In A Few Words…

Spoiled brat that is the son to one of the richest men in the country, perhaps even worldwide. Flirty and cocky jock that manages to often come off with a douchebag attitude, no matter what his intention might be at times. Other than that, he is a rather proper person in public, mostly around adults. It's easy enough to see that he does come from a wealthy family passed on how he speaks and acts alone. Often using charm, or intimidation, to his advantage. Not much for manipulating people though. Comes across as a snob, despite deep down being a friendly and helpful guy.


Other Info

Gildart Oliver Dunmore



Portrayed By Lewis Rainer
Age 17
Grade Senior
Birthplace Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday December 31st
Position Student
Employer N/A
Affiliations NSH
Status Single
First Seen

Pizza Meeting ( 2014-10-31)


  • Star Athlete: Currently part of the football team and lacrosse team. Even being the captain for the football team. Proving himself to be a skilled athlete and aiming to be at the top.


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