We're Back ... Again

As many know we did make a big move to Paradise Cove, but as things began to play out many of the payers simply missed Lantern Hills too much. Maybe it was the larger city setting, or maybe the many, many stories they never got their chance to play out. Whatever the reason, I was ambushed with requests and begs that we rethink the closing of Lantern Hills. Well…you got it. Kindof.

What we have now is a much simpler and much more RP-forward game. We have made many changes. The stats have been dropped and the application is now completely written. Also we have simplified many things (like classes) and meshed the two areas together. Now, Lantern Hills is exactly what it was always meant to be. A small city with many different areas for your enjoyment.

There are now 3 school choices (something else always asked for). Players may pick from the central focus of the game (North Shore High School) or the other two schools Mayfield Preparatory Academy (the rivals) and Coast Union High School (a much smaller school to the east). SO my lovebugs, if you cannot find something to RP here then you may need a new hobby!

I realize this may be a bit too much, but staff figured that it was worth a try and why not do it all or nothing. So come back, take a skip through the application process and lets get things moving again!


It was brought to my attention that logins were disabled for a very long time. I have no idea how this happened, but I am SO sorry. The problem has been resolved!

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