In A Few Words… And if the music is good…you dance

Heather is a girly girl, she wears dresses, ribbons, always has her fingernails and toenails painted, usually a cheerful red. Scared of spiders and bugs, she has a squeak that can be heard throughout the house (or classroom) when she encounters one of the other. Higher than average intelligence, raging hormones, conflicting feelings, the usual. She is the girl who either blends in to the background or can stand out in a crowd, depending on her mood. She's not one of the A-list, but she has a ton of friends. With people she just meets, she can come across as shy, at least until she gets to know you. Then she is absolutely insane. Once you've been around her a while and she gets used to you, her personality explodes from being dull and gray to full of life and vivid color. She is slow to trust, and if you've betrayed her, she is slow to forgive. Heather is loyal to the end, and always there for her friends, no matter the time, or circumstance.


  • Public: Heather is the only child of Debbie (Raines) and Ronald Clark. Due to cancer, she lost her father several years ago. Debbie runs the Sweet Retreat, a bakery specializing in cupcakes, donuts, cookies and other confections. Heather works there in the summers and when she has available time away from school. Her mother Debbie is dating Noah Goodman's father and they all live together. One. Big. Happy. Family.
  • School: Heather is active in cheerleading and she's an honor student and talented linguist. Known to have a few pastries with her to give to some of her friends, since she goes to the bakery to help out before going into school, she sometimes comes smelling of the pastries from the bakery.
  • Street:One of the popular crowd, Heather has a ton of good friends, especially those on the cheerleading squad and most of the other kids. She's pretty well known since she's been working in the bakery for a really long time.
  • Police:Her mother is dating a policeman so they know her name and her situation as well as her home life for the most part. She's not a trouble maker.


  • Clubs: Art, National Honor Society
  • Teams: Cheerleading, Gymnastics


Love Fearlessly

Heather Clark



Portrayed By Lisa Tellbe
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday April 8
Position Student
Employer Sweet Retreat (Bakery)
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen


  • Aspiration: To be an Ambassador in a foreign country.
  • Stability: Like a monument, she steady and doesn't change from person to person.
  • Laughter: Heather loves to laugh, and will try and find any excuse to do so.
  • Baking: It's something she loves to do, she's a good cook also!
  • Sunrises: For as long as she can remember, she has been up with the sun. It has become so much of her day to watch the sunrise that she couldn't imagine sleeping through it now.
  • Bugs and Spiders: A girly girl through and through, bugs and spiders freak her out, literally!
  • Dancing: With a love of dance, if there's music, she's likely to dance to it, not afraid of making a fool out of herself.

++ Schedule
1. Geometry
2. American Literature
3. Political Science
4. Health & Physical Education
5. Geography & World Cultures
6. Foreign Language: German
7. Psychology
8. Biology


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