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Ask around and most know who Amelia Lancastle-Smythe is. Some know her because her father is famous. Some know her because she's on the lacrosse team with them. Some know her because she was the quirky English girl who chaired the 2014 Prom. Most know her because she's worked her way to the top and in her senior year is the queen bee of North Shore High School.


Holly-icon.jpg Super sweet and super good, Amelia still cannot believe Holly was wrapped up in cotton wool and swept off to the alleged safety and security of Mayfield. She misses Holly and having her around at school. At least they can see each other out of school. Holly's going also leaves a power vacuum behind Amelia.
Isabelle-icon.jpg For a year Amelia was Isabelle's right hand girl but now the former queen is busy buzzing at Mayfield and this enabled Amelia to step out from behind the throne. She liked Isabelle, though not everyone did, and finds herself texting her friend during the day to share anecdotes.

Amelia Lancastle-Smyth



Portrayed By Saoirse Ronan
Age 17
Birthplace Mitcham, England
Birthday 16 April
Position Student
Employer Unemployed
Affiliations Populars
Status Dating
First Seen

Extra Cheese (October 30, 2014)


Queen Bee: Amelia was the power behind the throne her junior year but thanks to Isabelle Dalton moving schools Amelia is the queen her senior year. With great power comes great responsibility.
Mouth on Her: Amelia rarely pulls her verbal punches. She has no qualms about letting people know what she thinks of them, especially if it is negative.


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