College Prep
College Prep
Summary: Jamie, Piper and Aaron converge over coffee, much is discussed, including preparing for college and the topic of dating sisters comes up once mroe
Date: 2014-11-19
Location: The Coffee Bean
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It is autumn, but autumn in California is different to other places. Here there aren't the swirling myriad colors of leaves caught in a seasonal wind. Instead there are cooler breezes and the occassional rain. Jamie has his hair pulled back, it's longer than usual and in need of a cut. This earns him a sarcastic, "Hipster," comment from shorter boy on the way out. Jamie laughs and flips the other guy off only to earn himself a chastising look from an old lady. With a chagrinned grin on his face he holds the door open for the old woman and moves out of the way when she has left. As he unzips his hoodie he heads towards the line, wanting to get some coffee.

A day without any afterschool meetings or practices is not one that happens very often for Piper, so she is taking the opprotunity for some R&R before she has to go home and get the 'Tiger' mom treatment from..well her mother. She is already parked at a table, hot beverage and pastry at hand while she flips through her little game case to decide what game to waste her time on. The small little scene at the door pulls her attention from her game search and she bites back a smile of amusement as the old lady has her say.

Jamie lets the door go, maybe not noticing Aaron was approaching, so Aaron does what any boy would do. He kicks the door with his toe to make some noise like he bumped into it. Then he opens it himself before its fully closed, "Should of known it was you jerkface," he says, holding his nose. But its evident he's grinning and no face was hit there. Under his arm is a paper, that legal section only it looks like, where public records are printed, thinks like criminal activity/reports/etc. Odd, maybe for homework. "Still mad about Mad Hatter inviting Alice to the tea party?" Grinning a little more, maybe too soon, cause Aaron still supports roughing up Ben a bit to put the scare into him when Jamie finds the boy. And look, there is Piper, a witness, "You totally saw that right, he slammed that door on me like he didn't see me and all?"

Jamie turns and looks behind him, hearing Aaron's voice. He barks out a laugh, "Dude, the real shame is I missed." When Piper is brought into it Jamie's attention shifts her way. "Hey Piper. How's things at the Coast?" He gestures to the line, "You guys want anything?" There's no point in all of them being in line.

Piper's eye's widen a bit as she is called in to act as arbiter for the door debacle of 2014. "Keep your testosterone laden antics between yourselves." the teen says with a shake of her head. They may be joking around but she still isn't going to be getting into the middle of it. "Different…coasting." she answers prior to waving off his offer "I'm good." she gives a gesture to her own drink, etc "Feel free to join me when you have your stuffs."

Chuckling himself then considering that, Aaron returns, "Oh, maybe I could of used it, would of made my face prettier … broken noses are in this year I think." And since Jamie is offering, "Latte, extra shot." Of the caffeine bits, no other flabors added. He moves to join Piper though. Laughing more, "I see what you did there …" He points, from her to Jamie … at the Coast, coasting. No need to say it, but he's grinning. "Hopefully school dances are done, my school spirit is running on empty." Or he never had any, he sets his paper down to claim his spot. Not in a wall or corner, just in case.

Jamie waits patiently in line, all the more patient for the text message conversation he is having over his phone. When it's his turn at the counter he orders for himself and Aaron and hands over the money before waiting for the drinks to be delivered. All in all it takes almost ten minutes for him to get over to Aaron and Piper. "Here ya go handsome," he says to Aaron with a playful wink before sitting at the table. "Nice to see you Pipes. Those hallways at Coast treating your ride better?"

"Well if you didn't I would suggest you get your brain checked." Piper says to Aaron as she puts her game away for the moment. No use having that for entertainment when she has Jamie and Aaron. An eyebrow arches upward "You had school spirit?" yes, she has to ask the obvious question. A sip of her drink is taken, small talk is had while waiting for the texting Jamie to join them. There is a guffaw and the compliment paid "Well they aren't as crowded so it's more like my ride is treating toes better." not that she ran over toes all that much to begin with, but there was always the risk "How are things at Northshore?"

With a fake jawdrop at the wink, Aaron takes the latte, "Well, you know where my room is when …" Doh, he stops himself there, he can't finish saying it … the when you're done with my sister. He just can't validate that part of it. But he leaves the room location as open; open door policy. Or not. With the jaw back up into regular smile he nods to Piper, "I did once. I think. It was warm and tingly. Then, they said homework. It all fled, it hides in a dark place in my closet. Right next to the." He stops, but for dramatic effect and to not say what its next to, not in the company of a lady at least. "Totally awesome. I think the one sports team did something sporty. We may have won too?" Eyebrows up, his gaze defers to Jamie who would at least know about the status of the swim team, at least …

"Ah, but you kept people on their toes, Piper. Never knew what was going to happen with your driving," Jamie jokes. He breaks off a bit of his cookie and dunks it in the latte cup it was too big for. The eyebrow from Aaron confuses him as he wasn't sure where he was meant to come in. "Some big stud take you to homecoming this year?" After chewing on the now soggy bit of cookie he smirks and says, "I'm throwing that one out there to you Piper, or you Aaron."

Piper watches with curiousty the interaction between the two boys, she isn't sure what that is all about, she didn't keep up with the relationship caper chart at NSU when she went there, she certainly isn't doing so now that she isn't. She focuses on the spirit thing instead "You sure that wasn't just a cold coming on?" surely they have the same symptoms and both are reasons to get out of homework. Right? A nod is given to the rest "No studs for me. I didn't go to the dance." though she was at the game, for her own school. Her homecoming and thier homecoming was undoubtedly different weekends. "I didn't hear or read about anything crazy going on. Yours must have been low key this year.

Grinning about toes, Aaron takes a drink from his latte just the same. No need to beat that horse, not yet at least, he stays quiet about driving and toes; for now at least. "You're right, I think, the first time someone said school, it was almost the flu for me." Sitting up straight though at Jamie's comment about big studs, he blinks, "Who's been talking? Totally true story. The homecoming dance I went to, was with a big stud." All of none. He didn't even vote. "It must have been low key. I didn't go either. Too busy plotting a better escape route." Then an aside towards Jamie, "I tried to go out near the gym after homeroom last week, Mr. Spence was totally waiting." Whether to smoke something or cut a few classes is anyone's guess, just someone decided to start watching that door.

Jamie dunks a bit more of his cookie and listens to them chat for a few minutes. It gives him time to eat his cookie and drink his latte. "Yeah, they're probably trying to catch all the weedies. Can't be seen to have stoned and drunk students, looks bad." He settles back in his chair. "Everything seems low key right now, but that's good. Means we can get on with life. I have a lot of life to be getting on with. I got a dog, Aaron's sister talks a mean game." He takes his phone out of his pocket and brings up a photo to show Piper and then Aaron.

Is pretty sure that Aaron is all talk about the dance. Piper doesn't know him all that well, but his tone suggests he is kidding around, of course he then confirms it, "Apparently your plotting was for nothing if you got caught." she points out "Did you get a dention?" another nod at Jamie "They will just go somewhere else to smoke." they always do. She leans forward to look at the picture of the puppy and gets that awww face all girls do when cute animals are the subject "That face…how can you say no to a face like that."

"Probably," agrees Aaron to Jamie on them catching the weedies. "Heaven forbid." He harrumphs and rolls his eyes, as if he wasn't a weedy himself on some levels. Then a nod to Piper on the same topic. "Nah, I tried before bell for class rang, just said I needed fresh air before class." Which the teacher probably didn't by, but Aaron must of went to class instead after being caugh thinking about going out. Off the hook once, still early in the year though. No comment on going other places to smoke either. "Uh oh, that's pretty serious. That's like walking dog in the park together, picking put paint for the …. er, a room." Ugh, he can't fully tease the guy, its his sister in the equation there. So he looks at the picture, then at Piper, "You know, like this. Bad dog, no!" He holds up a scolding finger to the phone. No, he would probably be a sucker too if the dog was right there, but only a picture makes it easy to put up a game face though.

"Yeah, that's what my brother said. Some stuff about her helping me get a dog and how it all leads to kids." Clearly Jamie doesn't buy it because hey, it's a dog. He drinks some more of his latte and puts the phone back into his pocket. "If you want a dog I bet that she can hook you up, Piper."

"Well no Breakfast Club reinactments for you than." Piper tsks in jest "Though I'm not exactly sure how you would fit in with the stereotypes in the movie." she looks between the two again "After paint is china patterns." she'll get on the teasing bandwagon for a brief moment before laughing at Aaron "Easy to do to a phone." she shakes her head though at Jamie "Oh no. I already have two dogs and three cats. If I even mention getting another pet my mom will go ballistic."

Nope, still serious in Aaron's book. It comes with the dreaded r word, responsibilities. "Yeah, and my sister only needs one loaf about in her life." Her brother, he has that slot filled in. No talk about kids though from Aaron. He does chuckle at the phone bit. Then nods, "You're right, and I'm a phone guy, everything is easier in phone and texts. Wish I could attend school like that." Texting, it only works out in his mind probably? "Wait, three cats too, I only knew about the dogs. I think I need to stage an intervention Piper …"

"Wait, I'm confused. Do you get to use your phone in school?" Jamie was possibly a bit distracted, maybe he was thinking about Aaron's sister or dinner or his Spanish homework - which he will get a D on because he always gets a D in Spanish. "Maybe I should transfer. I could be the one Black twin."

"No texts." Piper says about school, "But you can always go the online route if you decide to do that college thing." she gives a chuckle as she takes a sip of her drink "Good luck with that." eyebrows arch at Jamie and his being lost in the conversation "That's not the worst idea I have heard today." she tells him "Though then you wouldn't be able to have lunch with your girlfriend."

"Dreaded word there …" Eyebrows raised just a little by Aaron. "You said college." But his lips are grinning just the same about it. No online route for him, his parents wouldn't let him, he's doing completely traditional alas. "I'd transfer for phones in school too. But then, I'd actually have to remember to charge it at night." Cause he can't always remember that, but in his car while he's at school, it does get charged. There is a slight nod in agreement about Jamie going there, no more lunch with Aaron's sister.

Out comes Jamie's phone again and he looks at it, checking the time. "I don't always have lunch with her. The last time I did she ate my banana." The deadpan delivery makes it clear, because this is Jamie and he isn't great with being fecetious, that it really was his banana. Not his /banana/. "Are you still on the yearbook over there, Piper?"

"I figured you would be all for college, Aaron. You get to pick the classes you want to take, and when you take them, so sleeping in can happen. And then there are the parties, and…" she stops there Piper probably doesn't need to remind him about college girls "Sorry, CSU doesn't allow phones in classes either. Out of luck there." she gives Jamie a strange look "So you only eat lunch with her when you don't have a banana?" either way still couldn't have lunch with her if he transferred, but maybe that's a good thing? "I am yeah. It's a smaller group of people over there, so more work for me, but still fun. You?

Aaron stops half a second at the banana comment, TMI, even for him, but then, oh wait, he was serious. Then Aaron nods, considering this college thing. "Oh, yeah, you're selling me I think. Way better than my folks, about having a secure future or jobs of the future need kids in college or something. Parties and sleeping in class." He nods, definitely a good thing. A slight shake of his head though, no more talking about Jamie's banana and his sister. Whew, yearbook, good distraction from that topic. Though Aaron isn't in that club.

There is a bit of coffee left in his cup so Jamie drinks it and sets the cup back on the table. "Maybe you're not aimless, Aaron, maybe you just haven't found your thing. It's no big deal. Nothing like your future hanging on it or anything," says Jamie. He reaches up and tugs his hair free from the band that had been holding it. "Never bought the pressure myself. 'Course it's easier for me." Because he could coast through life if he wanted. "And you guys have time anyway."

Piper rolls her eyes a bit. She isn't surprised that she seemed to be right about Aaron "If they gave degrees in sleeping in class you could be valedictorian?" it's both question and statement at the same time since they have joked about it in the past. "That's all I get at home is pressure. Which is why I have already applied at various colleges. I'm looking at early admission, maybe some college courses while I am a senior. So when I graduate I can move to campus…preferably one on the east coast.

There is a nod, serious actually, from Aaron between the two. Not aimless, but he would take sleeping valedictorian. He could give a good future speech if needed. "Yeah, still time, I'm not feeling the pressure, but." A shrug, his parents should let him coast through life, but his dad, more than his mom, is going to keep on him to do college and get a degree and make his own living it seems. "I'll decide next year maybe." Like Jamie said, a whole year to decide. "I should do the club thing more or something, try to make a decent application when I'm ready to apply." They seem to have it under control, she even is planning on knocking out some classes and moving the first moment she gets.

Jamie turns the latte glass in his hands and nods. "The more active you can be the better your application, or so they've been telling me since last year. My applications got sent off last week. We'll see who will take me." He takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Wow, that's scarrier than I thought. Everything is going to change and yet lots of stuff won't."

Piper nods in agreement at what Jamie says about extracurriculars "The sooner you get to participating the better. Those collge admission people aren't dumb." she swirls her the remants of her beverage to mix up the chocolcate that settled to the bottom "Any place good Jamie? Or did you still to local colleges." she doesn't touch the whole change thing, that's what she is hoping for, lots of change.

"One or two further away, but also local. Not sure which I want more. It's hard picking colleges. They all offer something different." Jamie rocks back in his chair untl his knees bump on the underside of the table, he then drops back down again. "Guess you have to think about different things when you apply somewhere. Thinking about sticking with journalism?"

"I only applied to colleges on the east coast…and Oxford, because why not. Maybe get one of those Rhodes Scholarships." Piper isn't a little ambitious, she's a lot ambitious, though she does't seem to think that last bit will actually happen "No. Working on the yearbook is fun an all, but I'm looking at lingustics as a career path. It's all global now, and people have to be able to understand each other. Until we evolve telepathy we are still stuck talking, and since we all don't talk the same language…

College talk, Aaron looks at his own phone, like he's texting. He's just scrolling a website, pretending to swype a little at his phone. He's so far behind, he's the tool in the group now. Need to go hang out with weedies more, feel like a somebody maybe. Then he picks up, phone actually goes away. "Road's schorlaships huh, I'm not to bad at driving. I think I'll apply." Completely non serious, he knows he doesn't know what he's talking about. "I heard Spanish is the new English," for global languages, just a random thing he read probably. He takes his now cold latte and drinks more, he like it better colder. Looking to Jamie, "Same colleges? Cause that's part of the progression, dogs, colleges, then dun dun dun!" But dun dun dun done as 'here comes the bride.' If Jamie isn't wholly ready to settle down, Aaron can encourage, way better than talking about bananas.

Jamie doesn't correct Aaron but nods. "You are a good driver." He glances at his phone again and seeing a message there taps one out in reply. "Dude." Jamie laughs over in Aaron's direction and then looks at Piper, "I think he wants me to stick with his sister. Shame my twin is a boy or we could have been one of those creepy sets of couples on Maury."

Piper just laughs, she isn't up to explaining what a Rhodes Scholar is so Aaron goes uncorrected "Maybe in the short term, but I think eventually everyone is going to be speaking an amalgam of English and some form of Chinese." she tilts her head at Jamie and then nods "She could do worse." she then looks from Jamie, to Aaron and back "Yeah, as if your family doesn't get enough media attention as it is." that sort of situation would be icing.

Aaron sighs, his own thought is being used in a backfire on him by Jamie, he wins this round of one upmanship. Aaron shakes his head, "Yeah yeah, totally. I'll help pick out the colors for the baby room then. Get you distracted from the hunt for the Mad Hatter. Doesn't he go to Coast Union?" He turns to eye Piper, she could help find him, they can stop bringing up Ava for a bit. "I know right, no more media attention." Subconsciously, Aaron reaches for that segment of paper he head as if to idly look at it.

Jamie shrugs, "It could work for the down days. You know, the quiet ones when nobody tries to snap photos of my sister on her horse." His head shakes, "I don't get why people like pics of girls on horses. They're smelly and boring."

Piper has no clue who they are talking about when Mad Hatter is brought up nor does she pretend too "Who's this Mad Hatter and why are you hunting him?" she's curious, if this isn't just some big joke she might know the person. A smirk is given to Jamie. "The horse or the girls?"

Even when Aaron just wants to hate Jamie cause the guy is with his sister, he says something like that. Can't understand the alure of girls on horses. A slight eyebrow raises. If it was the locker room, and he wasn't dating his sister, he might seriously question that. Good male philosophical discussion, does smelly horses out weight the …. Yes, Mad Hatter. "Some guy that's making out with his sister Lacie. Probably one of the guys who wants to see those pics." Fuel for someone elses fire at least. Grinning a little to Piper, "The girls are boring to him and the horses are smelly, perfect mach of no understanding?"

When Aaron partly explains Jamie nods, but then goes on to add more detail. "There's some guy at your school, Piper, who wants to date my sister. She's sneaking around with him. If you hear anything, maybe you can let me know?" Jamie gives Piper an encouraging smile. Please help him chase this hound down and protect his little sister.

Piper listens to the explanation that is given to her by both teens then nods "Okay, look for the mystery boy that has an eye on Lacie." she glances at her own phone as it buzzes "Time for me to bail. I'll text if I find out who it is. Later you two." she gives a little wave like salute and begins to wheel herself out.

"Later, watch out for those big studs," says Aaron as she leaves. Could be a play on horses and of course the homecoming question from earlier. Then they are alone. "Well, that was one of my inside sources," he admits to Jamie, "I have enother I can try, but don't know how many play costumes on Halloween still, so might not of paid attention to who was dressed as the Mad Hatter." He'll finish off that cold latte, much easier to drink now in that state.

Jamie laughs. "Piper was your inside source? Maybe this will be a test of her investigative skills. She can be our ace reporter in the field." Like Aaron he has finished his drink so he gets to his feet. "I should get going. I have work in a bit. See you later, yeah?"

A chuckle and a nod, "Agreed, but I saw the movie, we can't make it a bet, we'll both loose or something." What, taming of the shrew of the heath ledger version is not the same as having her spy for them at all? Then he nods to the other, "Dreadful, work … I have about an hour left before I need to report in. Later Jamie." He'll even offer up fist for the dapping.

The fist is bumped and tapped as Jamie heads out. "Later dude."

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