Free Meal
Free Meal
Summary: Zoe meets Melody. Gildart gets suckered into buying dinner.
Date: 2014-11-06
Location: MT05: Empire Square/SB03: Fire House Pizza

After school on Thursdays most are probably decently busy. Gildart has been one of those. However he recently arrived at the Empire Square, along with several players. Their paths has split by now, with Gildart ending up alone, sipping on a soda and just looking around the place, trying to decide where to go next.

Zoe has spent her time after school at the salon. The front door to Salon 23 opens and Zoe steps out with a freshly styled and dyed pink hair color. She shifts the backpack on her shoulders slightly as she looks up and down the street, trying to figure out where she is off to next. A quick glance at her watch and she turns to head up the sidewalk, heading in Gildart's direction.

Melody is where ever Melody's exist. She's always pretty random. She's in that school girl uniform, but she works it like a Japanese anime fantasy come to life. Or you know, any comicon ever. A toss of her perfect blonde hair as her emerald greens fall on Gildart. Zoe's pink hair is noticed more than Zoe. In fact, it causes Melody to pause in her petname so it sounds much like this. "Gotdi…huh."

Gildart does spot Zoe, as her hair is kind of easy to notice. "Hey." He greets her. Not realizing that Melody is there until he hear her voice, glancing over to raise a brow at her, since she stopped herself mid setence. "Are you okay?" He asks with a small grin offered to Melody. Taking another sip.

Zoe smiles up to Gildart and offers a nod of her head. "Hey. What's up?" She asks, glancing over to Melody as she's addressed and gives the girl a quick once over. She doesn't say anything to the girl, allowing her to answer the question proposed by Gildart.

Melody tips her head to the side for a few moments. "I like your hair." She pulls on her own golden tress as if trying to figure out how she'd look with those colors or any colors. Then back towards Gildart as she gives the overly cocky smile. "Sure am. How are you, Jockboy?" It's not a mean teasing, but maybe better than the normal nickname.

Gildart shrugs to Zoe. "Not much. Trying to figure out what to do, or where to go." He says and smiles. Glancing to Melody once more. Raising a brow, not quite certain why she'd change the nickname, for now he just goes with it. "Oh, same as usual. Doing well and all." He says and grins.

Zoe offers a bright smile to Melody at the compliment, glancing at her new hair color. "Thank you. I wanted something different. I've had my rainbow hair for a while and it was about time for a change. Eventually, I'll get bored of this one and go to something else." She offers before she looks to Gildart, not mentioning the nickname. "Yeah. I know what you mean." She says, her head nodding slightly. "It seems like the question of the moment. Thinking about getting some pizza or something."

Melody looks like she's debating sitting down or not. She currently stands there though. That's right. Melody Crist in the hizouse. "I'm Melody." She offers towards the other girl. She's not sure if she's met her before. A wide smile before she reaches over to try and mess up Art's hair. "I like to change it up from GotDirt, keeps you on your toes."

Gildart grins and nods, "Hey, whatever suits you." He offers to Zoe. "Ah, pizza sounds good. Want any company?" He asks, before a soft laugh escapes him at Melody's words. "That so? Now why do you want me to stay on my feet, if you want me to fail?" He asks with a teasing wink.

Zoe grins at the exchange between the two and offers a raised hand towards Melody. "I'm Zoe. Nice to meet you." She offers before she turns her attention back to Gildart considering the offer, nodding her head. "Yeah. I could always use some company." She offers before looking back to Melody. "Want to come along?" She asks with a warm smile.

Melody smiles sweetly at Gildart. Never trust a sweet smile. That girl is poison? "Because Gotdirt, you spend a lot of time on your back in failure. So I want you to see what it's like for us superior folks." She points to her and Zoe. "This is upright and winning." School spirit and competition is healthy, right? Then she nods towards Zoe. "I'll go with. Artie here says he wanted to pay for everything. Isn't that cool of him?"

Gildart rolls his eyes. "Whatever you say." He offers in agreeance with Melody, before speaking to Zoe, "Got to agree with her, she might get violent otherwise." Clearly loud enough for Melody to hear, grinning at both girls. "Fine, fine. I suppose I have to be the gentleman, once in awhile." He says with a shrug. About the subject of him paying.

Zoe grins and offers a soft chuckle before she nods her head slightly. "Sounds good. I won't argue with a free meal." She adjusts the bag on her back before she looks to the two. "I've got my bike. Do either of you need a ride?" She asks as she motions the motorcycle not far off in the direction she was heading.

Melody shakes her head and indicates a classic black muscle car down the way. "Nah, I got my own baby." SHe looks around for Gildart's car to see if he might need a ride with the beautiful Zoe. Then she grins. "Which pizza place?"

"It sounds like getting a ride would be quite nice. However…" He says, before gesturing to his green Stingray. "I brought my own ride." He says with a wink to Zoe. Then nodding to Melody's car. "Ah, you brought it this time." As for which pizza place, he let Zoe answer.

Zoe nods her head slightly as the others show they've brought their own rides. "Alright. Well, there's Mars Pizza at Paradise Cove or Fire House Pizza over at South Beach." She says as she looks between the two. "Not sure which one is closer or which one you guys prefer. I'm good with either one."

Melody wrinkles up her nose at the mention of the cove. THen she looks at Art and smiles adorably. "Fire House is amazing. We should go there and see what they are offering. It's where Artie first started stalking me, you know."

"I think Fire House Pizza is closer. Not sure which is better though." Gildart says and shrugs. When Melody picks, he raises a hand. "Lady's choice then." He offers. Raising a curious brow at Melody's words. "Oh? I forgot that we met there, funny that you remembered." He teases, "Meet you both there?" He asks as he pushes off to head for his car.

Zoe nods her head and smiles. "Sounds good to me." She offers as she looks to the two. "Yeah. I'll meet you both there." She says with a smile before she heads to her bike, swings a leg over and puts on her helmet before she heads off towards her destination.

Melody arrives in her classic challenger. That's how she rolls. Then she loosens the top of her blouse as she walks out into the pizza hut. That's right, Melody has arrived party people. Then she waits for the others to arrive.

Gildart does arrive a bit after Melody, and probably even after Zoe. Driving up and trying to find a parking spot before heading for the pizza place, proper. Waving to Melody first, as he sees her, a small wave but hopefully enough to get her attention.

Zoe pulls up to the pizza joint and kills the engine. She climbs off her bike and heads inside. She looks around the area and spots Melody. She heads over and offers a nod of her head in greeting. "Hey. Nice car." She offers, glancing back at the vehicle she saw the other girl leave in. As Gildart arrives, she offers a smile and a wave as well.

"She's a sweet ride." Melody offers to Zoe before she smiles towards Gildart. Then she moves in a bit closer to the three. "Let's find a table and make Artie pay for everything." She shakes her head a bit to that and then smiles vibrantly.

Gildart offers a small wave to Zoe as well. "Yeah, yeah. We already agreed on that." He tells Melody, with a small grin. Going with them both to find a table. A small smile present on his lips.

Zoe smiles and nods, moving towards an empty table as she looks towards the others. "I'm going to order everything I can. I'm going to take full advantage of this." She offers a playful grin towards Gildart before she sits down on one of the empty seats.

Melody slides into one of the seats at the table and then she looks at the others. "I'll have a glass water." There are no calories in the water. Then she tips her head to that. "Actually I'd like a Diet Coke." Which also has no calories.

Gildart smirks at Zoe's words, "Anything that you don't finish, you pay for yourself." He teases. Probably not going to act on that, but he can at least tease and warn them. Moving to claim a seat as well. "Go ahead and order." He says, seemingly getting coke for himself.

Zoe grins and chuckles softly at Gildart's comment. "Fair enough." She offers before she waits her turn to order. "Large pepperoni and bacon pizza with extra cheese. A small order of cheese bread and hot wings with a Dr. Pepper." She offers with a grin before she looks back to the others, leaning back slightly.

Melody looks over at Zoe at her order. She just sticks with a diet coke. Then she smiles towards the others. "So.. Pink haired girl, what do you do for fun? Gotdirt here likes to fail at football." Her lips curve up a bit more.

Gildart does study Melody. "Sure that you don't want anything?" He asks her. After Zoe is done he does say, "Same for me, but a Prusciotto and mozzarella pizza." He offers and smiles as usual. Looking between his companions for the day.

Zoe looks to Melody as she doesn't order anything and tilts her head. "Eat something." She offers before she looks to Gildart as he orders and smirks. "Nice choice." She offers before her attention is drawn by the question asked by Melody. "I play guitar and sing." She says simply. "I was in a band a little while ago before we broke up."

Melody considers this for a moment and laughs. "I already ate sushi earlier. I just wanted to make Art pay for stuff. Sadly, I can't rationalize making him buy food I'm not going to eat though. I might have a piece of one of yours and stuff." She smiles a bit more to this as she offers. "So Diet Coke is good. Music hmmm.." She looks a little wary as if she's waiting for a 'So can your mother help'. She looks at Art. "What about you? When you aren't failing at football or can't decide what kind of girl he likes." She turns her green eyes to watch a college guy walk past.

Gildart does make sure that there won't be any mushrooms on his pizza before his attention is back on them both. Nodding agreeingly as Zoe tells the other girl to eat. Though at the explanation he nods, "Ah, I see. So you came with us anyhow. How sweet." He says and grins. As for himself, he shrugs. "Occassionally go with my father to stuff." He says and shrugs. "And politics and so forth is kind of neat."

Zoe grins slightly as she look to Gildart, shaking her head. "I couldn't do politics. I try to stay away from it as much as I can except for when it comes to matters that effect me, personally." She says with a soft laugh. "More power to you." She says as she leans back in her seat.

"Hmmm so we need to find you a woman fit for a Governor? Or maybe the President? Are you going to major is Poli Sci?" Melody offers with her lips curved upwards. "I can't decide what I want to do after school." She looks over towards Zoe. "What do you think you are going to do?"

Gildart offers a soft laugh. "Ah, well. It's not for everyone. However, football comes first. Hopefully get to play at a good college. Also just driving about." He says with a small shrug. "Though I think I might have heard you play once or twice, you're pretty good. Unless I am remembering wrong." He offers and smiles to Zoe. "The guitar, I mean." Nodding to Melody then. An amused grin on his lips but he won't really say anything in return to her.

Zoe shrugs her shoulders slightly at Melody's question before she takes a drink of her soda. "I graduate at the end of this year, so I've been looking over various colleges lately. I want to do something in music. Maybe UCLA or the College of Music in LA. I, ultimately, want to get a band together and try to make it big." She looks to Gildart and nods. "Yeah. We had a couple of shows, but the big one was on the Fourth of July when we got arrested and ultimately the band broke up."

"What about New York, like um.. that one really good one? Julie-art?" Melody offers before she looks at Gilart and sips her own soda. Her phone buzzes and she looks at it. There is a smile before she sends off a text. "So Zoe.. you dating anyone?" She's a teenager, she's obsessed with everyone's love life.

Gildart smiles and nods, "Similar situation here." He offers to Zoe. "Graduating this year and looking for a college. I'll probably go to whichever college looks to be best suited for me, with football and all." He offers and does seem to look forward to it. As for the band, he nods. "Ah, yeah. I heard about that. Too bad it ended like that." Glancing to Melody as her phone gives off a sound. Waiting for the pizza to arrive for now. At the question between girls, he rolls his eyes. "Always so nosy." He says with a grin.

Zoe ponders for a moment before she looks to Melody. "Juilliard? I thought about it, but it is pretty hard to get into and I can only imagine the cost to get in. I heard it's only got a 8 percent acceptance rate." She adds before she looks to Gildart, nodding. "Yeah. It sucked. Reese and I still talk, but Donny disappeared off the grid and I haven't heard from the others much either." She shrugs and looks back to the direction of the kitchen for a moment to see how much longer before looking back to Melody, shaking her head. "No. I'm not seeing anyone. I was, but she moved. Haven't heard from her since."

Melody nods her head to that. "Yes, but if it is what you want. Why not try for it? I mean they have um.. scholarships and shit. Why not try? If they say no, you are where you are now. If they say yes…" Melody trails off a bit and then sips more of her drink. HEr green eyes looking around the area. "Is it weird to think it's your last year of high school?"

Gildart does nod to Zoe. "That's too bad. Hopefully you can at least stay in touch with Reese. Perhaps the others will come around." Nodding about Zoe's previous relationship. As for school, he seems to agree. "Go for it. You never know." He suggests and smiles. "Not really, school changes once in awhile." Then again, Gildart has been to a few schools.

Zoe considers the words of the two, nodding her head. "Yeah. I suppose it couldn't hurt. Maybe I can find a way to get a full scholarship or something." She says as she looks to the two, offering a smile. "What's the worse that can happen?" She asks with a smile as the food begins to arrive.

Melody nods her head to that. "Exactly. What is the worst that can happen?" She watches as the food arrives and studies how good it looks. Her hand comes out to pick up the drink and sips it. "I have no clue what to do. There isn't really a gymnast career or anything."

"That's the spirit." Art replies to Zoe, about applying to school. As food arrives he does try and move so everyone get what they wanted. Tasting a piece of bread before taking a hot wing. Offering a slice of pizza to Melody. Just in case. "I am sure you could tryout for olympics team or something." He suggests with a small shrug.

Zoe looks to Melody and nods in agreement with Gildart. "You should try out for the Olympic team. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be on the cover of a Wheaties box." She says with a smirk, picking up a wing and eats it.

Melody smiles. "I did junior olympics. Maybe I'll do the whole Olympic team as well." She shakes her head a bit to that as she thinks it over slowly. Her eyes move between the two. "Or maybe I'll try to become an actress."

Gildart smiles and nods. "I am sure you'll do well." He adds. Then eating, much like Zoe. Smiling at Melody's last words. "You should get me in on the premiere for your movies then." He offers with a smile. As for her being on the cover of a Wheaties box, he grins and nods agreeingly.

Zoe smiles and looks to the others. "Seems like we've got a vision at least. A goal to reach for." She says as she drops the bone of the wing down and grabs a piece of pizza. "Lets just hope we can all fulfill our dreams like we want to." She offers before she takes a bite of the slice.

Melody lifts her Diet Coke up in a toast. "To our dreams coming true." She chuckles a bit to that as she takes a drink. "I feel like we should be doing something here soon. I mean it's November. What should we do?"

Gildart toasting as well, "To our dreams." He says before eating his slice of pizza. Shrugging. "No clue. What should we do? Got any ideas?" He asks, for now focusing on the food.

Zoe raises her glass in the toast as well. "To our dreams." She says before she takes a drink from her soda then takes another bite from the pizza. "Well, Thanksgiving is coming up. Maybe something with that?" She asks, looking to the two with her.

Melody nods her golden head in thought to this. "Perhaps we could get all the schools together to do a food drive and then volunteer to make holiday boxes?" Melody considers this a few more moments. "Community outreach and shit." She looks from Zoe to Gildart. "YOu know if you are both single you could date each other."

Gildart nods about the suggestions about what to do. "Perhaps so. Would be something good." He agrees. As for him and Zoe dating, he shrugs. "Always trying to hook people up?"

Zoe nods at the suggestions. "Maybe a toy drive? We have enough time to get a lot of donations." She offers as she takes another bite from her pizza slice. "Community service would look good on a college application." She pauses for a moment before adding, "Well, community service that isn't court ordered." She adds with a chuckle, but the suggestion that she and Gildart should date causes her to choke on her food slightly. "I don't think that'd work out, really." She says, glancing towards Gildart.

Melody considers this a bit more. "Well we could do a toy drive for December after Thanksgiving." She shrugs her shoulders a bit to this and then looks between Gildart and Zoe. "Oh, I'm sure the steroids haven't shrunk everything." She ponders that and leans over to him. "Can you still get it up?"

Gildart nods at the suggestions from Zoe. "Ah, perhaps." As for him and her, he grins and nods. "Probably not." He says and offer a smile to her. Then glancing to Melody. Rolling his eyes at her. "Aren't you curious to know?" He teases.

Zoe can't help but laugh at the exchange, shaking her head. "It doesn't matter if he can or not. I don't date guys." She says simply before she takes another bite of the pizza, setting down the crust. She takes a drink of her soda and picks up a bread stick. "Why don't you two date?" She asks with a playful smirk before she takes a bite of the bread stick.

Melody looks Gildart up and down slowly as if she's debating her interest or curiosity. "Nah, I have enough disappointment in life." Then she looks over at Zoe. "You don't… OH." See? It hit her there. "Date him?" She wrinkles up her nose. "We'd kill each other and then he would be teased that a girl kicked his ass."

Gildart grins and nods. Listening to them both. Shaking his head at the suggestion. "Whatever you say. She is right though." Shaking his head again. "Doubt it would be a wise move." As for Zoe not dating guys, he does just nod. PErhaps knowing it already.

Zoe lets out a small laugh at the revelation that Melody has. "Well, maybe we can set up a dating game type show for the school. Get everyone all paired up or something." She says, jokingly. She looks at the two, trying to gage their reactions.

Melody looks at her phone and then sighs outwards. "Excuse me I have to get this." The girl lights up a bit. "Air-Bear… tell me you are saving me from the perils of being without your presence…." This leads off as Melody walks out.

Gildart chuckles, "Somehow I see that going badly at some point. Though I suppose I've done worse." Shrugging. "However, think it would have to be several schools. Melody is from Mayfield." Rolling his eyes at that. Even if he probablhy fit in with them better than with those at NSH. He says, then glances to Melody as she moves aside. Talking on the phone. "Ah, right. Think she's not actually single." Though now that he thinks about it, Melody hasn't brought that up at any point. "Perhaps we're able to find someone cute for you as well." He suggests and winks to Zoe.

Zoe smirks and nods. "Yeah, but it could be really fun to watch." She says as she looks towards the direction that she went for a moment before she looks back at him. "Mayfield. That explains why I haven't seen her at school before." She says with a slight shrug. "I wouldn't doubt she's taken. She's cute." She says, glancing back towards the direction she went then back. "But, I'm not really up for dating at the moment. I'm just enjoying being single."

Gildart chuckles and nods. "It could be." He agrees. Nodding about Melody. "Ah, yeah. I suppose so, but telling her wouldn't be wise. She already has a big ego." He offers a bit playfully. "I know what you mean." He assures her. "Enjoy it while it lasts." For now trying to finish the food.

Zoe smirks and nods. "Yeah. I might end up with a stalker." She says with a grin as she works on finishing her food. She smiles and looks up at him as she finishes. "I plan on enjoying it. I need to find myself and get to know who I am better."

"Hey, as long as it isn't a violent stalker." Art suggests with a chuckle. Nodding though about finding herself. "That is always a wise thing to do." He agrees. His own food being finished as well.

Zoe nods her head. "Yeah. I don't want to go back to jail for beating up a violent stalker." She says with a grin as she continues to eat. "I think it's a good idea too and it's not something that I've done before." She says, her phone starting to go off. She sighs and looks down at the screen. "I'm sorry. I need to get this all to go. Thanks for the meal. My treat next time." She says as she tries to flag down someone to get some to-go boxes.

Gildart nods to Zoe, "No worries. Talk to you later." He offers and will let her go, since he is paying anyhow. Pondering if he should leave or if Melody is returning, glancing over his shoulder towards where she disappeared before sighing. Ordering another coke.

Melody comes back in with a smile on her face, but there is no one in her wake. So she didn't bring back the person she was talking to. Her green eyes look around in mild confusion as she takes her seat. "Did you eat her? I mean really, scare her off?" Melody snaps her fingers. "You tried to convert her to the straight side and she got pissed and left, right?"

Gildart rolls his eyes. "Yeah, that's exactly it." He plays along and shrugs. "So, it sounded like you were heading off." He points out, grinning a bit. "Surprisingly enough it seemed someone wanted your company." He teases.

Melody tosses her hair almost arrogantly. "I'm Melody Crist. Everyone who is anyone wants my company." She chuckles to that, but there is a wary expression to her features. There is a lot of truth in that statement and not all of it good. She looks around. "I see no one wants your company."

Gildart grins, "I manage well enough, I just prefer my privacy, at times." He offers and shrugs. "Amusing though. So many wants your company, yet you're sitting here with the one that wasn't asking for it." He says with a wink.

Gildart adds, "And clearly, you want my company."

Melody lifts her brows. "Not really." There is an annoyance to her expression. "I should go. Thanks for buying my soda." She offers to that and then gives a slight smile as she comes up to her feet.

Gildart furrows his brows. "Hey." He says and rises, paying for them both. "We might argue, but it would be wrong for me to leave you alone if you're upset." He says and puts his hands in his pockets. Clearly noticing that annoyance.

Melody smiles to him. It never really hits her eyes nor does it stay long when it does. "I'm not upset. Just you were the one not asking for my company, so far be it from me to force it upon you."

Gildart chuckles. "I did not ask for it, but you offered. Then I don't mind having you around. I'm just surprised you want to be around." He says and moves to join her. "Up to you. I'm headed off, but you're free to join me if you want an icecream."

"I already ate sushi earlier. I'm still full. I will walk with you though if you want." Melody offers as she slides her hands into her back pockets as they start to walk out of the area.

Gildart nods, "Okay, and sure. If you want to." He offers in return. Heading out and looking around. Letting her choose which way to walk. Humming a bit. Studying her. "Not keeping you from meeting the boyfriend, I hope?"

Melody nods her head to that. "I have to go that way anyways." She steps out to walk towards the nearest ice cream parlor. Are they still called parlors? "You aren't keeping me from anything."

Gildart ahs and nods. "Good then." He says with a shrug. Looking towards the ice cream parlor. "Probably not getting ice cream. Feels weird being the only one to eat some." He offers and grins. Not sure what else to talk about at the moment, letting her take initiative instead.

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