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Blue is the daughter of avante-garde artists, Paul and Julie Montana. She has a brother, Azure, who is 14 and they seem to be a happy family. When Blue was 5, the family moved from San Diego to Lantern Hill and opened up a small art gallery in Paradise Cove. The gallery expanded a few years later in order to sell art supplies to like minded individuals. Paul worked in metal sculpting while Julie worked with more traditional paints. Blue and Azure led a normal life… well, normal enough for them. They got picked on by the jocks and the smart kids for not fitting in, but that didn't really bother them. Blue did well enough in school to get by, mostly a low B average in the core subjects, always scoring high A's in Art and Music. She new from a young age that her goal was performing and didn't really think that a strong education would help her much with that, except to keep her from getting in trouble. Blue's always been a very happy-go-lucky child, known for having whims that change with the wind. She finds something utterly fascinating on one day, while the next, she's onto something new, the other subject being done and over with. She tries to get along with everyone and typically has a sunny disposition. She's friendly even to the people that snub her, because she believes that perhaps they just don't understand her and need to see more of it for them to get it. She may be considered flighty and ditzy. It's just that her priorities are different from most people.


  • Performing: No matter what it is, Blue loves to do it, especially if it makes her the center of attention. Whether it's singing, acting, or performing a comedy routine, Blue does her best, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
  • Singing: Blue can carry a tune fairly well. While she can belt out a song like any other diva, her preference is for show-tunes, as long as there's dancing going around. Jazz Hands!!
  • Geek Cred: Despite being an artist, she does have vast knowledge of all sorts of nerd-dom. Comics, gaming, sci-fi are all realms of knowledge available at her recollection. Currently she has a thing for steampunk.
  • Not-So-Fashionista: Blue loves fashion, but she doesn't follow the tends from Paris and Milan. She doesn't even shop at Old Navy for jeans. She shops around at thrift shops and vintage clothing stores and puts together her own outfits. She definitely stands out in a crowd.



Blue Montana



Portrayed By Skyler Samuels
Age 16
Grade Sophomore
Birthplace San Diego, CA
Birthday October 31
Position CU Sophomore/Street Performer
Employer N/A
Affiliations CUHS Drama Club
Status Single
First Seen

Extra Cheese (October 30, 2014)


  • Has a younger brother, Azure (14)
  • Performs at the various parks and at the beaches
  • Goes to school at Coast Union High
  • She's a casual gamer


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