Weird Rich Girl
Weird Rich Girl
Summary: Ben and Melody meet. Ben might have gotten weirded out.
Date: 2014-11-04
Location: PC10: Main Street

While the farmers market won't open up again for a couple more days, the rest of Main Street has been keeping busy. Well, busy relative to the size of the town, anyway. "Okay," Ben is saying into a cell phone as he walks along, "I'll just pick up something here, then. And mom. Seriously. Don't work too late? At least till we get the coffee maker replaced," he adds, grinning a little.

There is a low, powerful rumble of a classic muscle car. The sleek black 1960's or 1970's Charger comes up to stop and park. No tickets for this dame. A blonde tosses her hair as she gets out from the driver's seat and starts to head towards the market area and thus Ben.

A pause, then Ben hangs up the phone and slips it back into his pocket, turning now to check out the noise. The sight of the car draws a low whistle out of him: he couldn't tell you what model it is or anything, but the 'classic' part at least is obvious enough.

Melody moves towards the boy (and other people in the area). There is a tip of her head as she studies him and gives a wary smile. "Heya…" It's like she's trying to place him and drawing a blank. It's not exactly her side of town though.

Melody looks at him with a twist of amusement across her lips. "Butt? Rack? Really, I would think a guy like you would have more class than that." She tsks as if offended, but she's really not. She comes a bit closer. "Melody." Her name is offered.

Wait, what? Instinctively, Ben bristles at the implication, and retorts before he has time to process any hints that she's not being serious. "Personality. Ben, hi." Wait, is he supposed to recognize her from somewhere? Because he doesn't. Must not go to his school.

Melody waits for the recognition to happen. She does look like her actress mother. She waits and then just lets it go. It's hard to say if it offends or not. Her nose wrinkles up in a kittenish fashion though. "Personality? Did you just call me fat?"

Maybe if there was better lighting, or if Ben hadn't been laboring under buzzy fluorescent lights for the past couple hours. "Did you just call me a perv? I was /talking/ about your ride." It is hers, right?

Melody blinks to this and looks shocked. Her hand flies to her mouth. "Did you say I was your next ride? Wow. Forward much?"

Ben pauses for a second… then laughs a little, shaking his head and pointing toward the Charger. "No, your /ride/. As in your car. Which is a really nice car, and no I am not looking to do anything naughty with it." At least not with her— wait, /no/, Ben, don't be thinking like that. Nothing good can come of it.

Melody looks over her shoulder towards the car. "Yeah. I like her. I mean most people buy these expensive cars, but.. she's a beauty." She looks back towards Ben and tips her head. "You drive?"

"That's not expensive?" Ben asks, taking another look. "I thought those old classic ones cost a lot, at least to keep fixed up because they don't make a bunch of parts any more." He shrugs. "Little, yeah. I'm parked a couple blocks down." Nothing nearly so flashy.

Melody nods towards her car. There is a motherly appreciation for the vehicle. "Yeah.." She says and then she looks back towards him. "I don't believe you threw your name at me? You got one or should I just call you Kid that says sexual things about me?"

"My name's Ben," he says. Again. Okay, he was being flippant back at her at the time, so it was easy to miss in the shuffle. "And you're going to anyway, why should I fight it?"

Melody nods her head. "Maybe, but that nickname is just too long to say." She pauses to let that one lie and then she nods. "Ben." Hmmm a soft noise comes from her before she looks around the area. "So what are you doing here? I was going to go to the Market, but it doesn't look open."

Ben glances over in that direction. "Farmer's Market? Yeah, it doesn't open till Friday, there's a grocery store over there though. I just got off my shift for the night."

"Do you work at the grocery store?" Melody looks in that direction for a few longer moments as she tries to decide if she wants to go there. "I like to buy local and the market is great."

"For about a year now. And yeah, the market's great for what it covers." The grocery store also stocks boring things like soap and paper towels. "What about you?"

Melody shakes her head as if not sure what he's talking about. "What about me? I don't.. I don't have a job. I go to school, that's my job for now. I guess." She looks around. "So.. what school do you go to?"

Ben nods to Melody. "I go to Coast Union, it's… not /too/ far from here?" He gestures off toward the north, somewhere. Okay, it's actually on the other side of town, but Paradise Cove isn't /that/ big compared to its neighbor.

Melody looks in the direction that he talks about and then back to him. "Huh." The word leaves her lips softly as she looks at him and then nods again. "Well that is a good school, yes?"

Ben waggles a hand in the air. "I think it's pretty good, yeah. What about you?" Mayfield wouldn't surprise him, considering she can afford the classic car and all.

"Mayfield." Melody offers towards Ben. There is no surprise. "My parents thought it would be better for me to be there. I mean no one cares about fame as they are all famous. You know?"

"Yeah, I kind of guessed. Are there really a lot of famous people up there?" Ben asks. "I mean, I figure they all know each other from the country club and stuff like that."

Melody nods her head. "Yeah, a lot of people are famous there or just children of rich parents." She shakes out her blonde hair as her green eyes scan the boy before her. "What do your parents do?"

Ben shrugs. "Nothing special. Dad's a CPA." By this time, he's started to wander idly along the sidewalk. "Mom's got this new gig helping out the manager at the apartment complex, I dunno if she's gonna stick with it, though. It's all just minor little things but they start adding up pretty quick."

Melody studies Ben. It's like seeing how the other half lives. "So you have a house nearby here then?" If it was any other people, it would sound like she was inviting herself over for other entertainment.

Ha ha ha no. No, there is no Netflix and chill going on with him any time soon. "Apartment. Dad says he'll get a house once he makes partner. Which is probably gonna be next year or so."

Melody blinks to that. This girl lives in a mansion. Pretty much by herself. "So.. do you need a ride home?" Maybe she wants to see this apartment. Then she nods her head. "What grade are you in?"

Ben shakes his head. "Nah, like I said, my car's just down that way a little. I'm a junior—" There, he pauses and thinks back for a second. "Hang on, do you do gymnastics? I was meeting a friend at her gym last spring, we had a study group together, I think I might have seen you there."

Melody nods her head. "Yep, I do the backwards flip and everything." She offers before she looks up the road where his car sets. "Junior." She stores this away, but it's probably going to be forgotten unless it serves her in some capability. "So Ben, are you dating anyone? I met this single girl. She's a redhea—- I think. I mean… well damn." Melody might have forgotten. It was a party or something.

"I am, yeah." And judging by the way Ben's face lights up there, it must be going well for him. "Looking to snag a date for a friend, huh?"

Melody looks a bit more interested in this. "Oh? WHo's the lucky…" She doesn't know if she should say girl or guy here. ".. person?" Ahh who's smooth? Melody is smooth. "Eh.. I'm interested in people finding love and happiness." Or connections she can exploit later.

By way of reply, Ben takes out his phone again and taps at it a few times, bringing up a photo of a pretty young teenage girl in a cheerleader uniform. From North Shore, if Melody remembers the color scheme. "Well, I hope she finds somebody, anyway."

Melody stares at the photo and then at Ben. Then at the photo and then she spins to look at the man. There is something a bit feral about her look now. "You are dating Lacie?" Wuh-oh.

Ben powers off the phone and slips it back into his pocket, blinking. "Yeah?" Apparently Melody knows her, though he could only vaguely guess where or how.

Melody leans in a bit more. "If you ever hurt her. I will destroy you. Please remember that." Then she smiles angelically. "I really should get home. It was … enlightening meeting you, Ben."

"What? No!" Ben clasps his hands behind his back. "Believe me, I… I don't know why Lacie likes me so much? But she does. And I like her a lot. Hurting her is the last thing I would do."

Melody narrows those glittering green eyes on the man. Obviously the Blacks are on her Team OK. "Good. Keep it that way. I expect you to fully worship her." She nods as if she has the power to do that. Then she smiles again. It's like she's about to peep out Vote Melody or something. "I'm sure we will see each other soon."

Ben manages a smile of his own. Okay, /weird/ rich girl, but at least they agree on the do-right-by-Lacie thing. "Yeah, see you around," he offers, waving and continuing down the road. Now let's see, was his car the fourth one down over there, or the fifth? He'll be able to work it out once he gets a little closer.

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