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Lacie is one of the black siblings, the youngest. She's trying to find herself amid the fameā€¦ or infamy depending how you view it and the stigma attached to what their mother has done to them. The wounds of losing her father go deep compounded by losing, what felt like to her at the time, the only person in the whole world who loved the three unconditionally. Gymnastics were a welcome distraction even when they became another reminder of the selfishness of her mother when she wouldn't consent to the younger Lacie to become an Olympic hopeful. her solace comes from spending time out at a local ranch riding and grooming horses. Finding a talent in front of a camera, she eventually hopes to make a career out of it.


Being a sister is even better than being a princess!


Lacie Black



Portrayed By Allie DeBerry
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace Montery, CA
Birthday June 6
Position Student
Employer Local Ranch
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Dating Ben
First Seen

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole (October 31, 2014)


  • Famous Mother: She has a famous mother, or rather infamous now, who is in prison for trying to kill her brother.
  • One of Three: Her older brothers are twins Kelly and Jamie.
  • Cheerleader: A cheerleader at North Shore, she is very athletic.
  • Gymnast: When she was younger, she was an Olympic hopeful, her mother denied her the opportunity.
  • Horses: Lacie spends a lot of time outside of town at a horse ranch learning to ride and how to tend to the animals. She even takes agriculture class and Animal Science.


1. Algebra II
2. English III
3. Agriculture Skills
4. Library Clerk
5. US History
6. Foreign Language: French
7. Animal Science
8. Chemistry


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