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Simply put, Melody is always holding back. Likable and popular, Melody is a naturally outgoing girl but a life lived in the spotlight has resulted in a girl who just can' manage to wear her heart on her sleeve. A product of teen nervousness, Melody still hasn't pinned down the ability to ready people yet, so new introductions can leave her wondering just what this new person wants from her. Chalk it up to living in the paranoid world of Hollywood premiers and the outstretched hands of anyone who thinks she can help them 'make it big'. Though her mothers fame allows her privileges not afforded to the common public, Melody herself can't seem to get it through to people that /she/ cannot help them with their dreams. It's left her feeling guarded and unsure of her peers. Still, she puts on a pretty face, shops with the girls and keeps an eye out for cute boys, just like everyone else.


Gymnastics : Melody has been taking gymnastics since she was very young. She currently competes on the school team and has taken home many awards in her sport. Melody is a very, very good gymnast and shows true natural talent and grace.


Freddrick Crist was a poor ranch hand, born to a really poor family in Kansas. But he wasn't just a hard working cornfed farmboy, he had a mind sharper than a blade. The only thing he lacked was the opportunity to use it. He would be doomed to join the military or maybe take the ranch from his father's hands. He had a sweetheart, who was an aspiring actress Aleeya Steward, his childhood friend. Now she was a star in the making. She had natural talent and a pretty face and a charming personality to match. The only thing that these two lovebirds lacked is the exposure to escape the hole of Kansas.

But fate was kind to the two of them, just after they had gone to get hitched at the age of 19 and 21. Aleeya caught a break, and the two of them took a big chance on jumping ship and moving to California, where Aleeya did some commercial appearances. Freddrick would follow her anywhere, so he bet the farm and took a chance, obtaining various jobs to try to support them both until her career took off.

He started off doing customer service, working for the Department of Health, doing insurance for prescriptions in a call center, and he stuck to it. Eventually, he started to work his way up through the corporation, even without schooling, because he was hard working, and he was quick of mind. Recognition and promotions followed, especially with the light of their daughter, Melody. Soon, Fredderick was where he needed to be, department manager and eventually site manager, leading a life that kept both he and his family in good living conditions.

And once they were able to hire a nanny for Melody, that is when Aleeya's career took off. She moved from commercials on to sit-coms, and then eventually to bigger pictures and films, leaving Melody a bit neglected as far as family time. Both parents forgot where they came from, and forgot their values, and how to love one another. To which Melody longed to have.

Growing up, she always baited for their approval. Living in her mother's shadow, Melody felt like a bit of a caged bird. She grew up with an active life, acrobatics, ice skating and performing. She always did her best and carried by talent (no doubt inherited from her mother) Melody receives much in the way of approval from her teachers and tutors.

Despite her best efforts, melody is not pleased with the small amount of time she gets to spend with her parents. They are present, but the move to Lantern Hill was supposed to afford them more family time. Now her mother spends most of her days at the Country Club with friends or on the set. Her father is home more but lives tucked away in his office. They love her, she knows it, but Melody struggles with a bit of jealousy for her school mates with full time parents.


meli-mom.jpg Aleeya Crist is a good woman and loves her daughter. However, she is always swamped by her fame and her next movie. She is a very uninvolved parent, sadly
Played By: Portia de Rossi
meli-dad.JPG Fredderick Crist is a high up manager for the California Department of Health. While he loves his daughter, he also is absent a lot. Both tend to spend a lot of time at the country club.
Played By: Paul Walker

Melody Helana Crist



Portrayed By Freya Mavor
Age 17
Grade Junior
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Birthday April 1
Position Student
Affiliations Mayfield Preparatory Academy
Status Single
First Seen

Pizza Meeting ( 2014-10-31)


Fame: Melody is one of Lantern Hills 'children of the stars' and is locally known for being the child of actress Aleeya Crist.



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