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In A Few Words…

Bonnie is very smart, although her learning comes more from observation and environment than from classes and books. She has an intelligence that is particularly useful when navigating the people and places around her. No one that knows her can doubt that shes going to see the world one day. Outside of her nomadic soul, Bonnie is extremely an pragmatic girl and has the uncanny ability to thrive in almost any environment. One that is good at managing her time, she prefers smaller hobbies and events rather than mainstreaming big parties and being one of the in girls. High fashion and being a social elitists do nothing for her, though hobbies like gardening or designing her own clothing appeal to her on a large scale. Unfortunately for Bonnie and to the confusion of all her friends this simplistic approach goes totally out the window when it comes to relationships. If Bonnie is searching for anything in life it is truelove and because of this desire she is often unable to choose between romantic alternatives. She has already had many chances to make a serious commitment, but each time the fear that it may involve sacrificing her own personality has caused her to withdraw.

Bonnie has earthy and fiery nature. She is organized and responsible. She prefers to work alone in the middle of the night when the world is quiet and still. She can have a blunt and controlling nature. She may not be the most glamorous girl in school, but her energy is passionate and she can find true happiness in the little things.


  • School: Bonnie Boyde? Oh you know her. The weird, hippy/boho girl who's always having you sign petitions against wearing fur and eating industrially produced foods.


Bonnie's life started the only way it could. One woman, a delivery room and the new mothers burning desire to survive in a world built by men. Angelica Boyd gave birth, all on her own, to a small 6lb 7oz baby girl. She named her Bonnie after her grandmother, and promised her that she would grow up loved, strong and independent and by the time Bonnie had reached the age of 10, shed made good on her mothers promise.

Never one to march to the beat of another's drum, Bonnie preferred to be original, unique and slightly off kilter. When the other little girls were having tea parties she was starting a petition to stop mandatory frog dissections nation-wide. She was a good student with a promising talent with words. While Bonnie dabbled in art, she showed only moderate talent at it. This one small handicap caused (and still does to this day) the smallest bit of unhealthy competition with classmate Molly Ramsey, Lantern Hills very own art prodigy.

Outside of school Bonnie's life was anything but normal, but it was very good. Her mother was always upbeat, and while many mothers were worried about bedtimes and nutritious dinners, Bonnie's was a bit less traditional. Bonnie enjoyed a childhood of staying up late to watch the shooting stars. She watched hours of old, black and white foreign films while munching on cold, left over pizza and she drank her weight in soda on a daily basis. Angelica never fit in at the PTA meeting and her business Ms. B's Apothecary Shop didn't exactly fit the comforted mass' idea of the perfect mother. Angelica also enjoyed a revolving door of boyfriends, none of which ever cut the bill for more than a few months. This never bothered Bonnie, and she grew, matured and bloomed into a beautiful and open-minded young woman.

By the time Bonnie had reached 14, she had turned her focus onto a much more realistic goals and mindsets. She focused on petitioning dissections in own school district rather than the nation, and she stopped obsessing about Molly Ramsey's artistic skills and instead focused more on her writings (though it still drives her nuts deep down). Also, much like her mother Bonnie found that despite the many boys that crossed her path, none seemed able to keep up with her wit and free spirit. Lonely or not, settling for anything but her soul mate is just not an option. For now, she is happier making her bucket list, writing for the school paper and preparing for her future as a travel blogger. After all, there is a big, wide world outside the sand dunes of Lantern Hills!


  • Gardening : Bonnie has a small herb garden on the roof of the building that houses both the Boyde family and her moms shop. She loves nature and having her hands in the soil. She also very good at planting and nurturing her little garden.
  • Design : Though Bonnie has zero artistic skill she can sew and has a real eye for color. Her drawing skills are minimal but good enough to sketch out her designs and patterns. She makes much of her own clothing, and really enjoys seeing what new and exciting fashions she can come up with.


Bonnie Allison Boyd



Portrayed By Lulu Antariksa
Age 17
Grade Junior
Birthplace Little Boho, Lantern Hill, Ca
Birthday July 5
Position Student
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen


  • Bonnie's mother is herself a scandal. She's been part several local affairs.
  • Bonnie is extremely jealous of artists. Artistic skill would only add to her otherwise fiery lifestyle. She just doesn't have the skill!
  • Bonnie is an active activist of pretty much anything and everything socially declared by "the man". They declare it "Wear Blue Day" and she wants to wear yellow.
  • Bonnie and her mother live in a small apartment over her mos shop Ms. B's Apothecary Shop


  • Period 1: Geometry
  • Period 2: American Literature
  • Period 3: Elective 1 : Creative Writing
  • Period 4: Health & Physical Education
  • Period 5: Geography & World Cultures
  • Period 6: Foreign Language III : French
  • Period 7: Elective 2: Journalism
  • Period 8: Biology


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