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Owen tends to get lost in the crowd. He's not a wallflower by any means - he's friendly and interested - but he doesn't stand out except on one of his favorite topics, and then only when he doesn't think he would bore people. When it comes to drudge work, whether at school or home or elsewhere, he tends to vent a little bit to help himself get through it all. He accepts that cliques will happen, because people with shared interests naturally understand each other better than others; he doesn't intend to sharpen the boundaries, but it will probably end up happening from time to time.


Owen and his mother moved to Lantern Hill around the middle of his sophomore year, following her divorce. She's a business consultant. His father, a construction worker, still lives up in Oregon. He has a hardship license, a rattle-trap of a used car, and spends a couple nights a week stocking shelves at a supermarket.

New kid in town, sophomore, art and theater type. Gravitates where you'd expect, based on all that. Rolls his eyes at yo-mama jokes. Smart enough to not fall completely behind or get completely lost in anything.




Owen Jacobs



Portrayed By Jared Gilmore
Age 15
Grade Sophomore
Birthplace Eugene, OR
Birthday June 1
Employer La Reina Market and Carniceria
Affiliations North Shore High School: Art Club, Drama Club
Status Dating Alison
First Seen

Filmspotting (October 30, 2014)


  • Comic Books: Collects some. Learning to draw them.


  1. Literary Analysis & Comp II
  2. Spanish
  3. Media Arts
  4. Algebra I
  5. Health & Physical Education
  6. Earth Science
  7. Webpage Design
  8. Modern World Studies


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