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  • Musician: – It started out fairly early with piano lessons by her mother, but it quickly changed into an old hand-me-down Atari computer and keyboarding set. Mars evolved into getting her own more modern Yamaha keyboard and music software and is above average in her skill. She has used software and lessons to create different tunes that she will use to entertain occasionally. She can sing at a little above average knowing how to carry a tune however is more of an occasional enthusiast than a budding professional.
  • Artist: – Mars practices several different kinds of art. She excels at drawing buildings and internals of structures and machinery and layering views like a architect or mechanic might. She also is above average in drawing caricatures, people, and anime with her fantasy art becoming very detailed the more she focuses on it. She is very skilled at taking different colored sharpies and drawing on herself, others, clothing, or just about anything else around her that she can get away with.
  • Designer: – Mars has some idea of how to construct a outfit. Her mother is a designer and her family friends are in the business. She prefers wilder concepts however and does not use restraint. She knows how to sew with a machine and by hand, stich, and draw out concept art of how to construct a garment. Her fashion ideas often come off as gaudy, strange, or weird. In conceptualization she excels, in construction she is above average, and in creating a garment that would be marketable she is well below average.
  • Modeler:– Mars puts together Gundam or Anime models regularly. Very complex models with hundreds-thousands of interlocking parts. She decals them, paints them (often custom colors). Her model kits when finished are put together with a professional level of quality. Using skills from these model kits she can apply them to about any plastic or resin model kit with professional results given enough time.


Mars Starshine Wheembly



Portrayed By Joanna Levesque
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace San Francisco
Birthday December 10th
Position Store Clerk
Employer Pacific Records
Affiliations NSH, NSH Cheerleaders
Status Single
First Seen

Life on Mars (November 17, 2014)



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