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Miho is a complicated girl. One part soft and delicate, and one part feisty and hard to handle, Miho can be interesting to spend time with. She can become very intense very quickly, especially when dealing with topics she has strong feelings about. Miho loves being right and may not relent until shes successfully convinced others to see things from her point of view (or at least to say they agree). This small personality quirk can stress relationships with other equally stubborn individuals. A very intelligent girl, it's only natural that Miho is an excellent student, though despite her intelligence and drive, she sometimes has difficulties making firm decisions and sticking to them. Miho is honest and forthright, but can be compulsive. She's always ready to fight for a cause she feels strongly about and she loves those closest to her deeply.


Public : Miho is the pretty daughter of Kagami and Ichiro Matsumoto, a hard-working couple who owns two small businesses, the Golden Wok and the Gold Leaf Tea Room. Miho has occasionally been seen helping out in both of them. She has a twin brother named Ryuu. She is dedicated to learning ballet, has good grades, and seems like a good kid.

School : Miho's reputation at school is that of a hard-working girl who loves to dance. Her dedication to ballet and her excellent grades has meant that she hasn't always had time for too many after-school activities, much less a boyfriend. Despite that, she's nice and she's pretty, and she is reasonably popular. Some may call her athletic and feisty, while others may call her stubborn and intense. Still, almost everyone considers her to be a generally nice girl.


Athletics : Miho is a very athletic young lady. A large part of her life revolves around keeping fit an flexible. She is an avid dancer (ballet) and a gymnast. she also was one of the schools star cheerleaders until she quit the team to free up her time.

Dancing : Miho is well above the average dancer. In fact she has earned awards for her skills and been known to get offered many a solo in her day. She hopes to one day make it to New York where she hopes to land a spot with a dance company or Broadway. She's good enough for that to happen.


Born in Lantern Hill 16 years ago two third generation Asian-Americans, Miho knows very little of life outside of her cities rolling sandy beaches and climbing palm trees. Small vacations to other parts of California are all her busy parents have afforded their children, seldom lasting longer than a week before the busy couple returns to Lantern Hill, ready for their next work week. While her parents mean well, they've starved their children for a different life, and both Miho and her brother cannot wait to leave the city in their rear-views.

Growing up Miho was an adorable, chubby-cheeked sweetie-pie from birth up until she was five years old. After that (due to spending a lot of time with her older sister) she became a Ms. Bossy-Pants. Thankfully she grew out of that phase, developing eventually into what many would call a complicated young woman. Miho's brother often makes jokes about his sister’s bipolar personality, but in the end Miho is no worse than any other 16 year old girl trying to find her place in life. Sure she's sassy, but you have to be to make it in today's world!

It was at 8 when Miho first showed interest in dance. After some begging to her mother, she was enrolled in ballet and tap classes (much to the chagrin of her father). Unlike her older sister Miho didn't lose interest after a few months. In fact as she advanced through her classes, Miho found that she had a natural talent for dance. A talent so profound that even her father was forced to acknowledge it. Eventually Miho abandoned tap, throwing herself into ballet. Being involved in dance had many positive effect so n her life. It made her more confident, kept her healthy, and most importantly it helped her socially. By the time she reached her freshman year Miho was prepared and excited. She set her sights set on becoming a cheerleader. Though common sense pointed more squarely toward dance line, Miho craved the recognition that being a cheerleader brought. She blew them away at tryouts and was quickly added to the team roster. Once on the team she had to admit that the attention was exactly what she'd hoped for. More boys noticed her. More teachers were impressed by her, and her parents were proud. The drive to stay on the team helped her remain focused on her classes, though as the year wore on into the next, and as Miho began to learn more about her true self, she found the redundancy of cheer exhausting.

Cheer camp over the summer was enjoyable enough, though the first week back at Mayfield, Miho walked into the school with a new attitude. Her junior year would be fun. It would be remarkable. And she would not be a cheerleader. Her pompoms were handed over, and despite her sudden change of heart Miho was shocked to find that most of her friends actually respected her decision. Not all, but most.

Miho Matsumoto



Portrayed By Haruna Kawaguchi
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace Kings Point, Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday July 6
Position Student
Affiliations Mayfield Preparatory Academy
Status Single
First Seen


  • Miho's mother and father run the The Gold Leaf Tearoom & Golden Wok.
  • Miho is 1 minute 46 seconds older than her twin brother Ryuu.
  • Miho was a cheerleader until this year when she walked away without much reason beyond 'I was bored of it'.
  • Miho's parents (mother Kagami and father Ichiro) are both 3rd generation Asian Americans. Other than the naming of their children, the family strives to leave old world customs behind them.


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