In A Few Words…

When it comes to Pike, what you see is what you get. Easy going, calm and carefree, he lives life one day at a time and never seems to be in a hurry for anything. When it comes to academics he's not going to be taking home honors awards, but he squeaks by, toeing the line between a B average and the occasional C.

Pike is not a team player by any means, though he hardly lacks in athletic skill. In fact he's a rather impressive athlete. One that the coaches never fail to invite to tryouts only to be disappointed when the boy blows the event off for a chance to catch some waves or read a new book.

Pike is a good friend if you can manage to work yourself into his life, but even if you aren't people are treated with an easy kindness and open mind. He does his best to keep from the judgmental side of human nature, and instead strives to approach life with a heavy-lidded, nonchalant attitude.

What People Know About Him

Rumor has it that Alex (known as Pike) has enjoyed a life of worldwide travel. He's a low-key guy. Fairly popular, somewhat athletic and alarmingly easy going. People who closely follow the competitive surfing scene may recognize him, as he was ranked one of the top 10 up and coming surfers in 2012 before he suffered an 'accident' and quit his sponsor. He walks with a limp, but he's not to fond of explaining it.

Pike moved to town almost a year ago (sophomore year) and doesn't seem very interested in the battle for "King of the Hill" that most of the A-listers seem determined to win. He sits back and watches with a heavy-lidded gaze and a sense of contentment. If anything he can only hope they'll pick one another off and he can win by default.

spirit.jpg Spiritual Perspective : Pike approaches everything with a very calm demeanor that he often attributes to meditation, spiritual enlightenment…and the fact that since his knee injury he's constantly rolling on pain medication. Regardless he's not ashamed to admit to slightly Buddhist beliefs.
surfing.jpg Once Pro-Surfer : Pike was ranked in the top three upcoming male surfers to watch in the 2012-2013 rotation, but an accident knocked him right off the charts. Though his label hasn't forgotten about him, Pike has shown no interest in returning to the spotlight.

Alexander Scott Pike



Portrayed By Brenton Thwaites
Age 17
Grade Junior
Birthplace San Diego, California
Birthday May 12
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single-ish
First Seen


  • A-Lister: Pike is one of those rare male A-Listers. He's been a part of the group since his he moves here last year (his sophomore year), and he's managed to make a few friends and secure himself a coveted snob-seat at the cool table.
  • Surfer: Pike was an upcoming, professional surfer until last year when a bad encounter in South Africa landed him with a worse knee and no drive to finish physical therapy. Now he's happy to just surf for the fun of it. He's still pretty good.
  • Upper Crust: The Pikes are part of the upper-crust, and his father loves rubbing elbows with those of the same influence. They live with the other snobs in Kings Point but Pike refuses to go to private school. He may not love the black tie events but Pike's pretty good at finding something fun to do at the otherwise snooze-worthy events.


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