In A Few Words… Mischief Managed

Here Comes Trouble…

Those are likely the words that are thought about when Alvin Cole Jackson is in the area. A known skater, gamer and schemer Alvin is often on the receiving end of a punishment handed out by his teachers, the principal or either of his father. Alvin is known for being a jokester and a prankster, often poking fun at anyone within his line of sight just for the fun of it. He's been cursed with a good heart, though, so none of his shenanigans are ever meant in a malicious manner. When all is said and done, Alvin just wants to have fun. He's loud, lovably annoying and possesses an ego that reaches to infinity and beyond.

Alvin Cole Jackson is a mischief maker and trouble magnet. He considers himself to be a class clown and strives to make people laugh at almost any cost. He's packed to the brim with pop culture references and sarcasm, while also managing to have a giant ego that he doesn't deserve. His self-confidence is remarkable due to the fact that he doesn't really seem to be bothered by teasing or things like that. He does, however, seem to try too hard and often aims too high. He just wants to be loved by everyone. Is that so wrong?!


  • Public: Alvin Cole Jackson is a loudmouth prankster with a pep in his step and a mouth that won't quit. He's often found in the South Beach area, where he's either skating or dancing. Otherwise, he's up in the arcade and wasting quarters. He's friendly, approachable and thinks he's god's gift to Lantern Hill. He's not. And he's not even smart enough to realize that.
  • Street: Alvin Cole Jackson may be known on the streets, just a bit, as a member of the dance crew: LXD. He may or may not have been in trouble for trivial things like loitering, flash mobbing or graffiti but nothing more serious than that. He does tend to skate where he's not supposed to, as well.
  • School: Alvin Cole Jackson is a student at North Shore High. He's a loudmouth class clown type that cares more about having a good time in school or pranking people than he does anything else. He's almost always got a ticket to detention or a date with the principal's office. He has potential but his unwillingness to actually put forth any effort into academics makes him a potential lost cause.


Alvin Cole Jackson



Portrayed By Cameron Boyce
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace South Beach, Lantern Hills, CA
Birthday May 28
Position Student / Trouble

North Shore High School

(The League of Extraordinary Dancers)

(Online Gamer Handle)

Status Single
First Seen

School Daze (November 08, 2014)


  • Street Dancer: Alvin's a known local street dancer. He's a member of LXD and often can be found battling or performing in the North Shore hallways or down the Boardwalk.
  • Class Clown: Alvin is usually one of the people throwing out wisecracks, sarcasm or making jokes during classes, assemblies or pretty much any school event that isn't fun and games.
  • Detention Lifer: Alvin is a regular with those that find themselves in detention. He has his own desk.
  • Local: Alvin was raised in Lantern Hills. He's been in the South Beach section since his adoption as a baby.
  • Skater: Alvin's primary mode of transport is skateboarding all over town. Especially where he has no business skateboarding.
  • Hidden Talent: Alvin has a hidden talent that he doesn't even know about. One day somebody's going to help him discover it.


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