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Jordan can very easily be categorized as the artsy type. Academics, she's okay there. Athletic? Not on your life. She isn't uncoordinated, but would rather lock herself in a closet than take part in organized sports. Not that she judges others that are into those things, in fact, she tries to be friendly with all sorts.


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Jordan Grey



Portrayed By Hailee Stienfeld
Age 17
Grade Junior
Birthplace New York, New York
Birthday June 19th
Position Student
Employer None
Affiliations Mayfield Academy
Art Club
Drama Club
Photography Club
Status Single
First Seen

Invisible Ninjas (2014-10-19)


  • Fish Out Of Water - Jordan wasn't born into the kind of money that would generally end up with her ability to attend Mayfield, instead her father ended up marrying into money. It shows. She has mostly learned to cover for the fact that she doesn't fit in like some of the other students, but even still….people might know that she just lucked into the position and school.
  • Bad Crowd - She grew up originally in Little BoHo, and she still ends up there after school, on the weekends, or other locations that seem to attract the "bad crowd" like a moth to a flame.
  • Music - She's very musically inclined, her dad is a musician, not that anyone outside Lantern Hill probably even knows who he is, or even IN town for that matter. But she practically learned to play a guitar before she learned to walk.
  • Got What You Need - She's made it a point to be that kid that knows where to get things…everything from that sold out concert ticket you have to have or you'll die to things far less above board.


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