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A Sophomore at North Shore High, Alison (or Ali) is a pretty red-head of average height and lithe build. Her father is an orthodontist with a thriving practice, and her mother is an accountant at the firm of Connoroy & Hernandez in Midtown. She's a cheerleader, a B average student, and reasonably popular despite not being the most outgoing of the cheerleading squad. Alison's the kind of girl that crosses over cliques and social borders to try and make sure others are happy and having a good time; she's more of a quiet, calm cheerful than peppy. She likes to dress in greens and blues, and prefers skirts to jeans outside of the winter months. Her hair is slightly curly and hangs down to below her shoulders; when dressed up for cheer squad, she ties it back into a pony-tail or has a friend braid it. Outside of school, Alison enjoys going to the mall (both to buy and window shop), or seeing a movie, regardless of if it's a Rom-Com, Action Flick, or Sci-Fi/Fantasy. She's also a big fan of modern girl pop stars like Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor. Her prefered meals of choice are the veggie pizza from Fire House or falafel from the New Leaf. Despite these preferences, Alis not a strict vegetarian and does eat meat at home as well as the occasional hamburger when hanging out. There was a bit of a scandal about her last year at North Shore, when the boy she was dating went around bragging about how 'easy' Alison was. But his ex helped clear the record and restored Ali's reputation as well as helped expose the boy as a creeper that posted 'sexting' pics girls sent him on the internet; luckily, Ali never went that far with him.



Alison Turner



Portrayed By Molly Quinn
Age 15
Grade Sophomore
Birthplace Lantern Hill, California
Birthday June 20
Position North Shore Sophomore, JV Cheerleader
Affiliations North Shore High Cheer Squad
Status Single
First Seen

Extra Cheese (October 30, 2014)


  • Talented Dancer & Gymnast, usually does the 'top' work in routines
  • Has a set of twin siblings (13) and a younger brother (10)
  • Had a creepy ex-boyfriend her freshman year that spread rumors about her
  • Usually cheerful and friendly to everyone


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