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Bright and intelligent, Harper is, when it comes down to it, a closet nerd. That being said, she's feisty and has a semi-dry sense of humor that is not exactly unknown in the small town of Paradise Cove. Sweet and well-mannered, Harper does not generally allow people to walk all over her, unless she's in a situation where she feels particularly inadequate and then she can be easily swayed in her vulnerability. Harper is also a creature of subtlety when not on the stage . Unintentionally awkward at times; she has a difficult time opening up and is frequently too hard on herself when it comes to the variety of extracurricular activities she is involved in.


Ava Valentine is a known name around town these days. Not because she's popular, but because she's prone to getting her hands in as many community projects as she can. An individual prone to stretching herself a little too thin, she is a young lady with a laundry list a of volunteer and charity venues she helps organize and run throughout the year. Even more impressive is the list of awards won by young Miss Valentine for her acting, a talent that has drawn found her honors with various theater organizations along the California coast.



Moses Valentine
ava-dad.jpg Father/Photographer

Played By: Josh Kelley
Nora Valentine
avas-mom.jpg Mother/Retired Starlet

Played By: Katherine Heigl
Aaron Valentine
Aaron-icon.jpg I love love love my Aaron, but boy can be be a pest! He really needs his to get his head in the clouds and out of those girls *censored*.

Played By: Alexander Ludwig

Ava Sophia Valentine



Portrayed By Olivia Holt
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday February 14
Position Student
Affiliations North Shore High School
NSH Drama Club
In-Step Dance Studio
Status Single
First Seen


* Love Theater: Ava is a well known lover of all things theater.

  • Dancer: To better benefit her future Broadway career Ava is an accomplished dancer.
  • Love RP: Page me and we can work something out! I LOVE RP!


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