In A Few Words… I was at this girl's place ….





Aaron M. Valentine



Portrayed By Alexander Ludwig
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday Feb 14
Position Student
Employer To Come
Affiliations North Shore High School
Math Club
Status Overly complicated to everyone else, relatively simple to him
First Seen


* Flirt - He'll flirt, it might lead somewhere, 90 percent of the time it won't mean anything after it went there.
* Skateboard - He skates, he's decent, doesn't actual practice. But he's good, might be seen at the skate park, or the good locations for street skating around the area.
* Math - Yes, he's good at math, sometimes makes the meeting for Math club, just he's not reliable.
* Fun - He likes to have fun, he's not good at things like video games and what not,but he's up for fun, even some troublesome fun.


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