Playing The Game

There is no actual, coded system in play at this moment. Staff didn't feel that it would be necessary. Free-form RP is the way to go here, however this does not mean that players are free to ignore common sense and realism in this theme. Power-gaming and twinking in any manner are not permitted here and will be dealt with accordingly. Not only that, but we have a handy-dandy little code called +Twink that will send a private message to staff, informing them of the twink, their actions, and any other issue that arose.

Characters are permitted to act ONLY as their concept supports, meaning that if you play a short, tiny little nerd, you can't whip out badass street fighting skills and blame the ability on being small and the youngest child of five. That's ridiculous, and you'll probably lose any hope of RP or involvement from thereon.

Treat others as you expect to be treated! And have fun!

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