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In A Few Words…

Sybil was Born and raised in the community of Kings Point in Lantern Hill. The daughter of a pair of doctors who divorced less than three years ago, Sybil lives with her father and is a well known enthusiast of music and parties. She's a bit of a rule breaker and finds it difficult to exist within the world of blazers and plaid skirts, but when the only other option is public school Sybil pulls up her knee-socks and sucks it up. She is also a horrible gossip and has little to no concern about people finding out she's been spreading rumors. She's rather confident in herself she is also known to be a rather big flirt.

Known For…

  • Public: Sybil is often seen at parties and spreading the latest gossip around the school. She is an average student overall but fairly good at anything dealing with writing or creative. Often she will try and bend the rules on dress code and is almost always testing the teachers patience with something..if she isn't busy spreading gossip or trying to steal someone's boyfriend.


Sybil was born as the only child to a set of unhappy but wealthy doctors. She seldom wanted for anything as she grew. Always surrounded by new toys and the newest fashions, it took Sybil the better part of her childhood to really realize just how thick in turmoil her parents marriage was. Anthony and Renee Blackwood fought hard to hide their disagreements from their daughter, agreeing that their love for her was enough.

At the age of four Sybil began dance and music classes like many of the other girls. She enjoyed and excelled at the piano and also was given voice lessons to help nurture her love of singing. When she was old enough for school she did modestly in most subjects but thrived in the environment with so many different people. She had a circle of friends that she surrounded herself with and they traded gossip and girl talk regularly. In her first year at Mayfield Prep that her parents finally split up in a nasty divorce that even Sybil's easy going nature would call vicious. Her father received custody and her mother moved to nearby Monterrey, leaving Sybil in her fathers custody were she could remain in her school and near her friends. Despite her parents making every accommodation possible for her comfort Sybil resented them and sought out every opportunity to act out.

Working full time at his practice, her father isn't present nearly enough to enforce all the punishments he hands out to his daughter, leaving her to carry on with her live mostly as she pleases.

Sybil hopes to start or join a band some day and while she still plays piano and sings she is focusing on learning to play the guitar.


  • Athletics: Sybil will never take the gold in a footrace or knock one out of the park, but she's a fit young lady who can at least hold her own during a game of battle ball in gym. Sybil works out regularly at the local gym to keep her figure up and occasionally sneaks in a session of yoga (because it's trendy, duh).
  • Brawl: Sybil is no Mike Tyson but she's a rebel with a cause, and even though that cause usually suites her and her alone, she has no problem bringing out her claws, pulling some hair and scratching a girls eyes out. She's no match for a hardened street rat but she's a pretty feisty prep school firecracker.
  • Etiquette: Sybil has been groomed for the elite since she was born, so etiquette is second nature to her. It takes almost no effort and she never forgets the complexities of which fork is used for what meal.
  • Flirting: If there were a skill Sybil could take home the gold in, it's this one! She knows how to smile, wink, giggle and twirl her hair just right and she knows how to push just the right buttons to get the attention she's so addicted to. Sybil is a class-A flirt and she's got the skillz it takes.
  • Music: One day Sybil hopes to start or join a band, but for now she spends her spare time time perfecting her piano playing and trying to master the guitar (which she started playing at the beginning of the summer). Music is her passion, and she has a real ear for it.
  • Singing: This goes hand-in-hand with Music, but it's worth mentioning on it's own. Sybil has been taking voice lessons for several years and shows true talent in that area as well as her instrument skills.

Sybil Rose Blackwood



Portrayed By Danika Yarosh
Age 16
Birthplace Kings Point, Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday April, 17
Position Mayfield Prep Student
Affiliations Mayfield Preparatory Academy
Status Single
First Seen


  • Sybil attends Mayfield Prep
  • Sybil is among the popular crowd
  • Sybil loves a good party
  • Sybil loves music
  • Sybil wants to be in a band


Period 1: Geometry
Period 2: American Literature
Period 3: Elective 1
Period 4: Health & Physical Education
Period 5: Geography & World Cultures
Period 6: French
Period 7: Elective 2
Period 8: Biology


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