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Thomas, AKA Tommy, is a hard worker and a naturally athletic young man. The oldest of a set of twins, Tommy loves baseball, and uses those dreams as an excuse to avoid dealing with the harsher realities of his school. Thomas deals with a lot of social anxiety and though playing ball helps keep him focused, public situations can become uncomfortable should the spotlight ever land on him. In-spite of the inner conflict and nervousness, Thomas doe his best to put on a calm, easy going face. He can also be a bit of a flirt but the idea of committing to a serious relationship scares the crap out of him.


Athletics : Though Baseball is his focal sport, Thomas is simply a natural athlete. He's a fast runner and while he is hardly chiseled from stone he's relatively strong. Thomas has plans to play ball in college, so he spends a lot of his free time at the batting cages or pitching at a target in his back yard.


William Grant and Alice Black were married quickly after they got involved, some would say too quickly. Within a year of their marriage, the identical twins Thomas and Harry were born, and though very similar, they did have separate personalities from an early age. Thomas was always more interested in sports, especially baseball, while Harry was more of a nerdy and musical type.

There are times when a marriage doesn't work out. It's hard on the kids when this happens after they've grown up some. Especially if the breakup is messy. Their mother ended up getting custody rights during the weeks, and the twins would be with their father every other weekend. Thomas is not happy with this outcome, and has made no secret of his preference to stay with his dad. Harry had always been closer to their mom, so he had no issue with it at all.

To distress, he threw himself into his game, and combined with his natural talent, he quickly rose to become one of the best high school baseball players in the state. This pleased his father, who made his career out of reporting on sports in various news outlets, and is currently the editor of a major California newspaper's sports section.

While he loves sports, and does okay in his classes, Thomas's grades are slipping. Between the still-constant fights his parents have and his time spent training, there's not a lot of moments where he is in the mood to study, and though Harry pushes him through his homework and keeps his grades at an acceptable level. In exchange for which Thomas makes sure Harry isn't getting bullied. Thomas is trying to push a laid back image to help hide his insecurities, never talking about stress with anyone other than his brother.

For their sixteenth birthday, Harry and Thomas each got an old, second-hand car from their dad in a clear attempt to curry their favor and make their mother's gift look bad in comparison. Their responses to it were rather different, Thomas being more than grateful, and already favoring his dad to begin with, while Harry hasn't touched his car since, feeling that using it would only further the rift between their parents.

Thomas Nolan Grant



Portrayed By Dylan Sprayberry
Age 16
Grade Junior
Birthplace South Beach, Lantern Hill, CA
Birthday November 13
Position Student
Affiliations North Shore High School
Status Single
First Seen

Life on Mars (November 17, 2014)


  • Thomas is a star player on the baseball team (Pitcher)


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