In A Few Words…

A smart researcher. Rather easy going and does what he need to get what he wish for. Slighty rebellious and a powerful curiousity that both often get him into trouble. A lot of it but luckily he's been able to be kept decently safe. Always using his smarts to find out and investigate. His nature is rather sweet though he can be a bit manipulative with what might be a cuteness he has. Quite the skilled student and some might even say that he's a genius in his own way.


Other Info

Dash Dandelion Dawson



Portrayed By Aramis Knight
Age 15
Grade Sophomore
Birthplace Phoenix, AZ
Birthday April, 1
Position Student/part-time worker
Employer Go-Mart
Affiliations NSH, astronomy club
First Seen

School Daze (November 08, 2014)

Vitals* Genius

  • Lactose Intolerant
  • Journalist/Researcher
  • Study helper


  • Astronomy Club


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