the pyramids. Then, Melody asks the question about dating, and Ali gets all red-faced. "Ummm…we're kinda friends right now." She looks over at Owen, slightly panicked and mostly ooking for help. "Just a movie and some walks," She says once she turns back to Melody. "Nothing solid yet."

Owen looks over to Alison and nods, about to say something else when Melody asks her armor-piercing question. "Yeah, we're, you know, still kind of working it out as we go along." No major hitches thus far, but who knows what the future will hold?

Melody looks over at Gil for a few moments and smiles in a coy fashion. "I mean do you really know how to score?" She flutters and then turns to Alison. "Ah, you are a flier?" She looks the girl over now judging her weight and height. "You going for varsity next year? How are your jumps?" Then she looks between her and Owen. There is a slow smile to that. "Well don't rush into anything. There are plenty of opportunities out there." Ivan is studied. "Did I get your name and how exactly are you going to help me sin, hmmm?"

Gildart chuckles. "You will just have to watch me score next time we play you guys." He tells Melody, with a wink, before offering his goodbyes to all the people. Grinning at Melody's question to Alison, along with the latter girl getting red-faced. Then a small salute to Ivan before trying to at least offer a small wave to Reese, since she seemed busy earlier. Just to let her know he's heading off. Moving towards his car to leave.

Still with Melody, Ivan is, like her, still glancing about to see how Reese is doing. The response from her brings him back. "I am thinking, it is reverse, maybe you will bring more sin." Especially after seeing her teasing Gildart. He nods though, "Yes, it is still Ivan, you have missed this, talking with Gildart." Offered when Blue was still around though. Two finger wave to Gildart as he leaves.

Alison nods to Melody. "Yup. Flyer on the JV team. And most of the others say I should make Varsity next year. Which will be way cool." Alison smiles wide. "I've been doing dance and gymnastics all my life, so my jumps and tumbling are really good." The smile Melody gives her and Owen makes Ali blush some. But she studies Melody some, trying to place her. Then, Alison's eyes go wide and she gasps. "Oh my God! You're Aleeya Crist's daughter!" Alison starts gushing in full fangirl mosde. "Your mom is *so* awesome! I love her films!"

Owen nods to Alison. "Oh yeah, no way you won't—" Then he leaves off, taking a moment to give Melody a proper once-over as well. The guys are typical boisterous upperclassmen, no surprises there, but he was less sure to make of her. And he still isn't sure, really.

Melody smiles sweetly to Gildart. "I'm sure I'll see you try to score and only manage to fumble." There is another flutter of lashes to the football jock. Then she smiles at Ivan. "You want me to bring more sin into your life? How interesting and tell me, Ivan.." She says his name intimately familiar, even though they aren't. "How much do you want me to bring and what do you want your role to be?" Wait, isn't Miss Flirty back with Aaron Valentine? They are supposedly back together. There was a rose given and stuff. Young love. Hard to keep track of. This causes her to look back towards Alison. Cheer girls unite or some shit. "Yes, I've been in gymnastics all my life. I am actually the captain at M.." She trails off as Alison starts fangirling over her mother. It was bound to happen. Melody smiles politely. "My mother is pretty great." She's waiting for the autograph request or the meeting request now. "If you need help on your jumps.." She leads off. Then she smiles to Owen. She won't pick on him…. yet.

At least it gets a chuckle out if Ivan, the words from Melody. "You are this American coyote, looking for the fast bird." Wile E. "You bring what you want to party, my role, it is with Reese, no more room for in my life." Yet he's amused how quick she is. Too bad football team left, now she's turning it on him. He looks for Reese a little more now. Until Fangirling happens, not to look at Melody or join in, more to look at Allison first, seeing if she'll reign it in, then a glance to Melody, teasing by her to him aside, it's a host thing, seeing if she's okay with this attention.

Actually, Alison does reign it in. At least in terms of melody's mother. Becasue her eyes widen again as another factoid pops into her brain. "And I really remember you now! We've actualy met before! Junior Olympics, State Finals for gymnastics. I think I was like 10 and you were 11? 12?" Alison smiles brightly, visualizing both her routine and Melody's that day. "You took first in the floor routine, I got 5th. But you were just amazing and totally deserved it!"

Melody smiles at Ivan. "Reese? Does she know that she's with only you?" Not that Melody has heard anything, or if she has, she's not going to nark on her. "It seems like my little Reese-sicle has gone all mainstream. Next, she'll be following in her parents direction in her life. Hmmm… I guess I won't use her to score shit now." There is a chuckle to that. Melody looks at Alison and smiles. "Yes, I was there. I saw yours too. You did a great job to…" She trails off as her phone alerts a text message. Her lips curve up just a bit as she types on it. "I have to go. Thanks for the party, Ivan." She nods towards Alison. When she goes to her car, it's not the same as others of her class. Hers is a classic black muscle car.

"That is for Reese to know," returns Ivan, cause Gildart isn't around to keep exchanging weary glances with. Maybe Melody missed those. He stays out of gymnastics, that's between those two. "Thank you for coming, every week, do not forgot." A wave, and Melody is off. Turning back to the few remaining, he says, "Won't be enough left for bonfire, I can get parents chimney, for warmth." The patio one that is.

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