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Perhaps because of the fact he comes from a large family, Aidan tends to act in ways that draws attention to him. That's one of the reasons he likes performing and is driven towards that end. Most of his life, he's worn various masks to please other people because that's the type of person that he is. He likes to make people happy, even if inside he wants to curl up and cry.


  • Public : Aiden is the oldest of five kids and the son of Sean O'Toole, an English lit professor at nearby university and Evelyn O'Toole, a nurse. Also, whether it is music or drawing, Aidan enjoys it. He's usually got a sketchpad in his backpack, headphones on and iPod blaring at all times.
  • School : Aidan's known to be a good guy, that will flirt and things of that nature but he doesn't mean a whole lot by it. He's a dancer, singer, and artist.


Art : Aidan is a very skilled artist. He prefers drawing but he has recently started trying his hand at painting and he's found he's pretty darn good. He takes classes at the rec center every week and takes part in the schools art club and art classes. He has also placed in several local and regional art contests which has afforded him some acknowledgement in the artistic community.

Science : Aidan is really good in science. he makes straight A's and other students often seek him out as a tutor when the classes get to be to much.

Photography : Another one of Aidan's skills is photography. he has a decent camera and a collection of lenses that afford him more freedom in shots. he enjoys taking his camera to the boardwalk, but he's also considered stepping up his photography game and entering in contests. He has a lot of talent thanks to his keen eye for detail.


Born August 4, 1999, Aidan's a native to Lantern Hill's eclectic community of Little Boho. The eldest of five boys, Aidan's takes the title of the quietest of the lot and for the most part his early life has remained pretty simple. Being the oldest, a large part of Aidan's free time has been spent helping take care of his younger siblings, though as they are finally getting up in age it's freed up a large chunk of that thing that teens call 'free time'. Despite his new found freedom Aidan's large family does pose as a small problem for him much of the time. With so many siblings, it's no secret that priorities come first and luxuries second…if at all. To afford his wants Aidan picked up a job over the summer, working for a restaurant called Counter Culture delivering orders to nearby office buildings and lazy hipsters to cool to eat meat. His pay has afforded him a few more 'wants' than he would have had otherwise, such as art supplies and a new lens for his camera. Despite his newfound funds, Aidan takes advantage of youtube art tutorials and community art classes to keep his skills sharp.

Aidan also takes part in the schools drama and music classes.

His family current consists of his father Sean, mother Evelyn, and his brothers Liam (13), Michael (11), Nicholas(9), and Timmy(7). Aidan gets along well enough with them. He makes sure that they get dressed and everything and does his best to be a good brother for them, even if he can get a little anxious.

He's always done well enough in most of his subjects, getting pretty good grades. Oddly, he tends to excel at science. Honestly, Science has always been one of his favorite classes in school; although he favors the practical applications rather than the mathematical aspect of it. He's usually managed to get an A in science before.

Aidan Michael O'Toole



Portrayed By Kenton Duty
Age 16
Grade Sophomore
Birthplace Little Boho, Lantern Hill, California
Birthday August 4
Position Student
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen


This Character Is Open To Small Changes


  • Aidan is a member of:
    • Art Club
    • Drama Club
    • Chorus


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