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A perfect mixture of carefree confidence and refined snobbishness Adrian is fairly easy to get along with most days, if you meet his standards. He is arrogant and confident in himself and his skills but he doesn't openly insult or criticize anyone who doesn't try and insult him first. However his haughtiness does tend to tempt people into bothering him at times. A fairly calm collected sort who loves to talk fashion, go to parties, and hang out with his A-list friends Adrian may be an elitist and a snob when it comes to what he wears, what he eats and who, he hangs out with but he isn't truly unpleasant unless someone tries to start something.


Public : The son of a well known local journalist and reporter Adrian Ashfield is known for being seen at quite a few high society events. He is a fairly composed sort if a bit haughty though he also has moments where a cruel or over-dramatic streak makes an appearance. He has been seen out and about with other local rich teens fairly often and its safe to say his high standards extend to his friends as well.

School : A known Junior A-Lister Adrian hangs out with the cool kids of Mayfield. He is a fairly decent student and actually does really well in English and both his electives, while his other subjects aren't as good at least he isn't failing anything. He loves to party and spend his weekends shopping and hanging out with his friends. A member of the Cheerleaders rather than the football team Adrian does get a few odd looks because of this but it normally never goes beyond looks.

Street : Adrian has no street reputation, he thinks himself above that sort of thing.


Adrian isn't truly amazing at much. An apping character may choose to add skills if they please.


Adrian Ashfield was and still is the only child of renown journalist Amanda Ashfield. Amanda came to Lantern Hill from London when she was pregnant and wove herself into the media scene here becoming one of the main reporters on the local news within just a few years. She also started up her own local entertainment magazine and blog. Amanda was a brilliant journalist but a rather poor mother. Rather than traditional neglect though she was more of an enabler as her son Adrian grew up. If Adrian wanted something he got it curtsey of a mother who tried to be more of a friend than a mother.

When he started school at Mayfield he quickly made a place for himself in the popular crowd. He was active and liked to work out but wasn't overly fond of actual sports preferring acrobatics or jogging to basketball and football. He had a rather large circle of friends even though most of them were girls. He studied fairly hard at first but his enthusiasm for writing was much greater than it was for math or science. Overall he was a slightly above average student with lots of cool friends.

His freshman year saw Adrian allowed into the A-list crowd. He was the only boy at first and he didn't mind this at all. He had classy friends who loved to talk fashion and invite him to parties. Adrian loved parties. He developed a bit of a reputation for throwing rather wild parties himself. His mother remained more of a friend or older sister than a mother and pretty much let him do as he pleased. This only encouraged Adrian to try and find new ways to push the limits and have fun.

The fact that he liked shopping and fashion more than most boys didn't bother Adrian in the slighest. A rumor that he was gay circulated in his sophomore year but it did little to bother him after he and his A-list girlfriends humilated the one responsible into silence. Adrian had proven that he could be quite mean when provoked but otherwise he was a fairly controlled if haughty young man. He joined the cheerleaders in his sophomore year and is planning to continue this in his junior year. He seems to have inherited his mothers gift for writing but his true passion is singing and trying and failing to play the guitar. He also loves to show off and has been labeled as a bit of a diva and a party animal.

Adrian Marcus Ashfield



Portrayed By Roshon Fegan
Age 17
Grade Junior
Birthplace Midtown, Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday June 7
Position Student
Affiliations Mayfield Preparatory Academy
Status Single
First Seen


  • He is the son of a well known local journalist and reporter.
  • Adrian is known for being seen at quite a few high society events.
  • Adrian drives a Ford Mustang and is a decent driver.
  • Adrian lives in the Empire Tower


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