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Jamie is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy considering all the craziness that's gone on in his family. People who don't know him well might occassionally confuse him for his twin, but they're fairly different people. Jamie likes to joke and laugh and be part of things. He doesn't go out of his way to be liked, it just comes naturally to him. Athletic, driven and determined to make something of himself, Jamie isn't one of those rich kids who likes to sit back and live off the fat of a trust fund nor does he generally like others who do.

He's the kind of guy that other guys like to be friends with and girls want to date, but he is oblivious to it because nothing about him is an act - he's genuine.


James Edward Black



Portrayed By Dougie Poynter
Age 17
Grade Senior
Birthplace Monterey, CA
Birthday 6 June
Position Student
Employer YMCA
Affiliations North Shore
Status Property of Ava
First Seen

Hands Off Sisters (2014-11-02)


Black Twin: Jamie's twin brother Kelly has something of a rep as a trouble maker, but Jamie is calmer, happier, more carefree. The pair have a younger sister, Lacie too.
Famous Parents: Jamie's dad was a famous director and his mother an actress before she turned crazy and ended up in prison. It all played out in the tabloids so most people know about it thanks to magazines and E!
Swimmer: Jamie is part of the North Shore swim team and also swims for a local team off season.
Lifeguard: He works at the YMCA as a lifeguard.
Campervan: Jamie is obsessive about his 1972 Campervan. He works hard to keep it in good condition and is very particular about who rides in it.


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