Boo On The Boardwalk

It's that time again. Time for mummies and vampires, for ghosts and goblins. Time for Lantern Hill youth to done their best costumes and take to the streets for some well-deserved trick or treating before they flood to the ever popular South Beach Boardwalk where the city will be holding Boo on the Boardwalk, a city celebration filled with food vendors, live music and several super fun raffles.

After the boardwalks fun wears off most teens will be following in the steps of tradition and heading out to Doug's House for a bit of less monitored fun, some drinks and knowing this group….a little drama.

This takes place on October 31st (Monday RL time) but we will be opening this RP tomorrow in the Anywhere Nexus so that players can fit in as much Halloween Mayhem as possible.

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