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Ellis' personality is as complex as her childhood. She is an energetic creature, soft and quiet for the most part, but not without her own little edge of unmistakable spunk. She'll say what she means, and mean what she says, and while the rest of her peers might look down on her public admittance of religious acceptance, she carries herself proudly. Not one to party very hard, she doesn't seem to mind being the one holding a camera to enjoy the spectacle her peers can make.


  • Public: Ellie's a sweet girl, always willing to lend a hand to those in needed. Her family has money, but she's not stuck up like some with it are. She lost her parents and sister in a car accident a back in 2008 and lives with her aunt, acclaimed writer and artist, Julie Valencia.
  • School: She's pretty low-key, not really in on the party scene. Too much of a geek to be truly popular, and too normal to hang with the nerds.


Ellis Jane Anne Valencia



Portrayed By Elizabeth Harnois
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday June 9, 1997
Position Student
Employer Unemployed
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen

Pizza Meeting ( 2014-10-31)



  • Copper Tap Coffee House
  • New Leaf Deli
  • South Beach Boardwalk
  • Sunset Tides Country Club - Riding Lessons


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