Bowled Over
Bowled Over
Summary: Dating becomes official, shared interests are explored
Date: November 10, 2014
Location: Lucky Strike Bowling Alley

So far, Alison's gone with Owent o see two movies, and had a fun time with him at both. There's no pressure when she's with him; the complete opposite of how she felt last year with her ex. And that's probably why she feels so comfortable around him. And this weekend, Owen surprised Ali by asking her to go bowling, something she can't remember the last time she did with her family. It's nice, social, and definately a change of pace for a girl who enjoys shopping and and other activities that are pretty much the opposite of bowling. And judging by the smile she's had on her face since she met Owen at the lanes, it's going to be another great outing.

From Owen's perspective? It's… well, there's some tension. He /is/ a teenage boy, he's had some stray thoughts. Nothing major, though. "I've been getting a little better at this lately," he says, "I think I might crack 120 this time around."

Alison looks over at Owen, still smiling as she finishes tieing her rental shoes. "Well, considering that last time I bowled, that ball was almost as big as I was and I had to use 2 hands, I think you're gonna win." Ali shrugs in a casual way, giving Owen a wink. "The score's not all that important, anyways. As long as we're having fun, I could roll straight gutterballs and still be happy."

"Hey, as long as we're having fun," Owen replies, grinning at the mental image of her younger days, "you could drop the ball on my foot and… well, no, that would probably mess things up." A medium weight picked out for himself, he heads over to the electronic console to get the scoring table set up. "Are you on the Hub? I've been meaning to check it out."

"Yup!" Alison replies cheerfully. "Faceboot and Twitter for Lantern Hill, all rolled into one." She's picked out a lightweight lime green ball to use and is testing the weight. "My handle is 'AliCat', so ping me when you sign up for it." Satisfied with her ball choice, Alison puts it onto the rail system and takes a seat. "I've got a nice group of followers, so I'll send them your way too. Nice way to meet more teens at school."

Owen nods to Alison and returns to the keyboard for a bit, typing in AliCat and… oh, BlackEagle will do, at least for the moment. Hooray for in jokes! "I'll try to keep track, it gets tricky sometimes. I feel like I've forgotten half the names of the ones I've met already." He glances back at her over one shoulder. "Oh, you want to go first or second? I can switch them around, no big deal."

"I'll go first," Alison replies as she stands up. "Considering that you're a gentleman that would insist on the lady going first." Another smile and a wink is given as she walks over to pick up her ball. She squares up, takes a deep breath, the moves inexpertly towards the line, swinging and releasing the ball a little late. It drops hard onto the lane and rolls to the back, managing to knock down 3 pins. Alison turns back with an embarassed smile and giggles. "Okay, we don't have to pay for any damage done to the wood, right?" While waiting for the ball return, she looks up at the screen. "So…what's with the 'BlackEagle' name?" When her ball is returned, Alison does another roll, again landing the ball had on the lane and curving to the left to hit the gutter.

Owen laughs, shaking his head. "Nah, they have people doing that all day long, right? They've got to have it steel-reinforced or something." He gets off to a rough start himself, the ball rolling smoothly enough but not curving like he'd hoped, only catching two pins along one side. "It's from this indie comic, Tales of the Red Panda? Or the podcast that it came from. Basically Canadian Batman. Black Eagle is one of the newer heroes from there."

And that answer just seems so…Owen. Alison smiles and nods before taking a sip of the can of Coke near her seat. "So, is he like one of your favorites? And if it's Canadian comics, do they have, like, Canadian versions of American heroes? Like 'Captain Canada' instead of 'Captain America?"

Owen takes another shot at the lane, back on target this time and picking up the spare. "One of. I like other stuff too, but there's a million Wolverine and Deadpool fans, I figured I'd pick something different." He shrugs as he goes to sit back down. "Actually I guess it's more like their version of The Shadow, 1930s and 1940s, so… they might be versions of older stuff, I don't know. I think some of it is just basic concepts, like mad scientists working for the Nazis."

Alison claps for Owen as he picks up the spare. "Nice job!" She listens to his explanation as she gets up and picks up her ball again. This time, her roll doesn't drop as had, but she only hits the 10 pin. "So…"I just have to ask…" As she waits for her ball to return, Ali looks over at Owen with a grin. "Who's your favorite female superhero?" While she waits for the answer, Ali bowls again, the ball rolling to the opposite side and knocking down 4 more pins.

Oh! Well. That's an interesting question. "Hmm. Well, Black Widow and Catwoman are the ones that come to mind lately." And an honest answer. "Though, a certain blonde alien is starting to grow on me too," Owen teases. As they talk and play, the numbers continue to rack up on the scoreboard overhead, sometimes pretty good and sometimes not so much.

"You know," Alison says with a laugh. "I was thinking of being Black Widow for Halloween. Scarlett Johansson is just so kick-ass." There's a fierce smile on her face, becasue red-heads in general are kick-ass in her opinion. "But I didn't think the school would want me walking around in a skin-tight catsuit like she wears in the movies." Ali shrugs and thinks for a bit. "Maybe next year, although I don't know if I want to cut my hair short like she has it."

Owen grins and nods. "Yeah, that makes sense. Your hair looks good long. Black Widow's a darker redhead, though… You know who you /could/ dress up as is Pepper Potts, except if you're by yourself then probably not many people would recognize it. But she did blast that one bad guy!"

At this suggestion, Alison considers, then gives Owen a sly smile. "Oh, I think I'd be recognizable if I had a Tony Stark at my side." She gives Owen a look that hints at who she thinks would make a good Tony Stark. "Or, Oh! if I had like a ton of money, I'd get a set of costume armor. Becasue she wore the armor in the thrid movie, right?"

Owen grins at the thought. "Well, yeah, if." Twist his arm! "She did, yeah, it was basically the movie version of Rescue. You probably could do /some/ version of it, even if it's just a low budget thing."

"Okay, who's 'Rescue'?" Alison isn't up on all the various iterations of comic book characters. "It'd be fun to do something like the armor, but that might a bit more than I want to do. Easy and casual is kind of me with costumes. I'm not like a dedicated cosplayer or anything like that."

"It's… basically the comic book version of Pepper in the armor," Owen explains. "I get what you're saying, though. I'm not really into it, yet, but I think I could be? If I had some people to get together with. I think one of the backstage guys from drama club was talking about it the other day."

Alison cocks her head slightly as she asks, "You're in the Drama Club?" She sounds rather impressed with that. "So, do you do set design, or are you into acting?" She finishes off her Coke and sets the empty an on the side table. "I was thinking of doing Drama Club one of these years. I'm sure there's a lot more that people do there than just the acting on stage."

Owen grins. "Oh, you'd be good in it! I mean, you're used to performing anyway, it's just a different type is all. I've got kind of a bit part so far, waiting to see what they pick for the next one."

There's some cheerleaders who are only 'on' when out on the field or in uniform for an event. But Alison is the kind that's encuraging and a fan of everyone, anywhere and anytime. "That's awesome," she says to Owen, sounding just as excited as if he'd scored the winning touchdown that sends the team to the State Championships. "What part did you get? And what performances are coming up this year?" Sounds like Ali is going to become a regular theater attendee.

He rattles off <OOC: whatever it is, and whatever it will be>. "Well, they were talking about doing Guys and Dolls in the spring. That could be pretty cool, all the old acccents, and for costumes you mostly just need a jacket and tie or something."

Alison thinks for a bit, examining her schedule in her mind. "Well, cheerleading kind of dies down in the spring. So maybe I'll have time to join the Drama Club then." After she says this, though, Alison's cheeks flush and she looks rather shy all of a sudden. "Unless, I mean…it's kind of too weird. Me just jumping into stuff you're involved in all of a sudden."

"Hmm? No, it's not that weird," replies Owen. "Drama club's something you could just drop in on, see if you like it. Now me trying to get in on football, /that/ would be weird. I'm sure not built for it."

"Ever hear of a guy called Rudy?" Alison brushes her hair back behind an ear, smilng at owen with encouragement. "Sometimes it's not the size of the player's body, it's the size of the player's heart." She keeps that smile going for a bit, then returns to that shy look she had. "But what I meant was…you're okay with me wanting to hang out and do more than just movies and bowling? Kind of…move forward a bit?"

That. Is adorable. /She/ is being the shy one? Okay, there was the awkwardness from the year before, but still. "Alison?" says Owen, scooting ove r a little and reaching out a hand to one of hers. "I am totally down with moving forward a bit." A pause, then: "No, I don't know Rudy offhand. I might've seen him and just not known his name, though."

And just like that, Owen knows what to say and do to dispell her fears. Or even if he didn't conciously know, his instincts are spot on. With the hand contact, Alison smiles, noding more confidently. Also, his response to the 'Rudy' question gets her giggling and relaxing more. "No, 'Rudy' is a film about this guy named Rudy who went to Notre Dame and made it onto the football team. It's a true story and he was kinda small and thin compared to other football players. So, you kind of have a real life inspiration to look to if you really want to try out for the football team." Alison looks over Owen, admiring him. "And I think if you wanted to, you could make a good running back." She reaches over and puts her hand on his, gently squeezing it. "So…I guess that makes us kind of an item now, huh?" And Alison doesn't at all look disapointed at that prospect.

…wait. Football team? Really? Owen was just talking about that as a hypothetical thing, he isn't sure if he actually wants to try it. Even if theoretically he could pull it off. "Well, maybe. I might look at the other teams, too." 'Look at' sounds pretty safe. More to the point, he turns his hand a bit, giving Alison's fingers a squeeze. "I guess it does," he echoes, smiling brightly.

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