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Zoe is a very sweet girl when you get to know her. She's friendly, outgoing and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She seems to be able to let things roll off her back when they'd bother other people. She's very much into equal rights for everyone and can be found at some protests and activist activities when they're close to town. Her first love is playing the guitar and singing which she's been doing since she was seven. She doesn't talk much about why her family moved to Lantern Hill.

Zoe is a Senior and an active member of North Shore's chorus and band. She's a talented musician and singer with high aspirations of fame and stardom. She has been a resident of Lantern Hill for a few years, but originally comes from San Francisco. She has a large family that she is close to. She is a full supporter of LGBT rights and is against bullying in any form.


  • Public: Zoe is known around town for being friendly and outspoken, who voices her opinion if asked. She's the type who will help out a little old lady who she sees struggling, but won't be afraid to get dirty either.
  • School: Zoe's a musician at heart and is always singing to herself. She does have a reputation around school that has been going around from someone who said that she's tried to steal more than one girl's boyfriends in the time since she's been in Lantern Hill. These rumors have only progressed and relented, though most people around school know it's bullshit.

Fun Facts

  • Zoe moved to Lantern Hill when she was fifteen from San Francisco.
  • Zoe plays the guitar and sings for Rising Darkness.
  • Zoe is a hugger.
  • Zoe has been a loner for six months when she first arrived to town, but has since grown out of her shell.
  • Zoe's dog is a red nose pit bull named Rosie.
  • Zoe has written a couple of original songs.


  • Well-Off: Zoe's family is well-off and they live in the upper class neighborhood.
  • Music: Zoe has a love of music and even plays guitar and sings.
  • Motorcycle: Zoe has a motorcycle that she can be seen riding around in.
  • Band: Zoe is in the school's band and was a member of Rising Darkness.
  • Choir: Zoe is in the school's choir.
  • Chorus: Zoe is in the school's chorus.
  • Punk: Zoe is very much into the punk scene and enjoys dressing outside the norm.
  • LGBT: Zoe is a strong supporter and member of the LGBT community.
  • Bullies: If you're a bully, Zoe probably won't like you. Bullying is wrong.
  • Zombies: Zoe loves zombies and anything to do with them.
  • Arrest Record: Zoe has an arrest record for disturbing the peace and assault.







Zoe Mae Dresden



Portrayed By Avril Lavigne
Age 17 years old
Grade Senior
Birthplace San Francisco, CA
Birthday December 23rd (Capricorn)
Position Student
Employer Rising Darkness (Formerly)
The Firefly
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen

Free Meal ( 2014-11-06)


  • Parent: School Ties (Nurse)
  • Large Family
  • Phobia: Moderate: Heights
  • Bad Reputation
  • Vehicle Owner: 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000


  1. US History
  2. British & World Literature
  3. Choir
  4. Chemistry
  5. Foreign Language: Spanish
  6. Algebra II
  7. Band
  8. Health & Physical Education

Extra Curricular

  • Clubs: Chorus
  • Team: None


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