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Born and bred Russian, Ivan strongly believes in the strength of Russia. His grandparents supported the communist system and, thus, he strongly believes in the state. On the one hand, he slightly idolizes America, but only its more traditional values; those associated with the 50s. Family, religion, country, in that order, dominate his priority list. Morales are hard set for him based on Russian values. If one belongs to one of his recognized priorities, they have his full support as much as he can physically give. Those opposed to his ideals are viewed, however, as enemies. Though, he is changing, inspired by those 50s morals and the idea of 'rockabilly', he is susceptible given the right circumstance.

Curiously, he is almost more traditional home grown good boy by those old American standards than most teenagers in America these days, just that he strongly believes in the Russian state over American freedom/capitalism. He will fight for what he believes in, that is the one right no one can take away. Instilled in him by his parents and his coaches through the years.

Fear is capped by strength, its not wrong to be afraid, but it is wrong to not face fears as one would any challenge. He is a prototypical Russian kid, who believes Vladimir Putin is good for the country, that Ukraine should concede to Russian Dominance, and wrestling with tigers is just the thing to do. Almost on a funny level for him, face danger and joke about it, laugh it off. Not that he is a thrill seeker but certainly if challenged, he could not pass up a dare.

Also, he is prototypical Russian/East European, hugs and kisses are what friends do, be warned.



Ivan Kozlov



Portrayed By Tomasz Pastyrczak
Age 17
Grade Junior
Birthplace Kazan, Russia
Birthday April
Position Enforcer
Employer Fresno Monsters (WSHL)
Affiliations Fresno Monsters
North Shore High
Status Hopefully still good … TBD
First Seen

Another Book Report (2014-10-22)


  • Hockey: He is here to play hockey, few other school affiliations, but he's friendly enough
  • Junior: If you're a Junior, he may be in your classes
  • Cookouts: He loves to cookout, was a regular Saturday thing over the summer, he'll find a new day now that its Hockey Season


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