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She's adorably naive. This leads to all manners of misunderstandings. It also helps that she's not from here so she's not already in with a group of people. Wren just tends to love everyone immediately and does not see that they might not be good people or have good intentions. Her world is very much rose tinted. It's her coping mechanism for losing her cherished father. She's very exuberant and excitable. She talks too fast and she doesn't sit still well. However, she also hasn't made (nor seems to desire) to be on any school teams or groups.



Other Info

Wren Freedom Smith



Portrayed By Bella Thorne
Age 16
Grade Sophomore
Birthplace Savannah, GA
Birthday June 25
Position New Girl
Employer Hopefully Soon
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen

School Daze (November 08, 2014)


Cooking: Like a true Southern Lady, Wren is just a natural when it comes to cooking. She loves it. She enjoys having people enjoy it. She doesn't excel at a great many things (please don't ask her to sing), but she does with this.
Animals: It's her bleeding heart mentality really. Wren is very good with understanding animals and dealing with them. If you have an animal, she is most likely going to want to hug it.


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